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WBM is all about how to make your knowledge sell
WBM is all about how to make your words sell
WBM is all about how to make your price sell
WBM is all about the net-writing

Well, this is the newsletter site map 15 D and it includes descriptions to the newsletter editions from the edition 61 to the edition 69. The other editions of the W B M newsletter are on other newsletter site maps you could read through the index below.

WBM Editions 61-69!

The columns in this edition answer the following questions:

Why Reading Some New Ideas Is Always Useful?

How Do You Start Your Own Auto Tune-up Shop?

In addition, it includes some dots about how to search for any information that interests you on any topic. The answers are in the publisher main intro, the guest coolest corner and the search engines columns, which includes tips on searching for information about the topic in the guest coolest corner.

This edition shows you how to manage your time. The articles in the guest coolest corner answers this question. The same topic about managing your time becomes a notion through all the columns of the newsletter and it has useful insights hidden in the "Top Wednesday Thought" column, which is about your goals.

I added a new column starting of this edition. The burning flame of love is the new column to make this newsletter flirting a little and amuse the readers by some clever thoughts about love, love and romance, sex and some love advices including bright letters and polite touches.

Continues the inspiration to maintain small businesses based on narrow niches. The named columns, I mentioned on the newsletter site maps never change names, but the topics are different in each column and in each issue of the newsletter.

This edition has an article about house and apartment cleaning services in the guest coolest corner. The publisher main spot is a continuation to the burning flame of love.

The Wednesday Thought is about love in a quote and the column "Burning Flame of Love" itself has the sub-title: First Cut is the Deepest! Well, I am one of Rod Stewart's fans. The "Resources" column has some tips about the search engines and other hits quarters.

This edition helps you become an author in any subject. When you think about the internet and going online to build any home based business, you should avoid parasite hosting.

The sentimental columns of the newsletter provides you with some ideas to solve love problems. In addition, the "Web Market Place" column provides trusted sources for some things you may need, just for any reason.

We have a question in this edition of the newsletter about some things that may interest you. When you concentrate on those things that interest you, you may find it easy for you to get what you want from them.

The interests could of course be wide or narrow. It is only that when it comes to any home business that you need to narrow them down using the "Choose It" tool that determines the profit potential of those interests.

WBM - Editing is my profession

The "Intro / Publisher Main Spot" and the "Guest Coolest Corner" are focusing on Twitter. Since it is about building friendship from followers, the "Top Wednesday Thought" takes the tendency further in a quote and "The Burning Flame of Love" tells the love story of Kelly and her problem too when she discovered that her friend loves him too.

The "Guest Coolest Corner" in this edition of the newsletter is about how to use bumper stickers. The article is all, but is comes here more updated to use such topic to build a small business website, using the same concept with relevant topics that highlight this one.

The "Intro / Publisher Main Spot" is about how to develop your self-confidence. The "Guest Coolest Corner" continues with the same topic to help you build unshakable self-confidence.

The "Top Wednesday Thought" gathers the conception in a quote to harmonize the entire topic of this edition of the newsletter. The edition ends with the column, "Social Networking Made Easy" to use Twitter.

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