How to Start Roommate Finding Services?

The roommate finding services have still great potential of prosperity both offline and online. This is because increasing numbers of people use the net to search for roommates.

In fact some businesses make good income from these services. However, some of them are not quite capable to provide good services for others to find roommates by locations. This is where you could enter the roommate finding field.

You could start some roommate services to help seekers find roommates, boarders or lodgers to share the rental fees with them and fund other expenses they may share together.

Most importantly, if you were too passionate about it, you could build a good online small business using this theme or relevant themes.

The best of it is that you could build good business relations and engage interested roommates, lodgers and boarders in some narrow niches that reply to their needs for additional income from home using only their hobbies, personal experiences, or things that they know good information about them, or things that interest you and of course interest them.

While doing this, you will actually recommend and refer them to your partners in success to help them build good partnership through some associate programs you have already joined.

You will make money and help them earn income this way two ways. The first income would be generated through the tier structures of these affiliate programs you referred them to. The second would be from their own purchase from those merchants. Read this paragraph again and think of it.

The following article gets you the insights to start roommate services. I published it at the same time that I published other relevant businesses to explain how to get money fast, at the following pages: dating services, flea markets, free radio advertising, garage sale, guests, merchandize and party plan, which are all started from write compelling advertisement.

The average income for owners of roommate finding services in California is $65,000 a year. Best of all, here's a business that you can start with an absolute minimum investment. You don't need any investor in this matter.

Practically anyone who lives in a city anywhere in the country can expect to do just about as well, and with a bit of imagination, mixed with some business "moxie", you should be able to do even better!

Income and market potentials for a service such as this are truly fantastic! Rent increases that have far outpaced wage increase have brought about a tremendous need for a method to alleviate the cost of housing.

Also, many apartment complexes are being converted into expensive condominiums. These two factors have created a problem of gigantic proportions for millions of people who are concerned about keeping a roof over their heads.

You can make big money solving the problem with your own Roommate Finding Service. We're going to tell you how.

Many of the nation's leading economists are predicting this kind of living arrangement to be the "money-saving answer" for apartment dwellers for the rest of this century. Others are predicting the roommate finding service to become as popular as the employment agency by 1990.

This is an ideal absentee owner business. Most of those operating on the West Coast have a woman doing the managing - sometimes as just the manager, and some times as the owner - manager.

This apparently has something to do with the nature of the business, and how most people seem to naturally trust a woman to find the right roommate for them.

Yes, it is odd. But, see what else is here. it is not only in America that the roommate finding services prosper. You can start such services and work it offline and online as a home based business to help others find roommates anywhere, regardless to for whom the information is pretended to be.

As to the fee structure, I suggest something similar to the successful employment agencies. Charge everyone a $25 registration fee to start the ball rolling toward finding them a suitable roommate.

You take a Polaroid snapshot of each registrant, have them fill out an appropriate application card which will indicate the kind of roommate they'd be happy with, and start searching through your files for people with similar likes and dislikes.

To get started, you'll want the following:

  • a bank reference,
  • a legal reference,
  • a telephone,
  • a business name,
  • letterhead paper,
  • envelopes and business bards,
  • office supplies such as a 3 x 5 index cards, typewriter, file cabinet and a printed questionnaire-application form.

You'll also need a responsibility disclaimer, which can be combined with the applicant's agreement to pay contract.

Once you've found a roommate for your prospective client, you should have it spelled out in your agreement that each of the "matched room mates" will pay you 15% to 20% of the first month's rent.

You could charge a bit extra for particular requirements, and perhaps somewhat less for older persons, or for persons with handicaps.

The approval or disapproval is left up in the parties involved. You simply look through your registration card file, pull out five or six apparently suitable roommates, call each of them on the phone and arrange separate meetings for them with your client.

Your client reports back to you, and tells you of his or her decision, and you call the person chosen and finalize the deal.

Good advertising will play a most important part in getting this business off the ground. You will find free ad spaces when you search for free online business advertisement.

Make up a good circular or "flyer" detaining your roommate finding services, and listing your phone number.

Get these flyers on as many bulletin boards in your area as possible.  Get them in grocery stores, barber shops, community colleges, beauty salons, bowling alleys; the list of places to "billboard" your flyers is endless.

Another idea is to set up "take-one" boxes in as many retail places of business as you can.

Don't overlook the value of placing your flyers on car windshields - particularly around apartment complexes, and in the parking lots of the colleges in your area.

You might even pay the downtown parking lot attendants to slip one under the windshield wiper of each car he parks on Monday.

If you do a good job with the make-up of your flyer, and use your imagination in getting them into the hands of your prospective clients, you'll have no trouble moving your new business into the black quickly.

Even so, you'll need to run regular ads in your area newspapers. The best headings to run your ads under is the Personals Column. Your ad might read:

Need A Roommate?

We'll find the ideal roommate for you!

Everything handled on a strictly confidential basis.

For details, call (your name, or your assistants names and phone numbers).

Within only a couple of months, you should be well enough established, and with an income large enough to afford an office location. When you establish your office, do some publicizing of your business with press releases to all the media in your area,

and plan some fanfare that will bring attention to your services. Tacking up on your office walls the enthusiastic testimonials of people you've matched with roommates is a very good idea.

Later on, you might want to input all your client information on computer, and take video pictures of each client for showing to prospective roommates.

In the final analysis, once you have your business underway, your further personal success will be limited only by your imagination.

Get the full business reports about roommate finding services from the useful resources section to help you start this business and work at home online to optimize it using the best optimization methods.

But, when you decide to work the roommate finding services online, give it a local base to run through. Build it on the Internet as a local business using the CTPM process and get the motivation needed to start any online business from some success stories here.

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When you read some of the ebooks, you'll discover how to use roommate finding services, or any theme focused on roommates, or focused on other interests to improve your life, as explained in the link to the image below.

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