Automate Me With Ezine Act!

Try the Ezine Act's Automation to Attract More Traffic!

Get an "Automate Me With Ezine Act" advertising opportunity to attract more traffic and make more sales. This Ezine Act's automation works very easy and affordable to apply every thing it requires to list your business and automate it.

The automated process goes through website building and optimizing tools, that analyze, recommend and submit to all search engines, web directories, RSS services and social media and other bookmarks.

What does the Ezine Act's Automation mean to you?

It means more free websites traffic from many sources. When you submit any listing to your businesses here, whether they are offline, or online businesses, your offers go through the Ezine Act's automated mechanisms to land on many of those mentioned free traffic building sources.

The automated system updates your listing, whenever the Ezine Act's Blog updated. Since I am building content regularly, that means the automation process runs frequently. So, you have the advantages to be automated with the Ezine Act automation more often.

Moreover, the Ezine Act Blog has additional automation through some feed services that take your listed business to appear on other platforms. This process is enough alone, forget about getting into my big networks of Blogs and Social Media Networks.

The "Automate Me With Ezine Act" is a Paid Service!

Add a Link to Your Blog here for 3 months and pay $29.00US. Alternatively, Get a full year listing and receive $18 US off through the Full Year Promotion's Privilege.

* The Ezine Act Blog is an automated blog that gets through our specific RSS Blogging Ezine and the Ezine Acts Feeds tool to many RSS feed services, blog submitting services and social networks.

When you add yours here, using the "Automate Me With Ezine Act" advertising opportunity, you'll be updated with us automatically at most important directories and search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

** You can see some this big network through Khalid Osman's Network here.

More details: You would actually build your RSS file and upload it to your website building tools if you could. If you do not have a website services like this then you are missing great traffic potential, so use other links on this page or the powered by Site Build It bar below to build that website.

More Insights on "Automate Me With Ezine Act"!

The XML file contains only one RSS URL, plus some other URLs to web pages you have built newly or updated. Simply type that RSS URL, and then add the home page, or whatever page you would like to add to it. I will place it for you.

Notes to Consider "Automate Me With Ezine Act":

* We do not link to adult/porn oriented, religious, or "discriminating" websites.

** Description should be 40 words for each ad.

*** I will close this advertising opportunity when I reach my ads' target.

Buy this SPOT now. It is better than to do it tomorrow!

First submitted listing through "Automate Me with Ezine Act" will appear at the top of the Ezine Act Blog, just beyond the preamble, followed by the second, the third and so on, on the top portion of the Ezine Act Blog.

Your 40 words ad alone could possibly cost more than this price on any other limited kinds of advertising or at any other websites. However, getting the Ezine Acts advertising opportunity with this Full Year Promotion's Privilege is something that you should not pass-by! What is better than this opportunity... forget about the automation?

I will not open "Automate Me With Ezine Act!" opportunity again when time arrives to close it.

Use the first "Automate me With Ezine Act!" button for the 3 months listing, or use the second for the full year listing. I will receive your submission at this stage and follow the procedures.

Please complete your interests, and get your permalink for 3 months and prosper.

Alternatively, buy permalink for 12 months on Ezine Act Blog and receive $18US off for a full year listing. Just check Full Year Permalink's Privilege at the second button.

When you get through "Automate Me with Ezine Act" advertising process, using the first or the second button, and when you process one of the payments, you will come to a page where you can add your 40 word count advertising text.

You will then get to the page that confirms your payment through a secure server. You can take some free offers from that page with you too.

Automate Me with Ezine Act is an advertising service designed to help you get more inbound links to your website and attract more traffic.

However, there are some offers for sponsored ads at the Ezine Sponsored Ads and Consulting Services. Compare and choose your preferred listing method on the Ezine Act.

You can get some more good bilingual offers here at AdWords, Arabic AdWords and Bad Arabic Ads.

Automate Me with Ezine Act is an advertising services powered by the tools at the image below.

Automate Me with Ezine Act is one of the Ezine Act's Automation Services! You can build one automated web business here.

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