Are Wolfenstein 3D Games Inspirational?

The direct answer is, yes they are. Wolfenstein 3D Games have more values beside inspiration and motivation.

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This page is a continuation of some other pages included below this introduction. There are many games included in Wolfenstein 3D, all of which you reach from direct links on this page, or at the Games Sitemap.

Best Wolfenstein 3d games
Best Wolfenstein 3d games, games tactics and strategies to shoot your depression, or to use your passion for games to start a good business, you work at home.

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Despite all of this, this page about Wolfenstein 3D games is only a continuation to some articles at the following pages:

  • Invasion of the Cartoons 1, Episode One - Computer Games.
  • Invasion of the Cartoons 1, Episode Two - War Games.
  • Invasion of the Cartoons 1, Episode Three - Kids Games.
  • Invasion of the Cartoons 1, Episode Four - Games Online.
  • Invasion of the Cartoons 1, Episode Five - PC Games... and this page continues into the...
  • Invasion of the Cartoons 1, Episode Six - Wolfenstein 3D games.

You are reading this right now.

The episodes are followed by "Nazis with Attitude" at - Wolf 3D Games and...

"Operation Letzterschutz" at - Wolf3D Games.

There are technical issues and difficult settings in this version of the game above, I published at Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolfenstein 3D Games, Spear of Destiny
Wolfenstein 3D Games, Spear of Destiny at the Ezine Act to enjoy playing... Get posters to make your site beautiful

Wolfenstein 3D Games - The Invasion of the Cartoons 1!

Episode Six in Invasion of the Cartoons 1 is Nitrus Brio's Citadel! The episode included the five levels accompanied by the additional tenth level, as in the other episodes of those games.

Level 1 - Black Forest

Bloopers: Ian Summerfield says, "This level of Wolfenstein 3D Games is actually the first level from Spear Resurrection a mod for Spear of Destiny.

This level should be familiar to those whom remember Spear Res. Just follow the usual route to get to the end, and the exit elevator into the mine shaft".

Level 2 - Mine Shaft

Bloopers: This level is from one of Ian Summerfield's cancelled projects. It was supposed to be the first level in the first episode as he said.

The level is not guarded heavily. However, it is tricky. Therefore, the best strategy is to stay far from your enemies when you confront them and to shoot well.

In addition, the N. Gin and Krew clones will appear in the next level to make things worse. Watch out for even more trials after that as well.

Level 3 - Blockade

Bloopers: As it is said above, take care throughout this level of Wolfenstein 3D Games because it is full of enemies. There are no real bloopers, but many bosses. If you do not think that they are naughty, rethink again.

You will find once again two paths to take, the first path to the exit and the second path to your doom. Alternatively, you could just skip the entire level completely and go to the secret level, which is much harder.

Level 4 - Armory

Bloopers: When you arrive to this level of Wolfenstein 3D Games, you will see that one of the walls in this level is actually different from the others in one of the sections.

That wall absolutely leads to a secret. However, you should take care because there are also fake copies that endanger your life by leading you to traps.

By now, there is actually one remaining level to go before the final boss. However, the armory is filled with many threats including two Mr. Krabs clones that guard the exit! Do not rely on good luck, but your brain!

Level 5 - Nitrus Brio's Lab

The new enemies in this level of Wolfenstein 3D Games are N. Brio-Boss 6 and Neo Cortex Head 6. He is the final challenge in this level; and at last you are about to be the hero again.

However, to demonstrate the will of the evil against that, the final boss has requested the creation of many boss clones to guard his lair. Your senses as they prove to do through all the levels will alert you.

You will know the intention of the devil circle by prediction. There are about six enemies on this level including N. Brio and the Cortex Head, the others are a mystery.

Boss Strategies for Nitrus Brio

Nitrus Brio is not a very hard boss to fight. N. Brio just attacks by throwing Beakers at you and throwing bullets as well. You should take care of the beakers to be safe.

However, there is a problem to survive his 4 minions before getting N. Brio. When you defeat the 4 minions and get the Blue key, you can face N. Brio. Just be cautious about the beakers and you should do fine.

Level 10 - Superclone

Some level tens are difficult in this episode as well as the entire game. This additional level of Wolfenstein 3D Games is not exceptional. So, take the leads.

This level here is the fifth level and first boss in Spear Res. In addition, level 10 has features in some of other add-ons. The boss on this level, Nuff' warns you "take care bull's head".

End Episode

Oh, at last hero, Nitrus Brio's army falls and his castle starts to crumble. Once outside the estate after some narrow escapes, and calls, you received the word about the clones.

The word says the clones that have made it to Earth are all by now disappearing into thin air. "You did it! You won! The invasion is over, with most of your body still intact.

Now you can rest and wait for a long deserved vacation," says Ian Summerfield. YES, take vacation to the Beautiful Alonissos Island.

More Games

There are also some exciting of Wolfenstein 3D Games made by the creator of this version, Ian Summerfield including:<

"Schabbs an Evil Lunatic" - In these Wolfenstein 3D Games, the evil doctor Schabbs comes back from the dead in Round 2.

"Spongebobstein" - In this game, the Spongebob takes on the evil armies of Squidward and other Spongebob villains and heroes.

"Invasion of the Cartoons 2" - In these Wolfenstein 3D Games, you come back to take out the next armada of Evil Clones led by Neo Cortex himself.

"Doom Universal Tour Demo" - In this game, an army of demonic invaders from Hell attacks the earth.

"Spear Resurrection Master Levels" - In this game, BJ takes on the Nazi's in 5 exciting levels.

See the 3rd right column to get those games. Read about those Wolfenstein 3D Games on other pages.

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Thanks for Playing from Ian Summerfield and Me. Keep playing these Wolfenstein 3D Games, and never stop until you get peace on Earth. Yes play Wolfenstein 3D Games to shoot your depression and even your political depression.

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