How to Earn Money from Monitoring Stocks?

by Gianluca Magro
(Marsaskala, Malta)

How to earn money from monitoring stocks in movies, such as trading places.

How to earn money from monitoring stocks in movies, such as trading places.

Did you know that earning money is not just confined to working hard and having a full-time job?

The stock markets offer opportunities to earn money by barely breaking a sweat!

On the contrary to popular belief, one does not need to be a finance expert in order to monitor stocks and earn easy money from buying and selling shares at the right time.

The first step is to visit a stockbroker and create a brokerage account. After this is set up, you will be able to buy and sell stocks through your stock broker.

Then load up your favourite stock market web site, and identify the most popular stocks on the market. First of all, you need to look up how the companies you have identified are currently faring as regards finances.

Get to know the dates when the companies will give out dividends for their stocks, and other important dates in the company's financial year. Then take your time to monitor, daily, how the stocks rise and fall, and take care to check news about each other company to see how stocks fare when different events take place.

Moreover, make note of the updates in closing prices every day, and observe the different trends in the stock market. Make sure you also take note of the companies’ return on investments and debt-to-profit ratios.

After you evaluate the situation of the stock market, find the right time to buy your first stocks (the closing price for the equity you've chosen should be relatively low), and do so through your stockbroker.

Keep monitoring the whole stock market daily after this, and not just the stocks you have bought. New opportunities for buying new stocks might arise.

In order to earn profit from the stocks, you need to choose the right moment to sell them, when the closing price is relatively high. The profit you earn would be the difference between the price you paid for the stocks, as well as any additional stock broking costs, and the price you sell them for.

In this way, you'll have earned money by simply observing and choosing the opportune moment.

If you are ready to start earning money by investing in stocks in Malta, make sure you visit, which will be able to help you monitor the stock market, and ensure that you will earn good profit from stocks that you buy and sell.

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