How to Be Productive?

Wasn't that Your Question When You Landed Here?

How to be productive is a serious question many people ask frequently, both offline and online.

Well, I and my educator will take care of it and help you be productive in few minutes from the first and the second section of the page… After that, if you still have some question, use the resources at the third section.

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How to Be Productive breaks into the following subheadings:

Page Introductory!

Why Do You Need to Be Productive Online?

Why Do You Need to Be Productive Offline?

When Do You Become Productive Online?

How Do You Become Productive Offline?

Some Steps to Be Productive in any field!

Useful Productivity Resources!

Productivity Commentaries!


How to be productive is inspired by Brain Tracy, one of the great self improvement, skills and personal success educators and motivators.

I read many of his works in this regard and I even have borrowed some of his titles, as you can see at this page and other Ezine Acts Motivational Articles within the main content and on the 3rd right column.

In addition to the Ezine Acts Inspirational Articles, you can easily get his books while reading through these pages and be that person you always wanted to be… intelligent, lovable and very successful.

Those three values make you, the real YOU, that you might have failed to see at the present, because of some noisy engagements and distractions in your daily life.

If you only took a break for two hours every week, you could possibly be productive, achieve what you want and be the real YOU that you want to be.

How to Be Productive Online?

Why Do You Need to Be Productive Online?

Many people are just getting concerned about how to be productive on the internet or offline!

One of the most important influencers on people to perform well and be productive is to know and consider the area of their effectiveness. So, to perform well, don't ignore this fact and try to perform out of the area of your expertise.

Therefore, it is very important for you and other concerned people to consider those areas of their expertise to be more productive.

Expertise is knowledge and it has the information other people seek online. So, it makes values to other people. It makes a demand.

From this angle, you could use it whether it is about your hobby, knowledge of something, passion, personal experiences, or any of the things that interest you to be productive online.

If we say that, there are more than seventy million blogs then we can make assessment that there are more than a bill ion bloggers.

However, it does matter sometimes to know how many bloggers have abandoned their blogs and why.

The reason is always that they don't know whether to blog or build, because they simply think only of making easy money from nothing.

This indicates that they missed to know exactly how to be productive and they neglected the things that they are good at doing for the sake of making money in a hurry.

Any business online, or offline needs a passion about something you love to do and you know some information about it and you know how to handle it.

Information sells even without having to sell anything.

If you don't have something to sell, so how could you sell!

But, million of people don't know that they don't have to sell, because many people hate selling pitches. They don't know that they can presell by only writing good information about what they know, or love to do to make that information sell itself.

They presell using their knowledge or hobbies and building that using a good system to build web pages and build automated content and monetize that content, even without having them to call for closing the sale.

They presell by building, not by blogging. This is one of the values of how to be productive through pre selling, not selling.

The blogging step, whether it is only blogging for pleasure, or blogging for profits, should be automated through their website building tools, when all of the required tools are combined in one place.

Although it does not matter why most of those bloggers are blogging, but we can say those people who are serious to continue blogging know very well that the answer of how to be productive sustains an adequate income. Adequate income is more guaranteed when they build, not blog.

Now, as everybody can see through the wisdom you have on how to be productive, many people are also getting very warm to do businesses on the internet. This means that the internet is becoming a media for productivity.

It engages so many people, teaches them how to be productive and businesses have discovered earlier they can find their costumers on this medium. They even use Facebook for example for this reason and it drives millions of people to offline stores and other online stores.

But, Facebook never teaches you how to be productive. It may waste your time, if you did not know how to be productive on it and how to use it and how much time you should invest on it.

How to Be Productive Offline?

Why Do You Need to Be Productive Offline?

In the daily life, people are also serious about being productive to sustain realistic resources of income. Some of those people see results only on those works they are doing everyday offline.

They do not care about having any business online. In addition, some people do not know anything about how they can get the income they want from the internet.

It is just like that, some people do not want to be productive online or to deal online because they can easily get what they want from their markets using, cards on their hands, cash or cheques. Those people do not trust using their cards online, even if some of them know they can.

Therefore, we know there are some circumstances here to consider when we come to the how to be productive question.

Productivity is not only on shopping. When you shop offline, you make those businesses productive. How they increase their productivity runs in a circle beginning from providing what their customers need and ending at the incentives they offer through their coupons, discount cards, freebie ad magazines, or anything else.

You need to be productive in this medium to improve your living, support your family and just be happy of things that concern you and you love to do.

To do that, focus only on the things you love to do. That means, don't do anything you don't like to do. Find your inspirations and know exactly how you could be productive even by using your hobby to do businesses offline.

If you love photography, for example, you could easily go to be a photographer to photograph anything including weddings and to be freelancer and even produce some digital and video products from the photography business you run.

The examples are many at the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses, with its extension into Online Free Consulting. They include the following businesses:

Audio Products| Auto Tune Up Shop| Bartering| BasketCarpet Cleaning Services| Catering| Catering Services| Dance Schools| Dating ServicesDream Home| Ezine Acts Freelance Photography| Ezine Acts Photography| Flea MarketsGarage Sale| Gourmet Gift Baskets| Guests Selling| Home based Secretarial Service| Home Based Typing ServiceSpecial Event Videos| Telephone Answering| Telephone Answering Service| Temporary Help| Temporary Help Service| Typesetting Business| Videotape Rental Store| Videotaping Ideas| Videotaping Service| Videotaping Weddings| Weddings Photography|

You need to get into action by investing good time reading about how to be productive and do any of the offline businesses that interest you from the list above.

Productivity in any field you work makes you stable income and make your life easier. You become confident and you enjoy your life more and feel always fresh, in peace with yourself and people around you.

When you know exactly how to be productive in your job, you get promoted to high ranks, or positions, or you get your salary increased by allowances. You may also get good vacation's deals from those companies affiliated with your work provider.

When Do You Become Productive?

There are some diversified answers to this question considering all public engagements offline and online. Nevertheless, in no exception, we should say people become productive when they see good outcome of their productivity and when they are rewarded too.

Since productivity is related to achievement, so it is apparently that you become productive when you see the positive outcome of your business engagement and performance. 

Have you ever considered emotional stability?

People become productive when they are satisfied emotionally. They have good relations with their families, warm relations with their partners and their children and good social relations in their communities.

No failures are welcomed in those mediums. This is my personal observation, and sincere gesture, truly. Keep good ties around you and you'll be productive.

How to Be Productive?

See summarized tips at the subtitle: Some Steps to Be Productive.


In the daily life, people become productive when they develop some different careers to engage in what they are doing to sustain their lives.

Productivity goes here through different kinds of duties to maintain their studies, professions or works in different fields.

People get direct results of their activities so they become more productive to increase their values. They see the results of what they are doing. They deal with other people they talk to face-to-face, on the phone or through agents they know.

They become more confident when they deal with good, trusted and inspirational people.


See the last paragraph at why do you need to be productive offline? Read it again to connect with the following lines on how to be productive...

The same thing goes here when you become productive online. Since you already enjoy your offline work and if you have time to be productive more, you can do this job online, either for yourself as an individual, or for your company easily.

If you did it for your company, the same promotional and allowances apply, in addition to some more income you could gain from providing the same process to other people you know, that could make them productive and happy.

Thought of personal improvement seminars?

To do it for yourself, take the efforts you make offline. Take the lessons you learned from these efforts. Take your daily connection with colleagues and other people in your workplace.

What have you learned from all of that, that could be useful for other people who maybe concerned about the same job or things you do in your workplace. This becomes your online business. Have a question in this regard? Need a consultant on this issue? Call free.

On the internet, some people are missing most of the time dealing alive with people. Moreover, even when a person becomes available on some high level businesses, some people are still want to trust this communication medium and be productive here too.

They become unconfident when they do not deal alive with that person. They want to know who they are dealing with.

However, some people are too confident dealing online; buying what they need, or being productive and maintaining the stream of income, they want to sustain their lives.

Those people build confidence gradually while dealing with other people; they may come to know more about accidentally.

They become confident and so productive, during a short or a long term of business relations with those people they come to deal with. They become acquainted not only with the other people they deal with, but with this new money transaction through this medium.

Steps on How to Be Productive!

To be productive do the following:

  • Have faith on yourself,
  • Teach yourself to be organized, 
  • Be confident of your conducts,
  • Know how to be optimistic all the time,
  • Believe in your abilities,
  • Determine how to be a leader of your field,
  • Determine the medium of your productivity,
  • Know how to positively influence yourself and the others,
  • Engage in what you love to do as a work or a hobby,
  • Recognize the fact of managing your time,
  • Focus only on one think at a time to achieve,
  • Eliminate environmental frustrations,
  • Eliminate any distractions,
  • Search, research and study the values of it,
  • Organize your goals according to priorities,
  • Set a time to achieve that goal,
  • Move to another goal after achieving the first,
  • Do the same step for the second goal,
  • Know that creativity does matter and why it is important,
  • Maximize the power of your mental diet,
  • Know your weakness and work to solve it,
  • Be self-accountable of any action you make,
  • Find best spiritual and emotional MANUALS.
More Steps?

Practice self-discipline through the practice of discipline tips and turn negatives into positives... You don't need to eat the frog, but kiss it. By the way, my educator has two titles in this regard, Eat that Frog and Kiss that Frog. I personally, prefer to KISS it, especially on that hidden bridge between its legs! Who knows, it may become a beautiful PRINCESS.

Make productivity your goals and learn how to achieve those goals.

While performing your duties, hear the music you like, lightly.

If you were a writer, write a lot, throw your article away, take good break and come back to work on them.

While thinking of some issues, get out in tours through places you enjoy to come with fresh ideas and achieve good results.

Useful Resources with insights on how to be productive!

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