Be Optimistic to Conquer Anything That Puts You down!

This is a "How to Be Optimistic" lesson one of my friends told us last Saturday night while I were in a party with some of my closest friends.

And, as you know any personal experience by its own psychological relativity with the experience we have, or the conditions we live has many lessons to learn from. Optimism itself is a value with the psychological merit of its own.

Psychological values help us survive in many cases when we are faced by some challenges, misconducts and other bad behaviors we face, or we think of to respond to threats and some dangers.

So, to be optimistic, you'll need a kind of purification while looking into things that put you down. It is always better to be optimistic, so you could look hopefully to what happens, analyze it by its causes and react positively.

My friend actually answered when I asked my friends this question: How to Be Optimistic All the Time? He answered by telling his story, as if he was waiting for an opportunity to tell it, as he feels it. Well, I am saying, as he feels it, because there may be a little misconception about somethings in his story.

Inspiring Story to Be Optimistic!

Nevertheless, I found it somewhat useful to note.

"I always wanted to be optimistic, despite some challenges I face from time to time. I know being optimistic is something that relates to our feelings towards some occurrences and that feeling reflects from things that happen to us". He said.

"I always get through some difficult situations, which are actually facing me because of some regulations in my resettlement, since more than ten years." My friend's answer goes.

Here is the rest of the story, as my friend told us.

Once more again, proved to be optimistic when I solved some challenges in my way to continue an offline project, so I could continue with my profession.

The project is one of many professional project I am working to fulfill out of more than thirty years professional and personal experiences. It runs in my warm blood and makes me feel that I am burning myself like the Phoenix to survive.

The blind regulations just say that I should get a normal job and the executives who apply these regulations wanted to apply them to me while I am working with some institutions like you to achieve this project. Interestingly, they sent me to attend the one of the institutions to work that project.

I coordinated with some leaders in my network to explain to the executives who are responsible of the implementation of the new regulations, that the project is important as the only option to fulfill these regulations by other means.

I told them providing the scheme of the project with evidences to what I was saying that the plan is to provide jobs to some people who depend on the social welfare, which is the exact objective of the new regulations.

The first time I did that, I got my welfare stopped for three months. I have never faced that very bad situation in my life, even while I was hiding from the security agents of the dictatorial regimes in my homeland and other countries I came through.

I thought about this question before and struggled to be optimistic too in those hard conditions.

Perhaps, the existentialism I read and learned much of it during the 70s has helped me to take escape to my own paradise of optimism to solve the hard feelings, through which I considered pain is as such as happiness, a feeling that we could manage.

Inspired further by Jean Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus and others, I relied on the promise of existentialism, as described as "an ideological moment of Marxism", through which Sartre said that Marxism is "the one philosophy of our time which we cannot go beyond".

Although there is no agreement on the definition of this philosophy, I was delighted by the fact that it considers humans by the values they have and it somehow looks at them as victims of authoritative misconducts.

The individual existence is its center. It sees humans with their will and consciousness as being subjected to other powers constituted, or not. It considers and emphasizes the existence of humans as free and responsible to determine their own development through their common will.

So, the exact "be optimistic" term is connected with whatever you do to exist and survive hard conditions. Through optimism you see that the world you live in, as existentialism puts it, is the best of all worlds and thus optimism is all about being confident about yourself and many other things and hopeful and looking positive to the outcome of things.

However, one thing in existentialism I did not completely agree with is the description of Sartre that goes as, "what all existentialism have in common is the fundamental doctrine that existence precedes essence".

My point of view is that I see the existence from within its own essence and the essence is the pure nature of, or the indispensable quality of things. It could be also core, crux, heart, soul and spirit.

So, I understood that the situation some executives with no good spirits put me in and their conducts were similar to the behaviors of the security agents of the dictatorial regimes in the Horn of Africa (HOA).

The "attempt to draw all the consequences from a position of consistent atheism" drew me forward to be optimistic about the happenings and maintain my point of view to accept a journalistic reportage, through which I drew factually, the intent of executives without souls and their will against mine. I was subjected to bad egoistic behaviors, I believed.

During that time however, I could not sleep so easily. My head was full of many bad thoughts. I thought of getting there to my local administration and shout on their faces like a mad man.

Nevertheless, I again took it easy and said to myself, I had always been very rationale, so why should I get mad because they denied me my welfare?

The reaction and the reportage I did were both inspirational to be optimistic and stand on solid ground to fight back.

I understand that conventional political refugees welfare is not something to negotiate, as it is an international obligation according to the UN Refugees Convention of 1951 and the relevant Protocol of 1961.

Under these circumstances implied, they will never have rights to treat refugees as nationals, since they have no citizenship in their society after long years.

My teenager son said to me one day "Baba, break-off this stone from your heart. Be optimistic and you'll feel better!"

I told myself I should be optimistic and I should keep myself rationale to win over this kind of misunderstanding to my qualifications and expertise.

Luckily, I found here somebody who knows how the procedures work to help me write a plea against the executives who stopped my welfare. I won the case, and found that being optimistic is always good to stop you from burning your energies, or your brain.

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