Nominate Your HERO or HEROINE to Win Rewards!

Nominate Your HERO or HEROINE to help him/her and yourself win some REWARDS! The International Reward I have here honours everyday heroes. It is neither about strong leaders in power, nor it is about cinema stars and celebrities you see on pictures below. It is about ordinary people like you and me who made an extraordinary impact in their communities.

Nominate Your HERO: Anish Kapoor is Great Architectural and Sculptural Projects Achiever

For example, if Nicolas Cage is your hero, you cannot nominate him here for anything, unless he has achieved something that helps his society in the humanitarian field.

But, you can certainly use another form at one of the art and cultural pages on this website to write about him and his achievements in the cinema and films. Here is a quick link at video shows.

The same example goes to the stars of the American TV series of crime drama, CSI New York, including A J Buckley, Anna Belknap, Carmine Giovinazzo, Mac Taylor, Melina Kanakaredes, Robert Joe and Sela Ward. 

The intention here on this special page is to nominate your hero or heroine from those normal people who have great impact and great achievements in your society.

Those people could be some people you know, yourself, me, or just people you heard so much about their achievements. It doesn't matter if you met them or not. You can write about them and nominate them, as long as you know much of their achievements.

Nicolas Cage on Nominate Your Hero or Heroine.

To nominate your heroine or hero, follow one of the two methods here. One of the method will end you up on external website to do this job. I don't have power on the external website services. But, I have power here on my Ezine Act Blog to reward you for your efforts.

The two methods includes simple steps to understand the process to nominate your hero or heroine. It is an easy process, if you spent your time on it to understand how it works. It rewards you at the end.

The first invaluable reward that keeps on giving is enough alone to encourage you to fulfill the process. It has prominent and incredible values to improve your life immediately. Well, in the short time if you worked it well. But, there are some more rewards you can take with it.

This is a SBI's Reward for Using "Nominate your HERO or HEROINE"!

I have two easy jobs for you here to do for a chance to win a SBI's Reward.

Job No. 1:

The difficult job (not for you, as I said easy for you, but for me), which will indeed cost me money, is giving you a SBI's Reward for using "Nominate your HERO or HEROINE"! to tell me about your hero.

This process has two targets:

Nominate Your HERO: Carmine Giovinazzo and Melina Eleni Kanakaredes, CSI NY.

* The first target is to help your hero, or heroine be noticed and gain a reward for her or his achievement and be famous.

* The second target is to help you, her, or him invest this achievement to build it a web business. That is OK, if you never needed to do so. What about publishing a book about it?

This SBI's Reward is subscriptions for one month to Site Build It. The SBI is more than $6500US in value, where you can build anything you know about a website, do your optimization better, attract massive of free traffic and monetize that website.

That means, you will not build just any website when you get this job finished, but you will actually build anything you know about a promising and a successful web business... a web business that starts with choose it and develops by the CTPM Process.

Nominate Your Hero: David Caruso (CSI Miami) with Melina Kanakaredes (CSI New York)

You will earn income almost from doing nothing than to nominate your hero or heroine. However, you will only need to build that knowledge about your hero or heroine a content focused website, if you chose this option.

I will be in direct touch with you to help you do that step by step. This is one of the online free consulting services I offer on this website, although I offer such online business consulting services on paid bases.

If you do not know what "Site Build It" does, you can check it out at about SBI, or watch it at the Ezine Act's presentation on this SBI TV Show.

If you still wonder about what this SBI's Reward can do for you let me know through the comment form at the free consulting services linked above to clear this wonder and help you understand all the benefits of the SBI's Reward.

Job No. 2:

This is so easy for both, you and me. It does not cost you or me anything. All you need is to go to another website to tell them about your hero to give her or him a chance for an International recognition and a chance to win an International reward. See link to it below.

Melina Eleni Kanakaredes on Nominate Your Hero or Heroine

If you determined to go for the second job, you can still have a chance to get a very useful gift of love from me for doing this job. Just fill the second comments form.

So, do you know somebody who has made a difference -- Someone who has been determinant, courage, selfless while helping others, or building any kind of network or development? Give him, or her a reward, when you nominate your hero!

Are you that person?

Give yourself a reward!

If you do not have what it takes to get that reward, give it to him or her from this page. recommend "nominate your hero" to those people you know to use it, or write about them to give them the rewards.

The recommendation could easily be done by forwarding this page to your friends, tweeting it to followers at Twitter, liking it for your followers on FaceBook, sharing it with any other social media you are in and pinning the pictures you see here to your followers on Pinterest.

Your friends and followers have absolutely some unknown heroes and heroines they can write about and nominate them.

Besides, you are absolutely generous enough to give only half an hour from your time to help those people get rewards for what they have achieved. I know some people dislike to speak about themselves like me;-)

So, this is why you should speak on their behalf using the first form on "nominate your hero" and help them get some rewards, if you believe that they have done great achievements in their societies, or elsewhere.

If you yourself believe that you've achieved a remarkable but neglected kind of network... complete reading "Nominate Your Hero or HEROINE" to give yourself a reward!

Nominate Your Hero: Anna Belknap, Detective Lindsay Monroe Messer

If you do not have what it takes to get that reward, do not worry! You can still give it to him, her or yourself when you connect to Khalid osman's Network.

What did I mean by connecting?

Well, there is strong belief that says people always "get" what they "give". When you give "Saturday", you will get "Sunday". However, this happens actually in a much modern and well-developed world, where the human beings have respect.

It is not happening in many countries in poor world there in Africa or the Middle East, for example, since a long time. Some rewards given there are not those rewards that please some people and they are given sometimes through some corrupted processes to the wrong people.

For example, how a religious military dictator could win a reward?

This happens while real people who made extraordinary achievements remain neglected behind the scene and die of hunger and isolation imposed by the same dictator, simply because they have not any power.

I have my own personal experiences (to prove that) before escaping the dictatorship through the borders and while I was the only foreign journalist to be sharing the Eritrean people their country's reconstruction and rehabilitation process, giving them ten years of my life.

Read Me at those political links: EnvironmentEnvironment Protection, Humanitarian Network, Motivation for Reasons and the HOA Political Scene Blog.

Go through "Nominate your HERO or HEROINE!" to follow the complete story from the beginning to know much about it. It takes you to know:

  • What kinds of networks I have built there to engage all the Eritrean society?
  • Why all the media called me the "Eritrean people's friend" while translating my articles or articles about my environmental efforts into many Eritrean languages?
  • Why a big administrational province decided to nominate me as an Honourable Mayor; and why that couldn't happen?
  • Why the mayor of the main region within the capital city of Asmara allowed me to sign official messages from him to other administrations and ministries?
  • Why the Education Minister allowed me to write an official letter on his behalf to his counterpart in Kuwait, who was one of my colleagues, to open educational relations between the two countries?
  • What has happened to the education minster after that to be degraded and then nominated as minister of another ministry?

Follow those relevant links at "Nominate your HERO or HEROINE!" above.

You can go to Eritrea to ask the people there too, before those who do not like me in the authorities clean their heads.

Alternatively, you can see evidences in pictures about one of my environmental activities there; when you do a simple site search at "Nominate your HERO or HEROINE!", or on the provided pages.

How DO YOU participate in "Nominate your HERO or HEROINE!" to give a nominee or yourself a reward?

After having you read those references above, it is simple to nominate "me", "yourself" or those people you know to this reward.

There are two ways to Nominate your HERO or HEROINE!

  1. Nominate your HERO or HEROINE here on this page using the form below.
  2. Nominate your HERO or HEROINE at this external website to win an International Reward.

What to do if you followed the second step?

Sela Ann Ward, Detective Jo Danville in CSI New York on Nominate Your Hero or Heroine

In the final box on the CNN's page answer the question and then enter the following: Khalid Osman at has motivated me to fill this form.

You can absolutely write about my environmental achievement, if you were convinced through the provided links in the two networks and add more information in the form along with the web addresses of those pages you read here and at the political website.

When you did that, close that website to get back to this page to fill the second form to tell me that you have done. Please, provide exactly what you have done and how you presented it at the second site. I will then reward you for doing this and give you some invaluable gifts, including the SBI's Reward.


Although, I don't see anything bad that could happen at the second website, as it is strongly recommended by many resources and it is good international website, but I should confirm here the following:


When you "Nominate your HERO or HEROINE!" at the second site, and say that HERO is me, yourself or others; I will give you some rewards for this job to maintain this network between us for a logical reason.

You can take your gifts when you nominate "me", "yourself" or other people you know to this International Reward at the second website, when you mention that in details through the SECOND form here!

Keep this page open while getting there. You will be able this way to come back to this page to fill the SECOND comments form. Use this form to tell me that you have done in details. You will receive your gifts just when you submit the form.

Nominate Your Hero or Heroine: Melina Kanakaredes and David Caruso

If you intend to Nominate your HERO or HEROINE here on this page using the FIRST form below, you will get the same gifts, when you submit the form. The SBI's Reward is not included with them. These are primary gifts that let you understand what SBI is and what it can do for you.

I should be in contact with you to give the SBI's reward to you, since it involves a purchase I will make on your behalf, pay the money in your behalf and officially register that product by your name.

I will receive your form at that time and get in contact with you to update you about the SBI's NOMINATE YOUR HERO OR HEROINE Reward, as I stated in caps above.

*** NOTE about the First Form and the COMMENT C2 Entries!


Please provide good details concerning the notable act, triumph, legendary work or extraordinary achievement of your hero or heroine.

Write about your hero or heroine good information, including his or her profession, education, experiences and other related information to support him or her.

It is good idea to upload their pictures and document their achievements on pictures.

Nominate your Hero!

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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Nominate Your Hero: Gary Sinise, Mac Taylor, CSI New York

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You can also use the second form to comment on NOMINATE YOUR HERO OR HEROINE.


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Contribute, share your opinions about what you read and build your own pages here. It is easy! When you submit the form, get your gifts from the next page. Use them to make your life more better.

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