Speaking about Sex at Home Goes this Way!

Sex is not only natural desire. It is the motive and sometimes the motif of so many genres of artworks. As it defines love and ends by making it in normal cases through coition, it helps couple of people enjoy the pleasure of copulation, release sexual desire and relax and perhaps feel more love for each other.

It ends in normal cases by having children. Literature and art and culture, including movies, sculptures, music, novels and even poetry have many literary and art methods to demonstrate it through the themes they use to illustrate coitus.

Sex Shades in Cheeky Dream, Arabic Poetry by Khalid Osman

Sex Shades in Cheeky Dream, Arabic Poetry by Khalid Osman.

The colors of some paintings sometimes collide, colligate, touch and make that coitus between them, when they elapse into each other. That seems as if they have "colors dialogue" between themselves.

Verse could include some metaphoric touches to climax between the couplets of poetry, as you can see through some pomes here, whether they are Arabic pomes, or English pomes.

Sex Shades in Flesh of the Night, English Poetry by Khalid Osman

It Shades also in Flesh of the Night, English Poetry by Khalid Osman.

But, in some ways its acts, such as caressing, cuddling, kissing, intercourse and climaxing have become merchandise, especially in the cinema and some video platforms and converted into porn.

You could easily watch all of that in many video shows including the way girls get to orgasm, even with each other.

The way people congress and commerce, which is so much personal and private has become a commerce for businesses, whether they are large scale businesses, or small businesses. It is more clear on the Internet nowadays.

Sex Girls in Marseilles, France in Borsalino Movie, Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo

Here after this preamble comes the red marks and the purpose to publish the following article to help you take care of your privacy and raise some awareness inside your home for your children to avoid sexual mistakes.

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How Do You Help Your Child Avoid Sexual Mistakes?


Imagine building a website about the reflection of BEAUTY on s.e.x, especially when love is in the air in every Valentine Day!

What does SEX mean to your children, and how to deal with this matter?

In this age, it is obviously very difficult to control a beginning to be teenager, whether it is a boy or a girl. Some of us take sex seriously to orient our children about every aspect of it.

Many good parents pay close attention in this regard to girls more than they do with boys. They know the biological differences and have expectations of bad results on girls.

Some parents afraid even of having an access to talk their children about this until the axe hits the head.

Could you take beauty, love, or sex from ethical and educational points to improve your life?

These examples happen in both the great developed world and the under developed world... in open societies, conservative societies and much closed societies.

As a journalist, I approached some parents about this matter a while back ago in some very conservative societies. I think it was about 28 years ago.

Some of those parents are my friends and they found out that their children read sex magazines and do this entire tiny thing with themselves.

They were boys and girls and they had never spoken or consulted their parents about sex in an area where talking about "making love matters" is still totally forbidden.

This matter is forbidden (haram) in the conservative Islamic and Christian societies in Africa and the Middle East, so it is not OK to mention such things.

It occurs and the axe hits the head only because it is forbidden. It is only that (because it is forbidden) it is more desired, as many boys and girls do it secretly.

Not only immature, but also even some adults do it. When some adults from these conservative societies get to Europe, they do what they want and love to be exposed to everything (haram).

This is double morals or complexity, they never admit.

I know some political leaders did that. More at the HOA Political Scene Blog.

OK, back to our hot topic, I said as a journalist I approached some parents to take this matter seriously and never be afraid of it. If they have fears to discuss such topic at home, then they should expect the worst.

I encouraged them to talk it with their children in a very different way.


It is obvious that this is still (to be considered) a very sensitive area of concerns. However, sex is an art, not just an animal behaviour. It has that entire delightful scenery and feeling, so we approach its sensitivity here from these angles.

Therefore, we should take care when we deal with it. A very positive orientation for parents, towards discussing sexual matters with children, is to begin with taking notice of bio/physiological changes, and to develop a very sophisticated dialogue about this matter with their children.

When children hear this dialogue, they will accept it. Their parents will break at the same time the psychological barriers. Parents do not need problems management skills to do this.

However, they need of course a great deal of courage and logic to answer the curious questions their children may ask.


Then during this warm dialogue, which children will definitely love to hear, children will begin to love their parents more for giving them chances to express themselves without feeling afraid or shy.

It will be good idea for parents to talk about how they felt while they were at that age. At this stage, parents should be very careful and clever to avoid speaking about their bad sexual experiences. Good parents are those who are able to make themselves idols of their kids.

However, they can mention if they had self-sex or if they had misused that. They can even give examples of bad results in difficult cases such as misusing s.e.x or being addicted to it.

Psychologically this dialogue will help children relax and expire their inner sexual energy.

The dialogue will open new areas of concerns to avoid what could be avoidable. That dialogue makes s.e.x a normal process, especially in conservative societies and exposes it, so making love will lose that magical undiscovered world which children dream about it.

SEX Education, Teens and Sex

Sex to children is a hidden world. That dialogue will help them invent this world and take care of it without misusing it.

While managing this dialogue with children, parents should speak also about their children's educational future. They should explain here treating sex as such normal daily habits like eating and going to toilette is not OK.

This matter has some results that could make life either very easy or difficult to them. Therefore, the educational future is very important.

There is a balance to measure at this stage. If some parents have girls and they want them to get through their education to high levels, then arranging comparisons and balances between learning and having sex could help them develop and mentor a sense of priority in both the open societies and the conservative societies.

The cultural atmosphere inside the family plays also a positive role in leading children to understand their parents' behaviours and deal with that matter. If everything in the family is good, then chances for complexes to appear and affect children are rare.

Children are like peacocks. They deal the way they see their parents deal. They always take their parents as their spiritual guiders.

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