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Jan 27, 2013
The Only Thing Safari Knows is This...
by: Anonymous

You are not connected to the Internet" is the only thing that Safari knows.

When I launch my machine, I make sure the router is on and it's working good. I have a wireless connection to the Web. I have set-up the browser to open a page I like as my home page.

When I click on Safari icon, the browser launches and takes 100 years on a blank page while the blue marked text inside the browser's address bar moves to short distance on that text and then stops freezing there.

The home page web address doesn't show up in this case, because when Apple upgraded Safari 5 to Safari 6 it included the search box in the same address bar of web pages.

Apple considers that a good web development. I consider that a mess.

While the blank page stays there for centuries and my home page doesn't appear, I click on the WiFi and I see that it is on. Then to examine this worst browser in the worldwide web, I click on "Turn WiFi off".

Safari changes immediately from that blank page to show me a page with the message, "You are not connected to the Internet".

I then click on "Turn WiFi On". When I do that, the Internet browser changes quickly from that page to open my home page.

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Feb 05, 2013
Apple hasn't Good Support!
by: Anonymous

Some companies selling Apple products maneuver, when selling the products to get a price of extra 2, or 3 years insurance. This insurance is not for returning the product back if it doesn't work for you, but to repair it.

They already sell Apple products by an amount that reaches 320% of the price of the same product at Apple.

They will never return a product they sold to you, regardless to the bad quality of one item, which is most necessary in the complete product, like Safari, or the Network function of the Airport, the FireWire and the others.

Apple has not free support although they sell expensive products. The support forums they have don't provide much help and sometimes, your question will be there for weeks before getting an answer.

Direct phone calls to Apple support costs money and not just any money, but big money. They may even download something to your machine to get you connected always with support to pay more.

In most cases, there is not any authority in some countries in Europe to protect the consumers from the mad market's behaviors. So, folk are exposed to multi-billion dollars companies to be salves of their new technologies.

The political ignorance of the majority of consumers make this easy for big companies to dominate even the way they behave, or feel to reach their economical climax, which is based on the desires of consumers.

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Nov 24, 2014
Localities Could Make Complexity in Good Products!
by: Anonymous

Apple should have revolutionary deals with their subsidiaries and other companies they license to sell their products, whether they are MAC, iPad, iPhone, or others. They should insure that the local use of local languages, for example should not result in malfunctioning of the products.

If they spot errors and other technical problems caused by the use of these languages, or any other added features to localize the use of their products, they should make sure that they do the localization by their experts at the company home.

Apple should also enhance the privacy of the user by adding more good protection in their devices and make it easier for the average user to understand how to manage and observe any changes.

Safari should be exceptional internet browser that works sufficiently to make browsing a pleasure for Apple lovers. How could it be corrupted with Mozilla?

Apple is not a Chinese company, so why a MAC works in the European market with Chinese characters, or Chinese utilities?

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