Consultation Services!

Good Free Consultation Services should always be free at the start. I wonder how you ventured into this concept to integrate it with paid consultation services. It is amazing, though.

One of the most important facts involving the consultation services is to concentrate on one item in this huge filed of knowledge.

If it was only about small home based business, then cover this kind of consultation thoroughly and keep the Ezine Act website intact with and much related to the small home based business.

It is good idea to renovate the entire website. However, you need to turn the website concept into specific keywords related only to business consultation. To keep it narrow and focused niche, you need to develop it as a small home business consultation.

This is as important as to bring in more targeted traffic to the website. Note here, it will get lost if you continued using the Ezine act, politics, business and love as a concept.

That is nonsense and much of unfocused business term. You have also indicated willingness to change it, as I read on one of the pages here. So, why not change it now?

Even as small home based business consultation, it somewhat broad and competitive. There are already ton of big companies and small doing this business.

However, you could spin it with an angle that differentiate it from the others. It a whole quite mess not to identify your valuable pre selling proposition before choosing the domain and publishing the website.

You have all the required sources at your hand, but you have chosen to work it your own way, which is absolutely a mistake you should correct sooner.

I couldn't understand why you have chosen to go this way your own! "Stay out of your own way" this is the song that you have heard many times and you are still not paying attention.

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