The Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center!

Here is the Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center. It helps you do two things:

  • The first thing is to use some HTML codes to build news from the content of your small business.
  • The second is to use other codes to build automated content on your website and distribute it, either on a page on your website, or on other relevant websites.

All in all, it shows how the techniques of the Ezine Act's RSS Feeds Centre work to know exactly how to use such techniques to automate your website, so you'll never need to blog manually, as explained at the Ezine Acts Blog.

You can also get news feeds including the Ezine Acts Feeds from the Ezine Act's RSS Feeds Center to integrate it on a page on your website, so you will get fresh content on a page at your website every time I build web pages, or blog it to update the entire website.

However, you shouldn't publish more than three items of each Ezine Acts RSS on your website, as this would definitely hurt you.

Moreover, you will also learn from examples, just as the following picture, how to use images to make your website beautiful, pin them to improve your link building strategies and even make money from this experience.

African Child's Eyes. Example to Use Pictures to Pin and Distribute Content. You should be focused here on how to use pictures to make your website beautiful and earn additional income at the same time, as explained at the Ezine Acts Galleries, the Ezine Acts Pictures and Pictures for Your Website.

The very important lesson here is that you will learn from this page how to use the Ping and RSS technology, either to get just knowledge, or to use with other website services to improve your website presence.

When you get some kinds of influence from the Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center, you will be in your way to understand the information publishing technology better and use it to your advantages, building good narrow niches on the Web.

In addition, the information you read above while browsing the Ezine Act's feeds center associated with the information at Why Using a Newsreader lets you know how to use these technologies to build fresh content and Ping and RSS It frequently.

It is only through these kinds of efforts, other people could distribute your news feeds. You gain the exposure, improve your page ranking and get free Websites Traffic.

If you don't have international, or local business, you can still make the most of the Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center by getting some business ideas to use and build that Internet business from simple things that interest you.

Use the HTML snippets at the second section of the Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center below to build your feeds, distribute it, get feeds from this website or other websites and plug all of that on a page at your website.

Well, to get the knowledge needed and understand how feeds work and how to use them, continue reading this page and find the answers to the following questions on the Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center, or on the linked pages.

What's RSS?

- See the linked page and RSS Blogging Ezine.

What's XML?

- See the link above and the RSS Blogging Ezine.

What's a Blog?

- See the linked pages at Blogger, Blog It and the Ezine Acts Blog.

What's an ATOM?

- See Why Using a Newsreader.

What's a Newsreader?

- See the Ezine Acts Feeds and Why Using a Newsreader.

How to Add the Ezine Act RSS FEEDS Center or Any Feeds to Your Site?

As, you see you can use this Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center to take the HTML code snippets to work on it and add it to your website. You can also submit your RSS and ping your blog too through the linked pages above.

Alternatively, you can get the all-in-one-place website building, optimizing and automating tools to relax and save yourself from the headache of manually automating your website.

To learn more about these tools, hear me and read the stories at About Me, About SBI, Arabic SBI and Success Stories.

If you wanted to do the entire hard job manually, the linked pages here will get you up and running. To subscribe to RSS feeds from this website, do a right mouse click on any button at the top left of the page and copy and paste the URL into your newsreader. You can do the same using any of the mentioned services on those buttons.

To grab a button from the Ezine Act RSS FEEDS Center and build it with your own RSS, you may do it following one of the two ways bellow:

1- Right click on any RSS/XML image on the Ezine Act's RSS FEEDS Centre, save it to your desktop and then upload it to your website.

2- When you edit your page, add the extension file of the image to your domain this way: extension file of the image.

It ends in some details like this:

  • Click on the button above to highlight this HTML codes snippet, then copy and paste where you want it to appear on your website. Add the URL of your page at the beginning of the snippet and close it by </a>.

You can even take this code snippet from the Ezine Act RSS FEEDS Center and implement these instructions, so my button will appear at your feeds URL.

  • If it's difficult to do it that way, take my image by copying and pasting the code above at the end of your domain. When you did, the code will display my RSS image, but it will not link to any page on my website.

You'll give this website a credit, of course, if you linked to this page from any page at your website, to just say thank you for your images and the information on the Ezine Act RSS FEEDS Center.

One of the very important notes to consider while using the Ezine Act's RSS FEEDS Centre is that, when you click on the buttons at the right column, you'll only see the XML file, and that will mean nothing to you more than to see the appearance of the codes. It depends on the settings of your browser, though.

However, you can learn from it as I am still learning how to use it to make xml and OPML files. See more details below.

If you do right mouse clicks on those buttons on the Ezine Act RSS FEEDS Center, you'll have options to copy the links to the RSS FEEDS. You can then paste them into your newsreader when you import/add content from the HOME BIZ TRENDS Blog to it.

Using Twitter to publish you tweets and share blogs, or other useful tweets by others on your website is magnetic. It makes blogging for pleasure a real pleasure with values.

Here is the HTML codes from the Ezine Act RSS FEEDS Center to use, in case you wished to add content from this website onto yours.

ATTENTION: Be reasonable at this and don't overdo it.

The following HTML Codes on the Ezine Acts RSS Feeds Center will get you news from this website every time I update it. You can copy and paste the codes on a news page, or other relevant page to add content from this website onto yours.

To see example of the news you will get onto your website scroll down to the news window on the Ezine Acts RSS Feeds Centre.

In addition, the Ezine Act's feeds center associated with the RSS Blogging Ezine lets you know how to use Technorati's XML-RPC interface to automate processing and pinging from within your weblog software and to Technorati too.

You will be mesmerized, when you embrace this technique on the Ezine Act RSS FEEDS Center. It needs only passion and time to learn how to do it. But, if you can start right away, copy and paste the following codes onto your page.

Alternatively, you can get it from! See how this website is performing, and then ping it to yours from there.

I am learning those methods on the Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center at Feed Burner, Feed Digest and others too. See this example of how to digest news feeds also called RSS Feeds:

If you want to make XML file just do it this way:

  • Click on "Highlight All" to copy and paste this code snippet into your text editor.
  • Change links, titles and descriptions.
  • Study this code snippet to learn exactly how to add as much attributions.
  • Take care only of the three opening lines and the two lines at the end of the snippet.
  • Save the file as xml file this way: filename.xml
  • Upload the file to your site-builder tools if they support this process.
  • Get the orange RSS and upload it to your site too. Work on it the way I've explained somewhere on this page to appear on any page you may choose for it.
  • Search for more sites to ping your blog or to submit your RSS using the search box at the right column.

If you are in Blogger just click on "Add Page Element", then choose "HTML Document", insert the code there, and click the button to put it where you like the RSS feeds to appear. That is it.

Read more about Blogging for Pleasure (site map 23), where the Ezine Acts RSS Feeds Center and other articles for blogging are indexed.

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Read the Top 7 Things Your Blog Needs To Have to get more insights. If you liked the Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center, please use the small buttons on it to tweet, like, share and pin the images. Thanks.

You can make every RSS works and automate your website every time you build new pages through the following tools you see on the image at the end of the Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center.

In addition the Ezine Act RSS Feeds Center, you can use some other feeds from and You can use them to share blogs too without having to overdo it publishing many feeds.

Real Simple Syndication
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