Funny Advertising!

I laugh, every time I read such funny advertising, as the following:

    Make your Mac run faster,
    Make your MacBook faster,
    Make your Mac look like Windows,
    Make your Mac look like a PC,
    Make your MacBook Pro faster,
    Make your MacBook Pro run like new etc…

The funny advertising has a significant impression. The advertisers here assume that many Mac users do not know anything about their machines, just as other users of Windows.

Mac can do all of these things without having to get any new stuff, apps, or add-ons to it. But, the most interesting thing seems like those advertisers do not know that most of the people who use Mac computers don't want to add just everything to their machines.

Many of them are very careful and they have the knowledge needed to beware of add-ons and other malware or malicious and malevolent software that could get their computers faster, but they could also access hard drives, disrupt the operational systems of the computers, collect sensitive data about them and harm them in a way or another.

There are also more funny advertising that claims the advertisers have the tools to check MAC and remove any Malware they may find there.

Well, wise people are aware of that too, as many of them know some of those malware removal tools are not safe. They know that they have malware themselves. That means, they do not offer the solution, but they make the problem worse.

Many passionate MAC users know that their MAC is good and its Firewall is strong and unbreakable. But, advertisers believe that the MAC self-defense system is vulnerable to damages when MAC users get to harmful sites, especially some video games and movie sites.

Some of those entertainment sites could download malware to their computers, while they are watching movies and videos and playing games, as explained at Ezine Acts Games. They could even upload some of their files, or get access to important data in their machines.

Mac has many features to allow that and if the users forget to set up their machines to protect their files, then many kinds of infringement could happen.

To avoid such kinds of dangers, turn on and set up your Firewall. Manage your sharing and browsing. Manage the AirDrop and the Bluetooth. You can even encrypt your files and tell websites that you do not want to be cookied, through the security and privacy tools in your machine. Use the System Preferences to do most of these jobs.

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