Personal Motivation!

Get the following personal motivation from my personal experiences to avoid mistakes.

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"Thanks to Site Build It when it goes French. However, in any language it goes, it removes all the barriers… the technical stuff, the need to be a Search Engine guru... all of it." An SBIer said about the success stories of SBI.

This is exactly what personal motivation is about… to remove the barriers you encounter while building a home based business online and then reach your goals and have great personal achievement in whatever you do. 

The personal motivation continues some of my personal experiences online since 2001 to help you avoid the mistakes I did earlier at that time, where many multi-level programs had exploded on the Internet, from New Zealand across the east to America.

It is also about free spaces on the net people use for fun, or to make money, not paying attention to important fact I am going to disclose here.

Free web spaces and free website services do not make you a passion and they never build any real home business on the web. That is only a waste of time and effort and you will see that crystal clear here.

Caring of beauty, bright letters and polite touches I joined Ivillage, although it is a women's community that has some contests, prizes and sweepstakes to generate leads. I did that because Ivillage offers also a free space to build web pages.

This was also my attention to write about some love experiences and earn money at the same time from things that interest you. They have good personal motivation there, but it does not continue with their free services.

Learning Values from Personal Motivation!

No one knows the future. After building two free websites about my hobby, Ivillage transferred all their website building tools to Lycos. I accepted to transfer my two websites in this process in stead of deleting them.

That was a mistake too, as I'd registered and built those two websites using an email I do not use now. So, I've no choice now to login to Lycos to delete them.

I contacted the new free host at Lycos about this matter but they told me that they sent the login info to the email address associated with my two websites.

They knew already that email address does not exist, as I told them the whole story and provided some evidences to assure them I own those websites. I felt that they do not have any personal motivation to work with people who used their free services.

I again used their contact form and told them that email does not exist, but they told me again the info was sent to that email. So, I've been forced to quit. There is not any reason to continue with such free services.

They do not care to solve such matters since they offer free spaces using their leads generating system to deliver only services to paid hosting. I don't blame them, as the services are free.

No one of the support team pays great attention to free services on their servers. "We provide it - as is - but we don't support it" is the message that exists on many level of those free hosts.

So, they keep some of those free websites live to advertise their business, maybe also get ideas about good domains and delete bad free websites. But, most importantly they get your email address. They build lists from free services, although they know nothing exists free.

I have gone during that time through many business opportunities choosing those free services available that time to improve my living, be optimistic and gain maximum achievement.

That was the time when the multi-level marketing (MLM) exploded on the web and the first among them were Cash Evolution, Smart Mall and Clubshop.

I did not find any opportunity amongst hundred of thousands of those available home based businesses on the Internet promising. They do not deliver anything. They do not keep up with their promises.

Of course, I have tried many of them myself and I have some online marketers friends who had tried also their hands on those business opportunities. Everyone of those business seekers has a dream to build a home business.

Many of them, as I know, started wrong, as I did. Some of them are exhausted and some of them just lost a considerable sum of money. I lost it too in the MLM. However, I got this personal motivation from those experiences.

For example, I joined a multi-level marketing opportunity that kept telling me I can simply earn money by referring others to it. I actually saw on the page that they had prepared some enticing (proofs) for me to make me confident and know that they have faith.

I purchased some leads they call targeted double opt-in leads and used a free software I used for group mailing to bring them more leads. I took the key to leadership and the key to taking control seriously, as a motivation for reason and a gift of love to achieve personal happiness.

Many prospect leads recommended that to their friends and the list of leads grew faster. As, I also acquired leads from the system, I could see that time when I log-in more than 1.000.000 members in my downline.

But to my surprise I did not receive any commissions from all those numbers of downline. So, I just quit working for that program and changed to another. The same story and the same experience continued over again and again.

Nothing more, nothing less the outcome was Zero despite that I had already spent money. That encouraged me to keep seeking and building honest business relations with other honest businesses.

I found a company that's well known and the owners have products and services to sell through their club. I paid for one of those products and some services for one year and worked hard to bring them customers using paid and free promotional methods.

But I found that I am not qualified for commissions unless I made a $89.95 in personal sales volume in a single month. Do they have any personal motivation to help their business partners?

What about my promotional paid efforts?

What about the other expenses I paid while calling my prospects?

Why they build the commissions system that way?

I asked myself many questions like these to find a reason to continue working with them.

I knew that I have made them money first when I purchased their leads and second when I continued with those leads and I had persuaded some of them to purchase the ready-made websites the company has built to sell its web-hosting and design products and services.

The ready-made designed websites sell for $700-$800 each. I made sales over thousands of dollars, but not in a single month to be qualified for their commissions.

What is that?

It seems they built their commission system that way to make money for themselves and never give commissions to hard workers.

That means if I did not bring the mentioned volume of money above each month then I am not qualified to receive any commission because the sale is not reaching the single month sales volumes.

So, I understood I was making money for the company that way but not for myself. I understood also I was working hard and paying for the company to capitalize from my money and my efforts. I lost any personal motivation to continue with them.

So, I sent them a note about this and refused to renew my business center.

The boss reacted by sending me a message saying "I am a loser" and I should not blame that on the system.

What a system?

It is of course a system that was built to make the company capitalize on efforts made by others. I lost that motivation for reasons to continue with them. I didn't find any kind of positive self improvement to keep with such system.

What's harder than that to anyone who is broke?

So, up to that point I was so depressed. I had some ebooks, I downloaded many years ago and saved to my documents so I went back to them one day to read them for the first time.

I regretted that I have not started with them before I did anything with the MLM. They might have saved me time and efforts.

I started with the "Affiliate Masters Course" I've downloaded from the linked title and joined the 5 Pillars Affiliates. I am glad I did. That was the real personal motivation I needed to pursue working for myself with the help of a company I trust.

Not exactly. As this company does never at any point tell you to work for them. It tells you to work your own small business. In fact, It does not tell you, but it teaches you to build your own narrow niches, based on the CTPM mantra and helps you choose it the right way you could.

Oh, that is good internet marketing strategy, because it depends on your success while using the tools the company provides to prove that its tools are the best tools for passionate, talented and well experienced people alike to succeed and write their own personal success stories. This is the simple principle that makes the company succeed.

I discovered all of this starting from the first day I downloaded that ebook and other ebooks from the company. I read that free ebook thoroughly 2 times and gave myself about a week thinking about what I should do next.

From the start, I felt lucky maybe because of some good wills I have, because I have got the most keen efforts, from smart people and I got access to the full information I needed to build a work at home web business.

I began to know some keen people there and to read something like this: "We'll never want to make money unless we guarantee that you'll make it, and show you how".

"The proof is that we're offering a product that worth a $6,000US in value annually, under 50% priced level with 100% money back guarantee".

Not the same words but something like that. And in fact I haven't read them directly, but I went from invaluable information to another to compare, study and think until I was persuaded to get to the order page. I am glad I did. Those efforts combined with sincerity built me a business and personal motivation like this.

Well, there are some other stories about this personal motivation you can continue at about me, about SBI, formal measures of intelligence, Khalid Osman's Network and my journalism experiences here. However, the rest of the personal motivation is on the following relevant pages.

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