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Please NOTICE that the back-issues of this Ezine starting of January 2004 until Mars 2006 were issued as Ezine Act. Since we have exchanged our two newsletters to replace the Ezine Act with Wise Biz on this website then it is obvious that we do not need to go back three years to re-edit those back-issues.

The business section of the Ezine Act is now in this newsletter and the political section of the Ezine Act is now at the HOA Political Scene Newsletter.

Well, we have exchanged duties and Web functional system between this newsletter and the Ezine Act. This newsletter had been the second Ezine/e-newsletter for However, the primary newsletter in this website is the Wise Biz now.

It offers FREE STUFF to help folk feel the benefits of this Web business I and my partner-in-success are running to make good deals on it. You might only need to know how YOU can use this FREE STUFF to make and/or improve any home-based business you are running or about to run on the Internet.

In addition, our Biz Marketing FREE STUFF will help YOU get the insights to develop YOUR own personal life, and prepare for good achievement in any field and succeed.

It takes you to this level of self-improvement through some practices others have laid as a carpet ready for you to step on the strong points that make them succeed. So, you could write some success stories, as the following to help others make a difference in their lives.

The home business guidelines, the process I called motivation for reasons and the inspirational quotes are offered here to help you and anybody get dressed for success and improves his study skills to maintain a prosperous future.

The FREE downloads of the free e-books and e-courses for different kinds of businesses offline and online, are offered too, to help you maintain and achieve this goal.

Wise Biz is a monthly e-newsletter in turn with the Beautiful Scene Newsletter and Ezine Act to complete the range of our "politics, business and love" orientation online.

This Internet business we're running today has begun since more than a decade with this orientation using FREE host, sub-domains and domain paths first until we've discovered that any Internet business success should be done with a real domain that YOU or anybody should obtain for his or her own business.

Moreover, not only a domain, but also a host with a flexible system and easy tools anybody can use to do two things. First, build good researched narrow niches and second deliver good information on subjects that matter to other people. This in turn delivers good free traffic to monetize and make this business succeed.

We saw our traffic has begun to increase day after day. We saw the tools and the whole system are delivering what they are promising. This is WHY we have moved our business here again to do our and will continue to build more of our coming businesses here too.

I mean using the all in one place website building and optimizing tools.

If you just take a moment to download this package, which contains our FREE stuff/ebooks, and get advantages of the other free offers, you will probably know exactly how practical these tools are. You'll receive these downloads, when you confirm your subscription to the WISE BIZ.

This is the Wise BUSINESS newsletter home page. You can subscribe to it, as it is one item of our FREE stuff too; and get it every month delivered to your email address. Fill the form at the top of the left column and receive those invaluable gifts.

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your subscription since this is a double opt-in list. When that happens, you'll get access to download our "complete set of books or e-courses" in a package to read, discover new methods to this Web business and prepare to maintain good stream of income online.

You'll even receive more gifts when you Forward Wise-Biz to your friends to help them get dressed for success.

Well, we are doing this because we believe that no money will easily be made in a hurry. Just type "make money" on any search engine and look how many websites are there. Then take your time to study them and you 'll discover why most of those schemes are failed.

We want you as our friend and trusted reader first. This is strategically, what you will want to achieve if you choose to take this business online. The start should be smart. If you were in a hurry, then you are domed to failure after failure.

Right now, some people are just wondering online to find the best wise biz marketing tools that could help them make a living on the Internet. Those people have absolutely faced all those kinds of Get Rich Quickly swindles.

Wise people over there begin to realize that they will not make money in a hurry. No one actually made money in a hurry offline, unless he won lotto, so how people could do this online and on an area where they do not know each other.

It is not a wise biz marketing to send unsolicited e-mail spam with offers promising those people to "Get Rich Quickly".

People are now very wise and they do need wise biz marketing that promises them to work their business seriously on daily basis using only things that interest them and get good income. See "things interest you".

They need this good income to cover their businesses cost and gain some revenues to cover other necessary expenses.

Then gradually, when they spread their network, the money will follow in a progressive manner and they can notice that.

Wise biz marketing should be built on solid grounds by knowledge, credibility and persistence. Considering this point, people need to build basis of trust and wise approaches to any kind of business to maintain business relations with their contacts.

In addition to WISE BIZ, you may also be interested in the following business articles in the Articles Section and the wise biz section below:

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Please support those Five Pillars. Click on them and see what kind of potential success is waiting for you there.

It is our hope that you will see the light to determine the way you want to take on this wise biz marketing on the Internet, and you will consider aligning yourself with successful people to succeed.

Do not be open to any scam, but read this informational package instead and you will come on board to streamline your business wisely.

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I write the Wise Biz Newsletter at this poetic moment.

I write the Wise Biz Ezine at this poetic moment during the sun everyday-farewell, before taking the morning to other places. 

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