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The main article below is about the original story and the development of the shooter games accompanied by links to many articles in this regard.

The complete series of articles provide good tips to enjoy XBOX and play stations games along with some PC games, such as PacMan, Shockwave games for children and kids, video games and other Wolfenstein 3D games.

Play Games, play waterballz games
Play Games, play waterballz games... Get posters to make your site beautiful

You can start playing or downloading any game, you want and even contribute to this web page and write about your own experiences while playing those games and all that you know about whatever game you play.

Play Games such as Wolfenstein 3D here and at the right column. Now, here is the story of this version to know the background and how the pc gaming ideas have evolved to produce many versions.

The background knowledge is very important. In addition, the most important thing is to read the tactics and the strategies, so you can play the games I wrote about on this website better and enjoy your time.

Not only that, but you could use this knowledge and passion to convert the most exciting of your hobbies into some business opportunities and work at home to improve your living, in case you wanted more values.

The Background Story

You know the shot heard round the world. You could consider Wolf 3D to be the gaming version of that shot. That first shot from BJ Blazkowitz fathered countless games over the years including a revisit to the castle nine years later and this faithful GBA port.

While the original war games were preceded on PCs by its cousin Catacombs 3-D, Wolf3D had a much greater impact on the game playing industry.

The gamers made it one of the most influential games of all times. Along with its younger brother DOOM, Wolf 3-D popularized the 3D FPS, and started a new revolution in gaming.

Catacombs 3-D is the third games in the series of video games and the first of the games to feature 3D computer graphics. Softdisk had created and labeled it in the Gamer's Edge.

The ID Software has developed it after that and released in November 1991 to be the first example of the first person shooter genre of games. It is basically released for MS-DOS with EGA graphics.

This game here starts and puts you as a gamer in the year 1943. You are William "B.J." Blazkowicz, the Allies' bad boy of espionage. Your mission is to infiltrate the Nazi fortress and find the plans for Operation Eisenfaust, the Nazi's blueprint for building the perfect army.

Blazkowitz is the fictional protagonist in Wolf 3D games in the video games series. It was first created in the classic Wolf3D games, Castle Wolfenstein in 1981.

The original story of Operation Eisenfaust, or Unternehmen Eisenfaust in German was based on a military operation to save the Kingdom of Hungary and keep it under Germany.

The story began at the time when Adolf Hitler waged his war against Hungary in October 1944. It was that time when the Regent Admiral Miklos Horthy began his negotiations to surrender to the advanced Red Army.

At the same time Romania had already joined the Soviets to isolate million of German soldiers who were fighting the advanced Soviets in the Balkan.

The Wolf3D is originally based on fantasy adventured throughout the 2nd World War to free the Earth from the Nazis and similarly the Fascists. That was also the intention of the Red Army.

It was produced by Muse Software and then ID Software took over the initiative to develop many series of this version of the games, as computer games.

Captured in the attempt, you're taken to a Nazi prison where you await execution. However, you know where the plans are kept, and the Allies face a great defeat if you don't escape and risk the horrors of the prison known as Wolfenstein.

Playing as an escaped prisoner in a Nazi war prison, you will move smoothly through a 3-D world full of guards, snarling canines, and rooms packed with Nazi treasure.

With 60 action-packed levels full of secret passages and hidden rooms, Wolfenstein 3D for Game Boy Advance will appeal to audiences from the novice to the experienced.

Play Games such as Rock Band Special Edition

Rock Band Special Edition for Wii includes: guitar, mic, drum kit peripherals plus software.

Developed by Harmonix, creators of the blockbuster Guitar Hero franchise, Rock Band is an all-new platform for gamers ready to take on the challenges of the Rock & Roll lifestyle.

Instruments available to players are guitar, bass, drums or vocals as they hit the road as either an aspiring superstar solo act, or for the first time in game genre history.

They take the true collaborative and challenging nature of music as they form a band and jam together in multiplayer action from home or around the world.

Players will need to master their stage presence through the various game modes and polish their rock chops via the unrivaled Rock Band song list if they hope to make it out of the garage, into the clubs and finally on to the main stage.

Extensive Game Modes

Rock Band delivers four music games in one - challenging rockers to master lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals through the five separate game modes.

Tutorial Mode

Master the basics! No need for experience. Pick your weapon of choice and ascend from beginner to rock god.

Practice Mode

Perfect your tune! Breakdown any part of any song at your preferred speed before hitting the main stage.

Quickplay Mode

Instant fix of fun! Jump into any unlocked song for some quick jam time either on your own or with other players.

Solo Tour Mode

Take it on the road! Pack up your instrument of choice and set out on the open road for a fun and challenging single player career.

Band World Tour Mode

Conquer the world! The journey to rock stardom takes you from small town bars to world-renowned venues. Earn fame and fortune along the way to secure rock star necessities.

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Almost 6-7 years ago (during the 1990s), I enjoyed playing games online, every time I got tired while I was typing my articles and making some kinds of layout to some newspapers, magazines and newsletters.

I have got some CDs since that time I couldn't use on this page to support play games at the time being. But, I consider doing that in the future.

I enjoyed playing PacMan that time and I love to play it since that time although it was not offered by the same provider. Most importantly, I have never played those games online.

I enjoyed also playing some other kids games, such as "Wolf 3D" called also "Wolfenstein 3D" and found it interesting to discover all its hidden secrets: weapons, treasuries, and tactics.

In addition to entertainment and firing depression, you read the history again and maintain some kinds of knowledge and perhaps you could discover many ways to venture this area of knowledge and passion to convert your passion into something useful.

If you just thought of that, consult me through the Online Business Consulting Services.


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