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By - Khalid Osman

Annotation: Notwithstanding the different interpretations to the term "hackers" I use its negative nature as it belongs to raping your ideas in this article.

The term is used, associated with other methods hackers use to steal your ID and empty your bank account. Either this or that they intend to impose different kinds of threats on you.

To start getting those 5 advices to prevent raping your ideas start from "motivation for reason" and take care of this alerting issue. The second page about "motivation for reasons" is not far away from the same target.

Both, this page and the second work to develop a sense of priority to achieve your personal success and get some inspirational while reading about some other professional and personal experiences, as I explained on these links.

Now, it seems that there are three pages I published in this regard. In fact there are more than three inspirations and motivations in the Ezine Act's Nework. I included those pages on this site map. The other pages are at the relevant links included at the second section of the page to prevent it from being long and poring.

Here is the main article on motivation for reason.

Motivation for a Reason!

Don't Be the Victim of Precedent Exposure

Some hackers would rape your ideas whenever you give them a chance by exposing your ideas, either by word of mouth or by publishing them in the media. There are many chances' hunters who wait for any chance to pick your brain.

Hacking one's ideas works offline also. The matter of hacking is not only an online habit. It begins actually offline.

Some inactive people, or even active people who are just like those "hollow men" Tomas Stern Eliot wrote about, empty of any idea, work as hackers offline. They do not have any kind of transparency and credibility.

Unfortunately, some of those people live close to some decision-making circles and some top personnel.

They also keep ties with creative people from other classes and await for an idea to appear so they can snatch it and implement it before those who came with it and wanted to implement it.

I knew some of them by the nature of my profession and I kept my eyes on them to study and disclose them to people. I knew there is a very soft thread between journalism and security so I separated myself from the agent of the security and concentrated on my passion and profession.

However, some of those hackers who never had told their friends about projects in a specific topic, because they did not think of that, that time; hacked my idea about the same project on that specific topic.

I had told them about this intension when they asked me once where I had been hiding myself, so I told them that I was busy working on that specific project to submit it to the ruling party to use it and use its revenues to support a public project during the war.

They also heard me speaking in a broadcast to the public about my project on that specific topic.

Thereafter, while the ruling party procrastinated while dealing with my public project, some of my friends had succeeded not only in documenting all they need for that specific topic, but they have also the money they needed and executed that project.

The ruling party had never thought about the matter of precedence or being a precedent concerning some issues to seek implementing my project first. Maybe that only happens, when it comes to the issue of the president of the party.

They did not hear me when I alerted them of this matter and ran in the lost time to the concerned ruling party's office to deliver the copy of my project, which does never come, out of that dead house.

That copy of my project still belongs to the dead there on that cemetery.

Well, this is the first hard lesson I learned and you could learn too from "MOTIVATION FOR REASON".

The second lesson you could learn too from motivation for reason was that the cultural executive in the Libyan Embassy took a second copy of my project to help me get fund from a Libyan authoritative office in Tripoli to implement the project as part of the cultural activities of the Libyan Embassy in that specific country. However, that copy followed its sister to belong to the dead there in Tripoli too.

Nevertheless, I have doubts here, that my copy has been exploited already, as the project could be certainly established either in Tripoli cultural projects or in a university doctorate studies.

Once more again, I learned from the third lesson on "motivation for reason", here in Europe. You could learn from this lesson too.

I had many interviews the media has conducted with me here speaking about another new project and about the way, I am developing that project with some well-trusted institutions.

While we have processed some levels of funding and while we were waiting for the complete fund, some hackers thought that there is money on this project. So they fulfilled it before us, in an area that doesn't pay much attention to personal property rights.

Those hackers had already a printing experience they closed because of funding reasons. Their closed project was operated using a different language than my native language. They saw great potential in my project, so they used the same methods they tried before to implement my project.

Those are three examples of how people fail because of precedent exposure. They are useful lessons to learn from personal experiences on "motivation form reason".

You should never wonder why some people would possibly intend to exploit your sweat and ripe you off any idea that comes to your mind. This matter is natural although it is a very bad habit. Therefore, take these personal experiences with the notes included as motivation for reason to make sure that no one will steal your ideas.

7 Motivation for Reason Tips!

  1. Never speak about a project before you are about to release it in a matter of few hours.
  2. Search for relevant authorities for personal propriety rights to obtain the necessary license for your project.
  3. Never tell even your wife/husband... forget about friends, that you have any project you are busy on, until you are ready to release that project. (I know this sounds silly, but let's speak about strategies... Don't do it).
  4. In consultancy matters, work always with relevant institutions in the field of your ideas or the field of your expertise. Make sure they care about you and your project and they are sincere on helping you fulfill your project, since they will get profits from it too.
  5. Since such kind of consultancy could be expensive, try working your project through communal funds (e.g. work activating courses, third communal parties) which are relevant, or they work in connection with government grants, helping your municipality.
  6. Give them motivation for reason to read, so they will be aware of the consequences of project theft.
  7. Consult Me about some more elevators to give your project a lease of life through the Contact Us form.

Presidential Gestures!

The president office sent a female fighter whom I know, from the office to work a while in the EriTV. We were at war that time. She used to chat with me about the television, the radio and the newspapers, sometimes.

We talked about the professional ways of running the media and the quality and the sincerity of the media staff. I have never been conservative while talking to her or even to those colleagues I trust.

I knew that time everything I say will reach the president's ears. I remember now that I told her many times, if I were the president, I will kick all of the asses out. He was in direct charge of the media that time.

Motivation for reason ends here.

That was perhaps the motivation for reason I had, as I know all of them and know who is sincere and who is not.

Imagine this, a person who has not any motivation for reason was working a journalist with me at the main ruling party's magian in the central office.

He was married to a girl from his culture, but he used to take even girls from other cultures into the office. When I asked him why he did marry one of them, he replied in words, "We sleep with them, but never marry them".

This person was promoted and engaged taking responsibilities in the voice of the youth union and prompted further to other posts. Read more about such inside the party treasons at the HOA Political Scene.

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