How to Positively Influence Yourself and the Others?

How to positively influence yourself and the others may seem strange question. Because we all know a human being influence the other. But, how could a human being influence himself? Well, it seems that we have two questions here.

Let us start with the first question... Have you ever thought before that your influence has reflection? Have you seen that reflection on others you know?

You do not need to be a cinema star or just a famous artist or thinker to influence the others. Simple people and other down to the earth people influence each other in many ways, every day.

The reflection of your influence on others becomes clear when you see some people, starting from your house, do things the way you do, speak the way you do, walk the way you do (if you were young) or even make some gestures the way you do. They behave the way you behave because they like it.

That is the reflection of your influence and that is all this page is about... to show you proven methods on how to positively influence yourself and the others, starting from the linked page above, to see how I influenced more than 5 million people.

If you are thinking right now about doing this, then this page will actually give you the speed you need to know how you can positively do that and reflect it on others. You can do this building small projects in your society and even show people there how to positively influence themselves and the others.

While reading some useful books or magazines and while watching some useful TV programs, you acquire many useful things. Any act you take like this results in some kind of influence from these media that reflects on you. You influence yourself by reading, watching and hearing and even by smelling.

Your actions start the influence process and your reactions implement it on you. Is it a way to impress you?

A flower with essence or a perfume can influence you. When you smell a flower you feel something different and feel pretty relaxing and you may take that deep breath that make your body feel better. If you did that while you were tired or feeling stressed, a flower or a perfume could release tireless and stress.

By dealing, practicing, watching, listening, reading, and using your touch sense you know that all your senses play the principal role on taking the influence of the others and the influence of other things to you. Humans are known as very influential. I do not think only humans are influential, though.

Flowers for example are influential too. In comparison, insects receive their influence. However, they influence them only by the attraction of their colors. They do that by nature and for a purpose, that the insects take the nectar pills to the other flowers.

But... what about the stars, as the first celestial to have effects on humans? We may come to this point later, when we carry on how to influence yourself and the others on other pages.

A flower could influence by its essence not only humans, but also other flowers. However, the nearest one get the hug, so one of them drops its nectar pills on the other. The same thing goes to animals too, when they attract others. This is a medium of gravity. Have you ever thought about this?

But, does attraction mean influence?

Well, the attraction happens first and then results in some kinds of influence. It has its own law that is called the law of attraction. Rational thinking gets into that direction where there is a soft thread between attraction and influence.

We need that thread to integrate attraction, which is a sphere of one gravity with influence. Have you ever thought of that and how it could be helpful to understand and know how to positively influence yourself and the others?

The influence is not far from this sphere, as it is emanation of a hidden power that flows between two media. It is known first, as you know, as ethereal fluid that flows from the stars to have reflections on the human body. It works through the same sphere of gravity.

If we break the word influence into its verbal structure, in which it appears as (in-flu-ence), we could come to touch the sense of this thread between attraction and influence. Watch carefully, (in) which reveals something coming in, then (flu), which reveals (flow) and then (ence) which reveals the sense of this word and the sense of this understanding.

Oh, haven't I done a great psychological analyzing effort in this one to influence you yet?

Could this be good influence, you take from how to positively influence yourself and the others?

Yes, this is also a way that explains how to positively influence yourself and the others works to get you in. Take it from this point on and you will be in record track to implement the methods of how to influence yourself and the other.

Continue your Influence here.

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