How Do Elephants Kiss?

One day, a friend of mine asked us how do elephants kiss?

He saw a boy with a long nose kissing his girlfriend at the corner of the place we were sitting inside, chatting, enjoying our espresso, making some fun and relaxing.

So, he apparently asked in a humorous way, with a glimmering smile in his eyes.

This is a humorous story you are going to read here.

How Do Elephants Kiss? Here is How They Prepare the Kissing Project!

How Do Elephants Kiss? Here is How They Prepare the Kissing Project! Get posters to make your site beautiful, increase free website traffic and earn additional income too.

We were sitting at one indoor cafe at the evening. The ice lit the square outside and the neons at the other side of the square laid the shadows of the naked trees on some objects on the milky ice.

No one had a clue of how do elephants kiss. So, we laughed and joked much about it.

After a couple of days and while I was watching a TV program, I saw two elephants kissing each other. Not only that, but I saw how they have prepared the kissing project.

I had a sudden shock, as I know elephants have ivories/tusks that prevent any couples of them from reaching each other's lips. They have long trunks too, generally many people from my culture consider as noses. So, how could they kiss despite all of that?

I know elephants have tusks, morals and incisors and just that normal knowledge. But, I didn't know how many and I always wondered where their lips are, or just got confused.

In addition, I know elephants are very emotional animals. I looked at their eyes many times since the day I were a child and when my aunt (god Bless her soul) took me many times to the national park with her daughters and her only one boy.

While other children enjoyed watching the monkeys I enjoyed watching the elephants and looking into their eyes. I commented on the way they take their food and asked how could they swim by this heavy weight, when I saw some of them swimming in the river. They do that, despite the fact that they are magnificent.

That humorous how do elephants kiss question enticed me to read and know more about elephants. I didn't know the other facts on this story, which of course I learned later.

Well, a simple question like this could raise your consciousness about things that interest you, but you don't know much about.

Here is How Do Elephants Kiss in a Picture!

How Do Elephants Kiss? Here is How Elephants Kiss!

How Do Elephants Kiss? Here is How Elephants Kiss! They are deep in it in the photo. See more pictures at the Ezine Acts Galleries and the Ezine Acts Photo Gallery. Get some of them for your website and link them to How Do Elephants Kiss, or provide live and dofollow links to the Ezine Act.

I learned that elephants have four big molars and they replace them continuously six times in their life.

When the front two molars drop, the back molars replace them and then new pair of morals appear at the back to replace the pair that have once been at that end of the mouth.

They have also tusks supported by the front incisors, which become tusks and they use them as tools for survivals, as they are more bigger and almost weight five times the weight of molars, both in the African elephants and the Asian elephants.

The sad story about the growth of elephants is that elephants lose their teeth at the age of forty and many of them die of starvation, if they were lucky to escape the poachers of tusks for ivory products to reach the sixty.

There is always a way to do things that many people think impossible. I have the impression that elephants are very clever, as they have smaller minds than human beings. Maybe that is what makes them clever.

They could find ways to make the impossible possible according to what we know and read in some quotations indicating that, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention". We say it in a virgin world, "Demand is the mother of invention". What is the connection between necessity and demand?

So, I invited my friends to meet at the same cafe. While chatting there, I reminded them of the question of how do elephants kiss and asked if any one of them knew the answer.

Some of them answered, "No" and some of them just nodded "no" smiling. So I said simply, I know how elephants kiss! I myself have a long sharp nose and I know what does that mean to women.

I saw a surprise on their faces, while one of them asked, "So, how do elephants kiss?"

How Do Elephants Kiss? An Elephants in the Kenyan Safari! The Elephant Walks alone in The National Park in Kenya.

How Do Elephants Kiss? An Elephants in the Kenyan Safari! The Elephant Walks alone in The National Park in Kenya. View many pictures at Ezine Acts Art and Culture, Ezine Acts Art Links, Ezine Acts Fine Arts, Ezine Acts Literature and French Paintings.

I searched inside my leather shoulder back and took out some pictures I shot while I was watching that TV program. I showed them the pictures you are seeing here and said, "that is the way elephants kiss."

Don't ask about their impression and reactions. I think they are still laughing until this moment.

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Well, knowledge has power. Anything in this world, even humorous question like "how do elephants kiss" could raise an awareness about things you know and things you don't know.

At this edge, we come to learn more and acquire the necessary knowledge we need. I believe in MYKS in this regard. Is it a wonder that it is called "make your knowledge sell", but also "KISS" meaning "keep it simple stupid".

For example, from simple questions like "how do elephants kiss", you could find your hobby, or anything that you have passion for to study it in its comprehensive terms and then focus on one term to do a search for it, research it passionately and choose it right to build a niche to improve your life.

You got the idea!

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