How to Sell Guests in Parties?

Dealing with guests, as invitees to your parties for sales is not that difficult. Any party plan has a protocol.

It has also some methods to use the suitable etiquette for each of your visitors. You should have some knowledge about each of them. The following article will help you be elegant and wear that suit of elegancy.

The article is started in fact at party plan and merchandize, so this is the completion of it. It all started with the advertising idea at write compelling advertisement, which has spread into garage sale, flea markets, how to get money fast, instant cash and the first two pages above.

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Guests: Selling Guests Fine Arts in Flea Markets, or Your Saloon.

The example on the picture above shows how some artists organize such activities to sell guests fine arts on the yards outdoors on the market place. They invite the people they know to attend. So, you could do similar things to organize selling arts, or anything in your saloon and invite guests to enjoy good time which a coffee service with cakes provided, as the following article on the Ezine Act Articles Index suggests.

Give Your Guests the Attention they Need to Close the Sales in Parties!

You could sell parties even by using baskets including gourmet gift baskets taking care of some good business ideas to do your business planning well and know exactly to how to plan projects, as explained on those links and the Ezine Acts Business Plan.

Phase one is the greeting and get-acquainted time slot - about thirty minutes. The hostess greets the guests as they arrive, prints a name tag for each, introduces them around, gives them a catalog, points out the refreshments, and leads them into conversation with the other guests.

The second phase is the "game-playing" portion of your party. This phase is used to relax everybody and get them involved in the party. It should last about 15 to 20 minutes.

Next comes the merchandise presentation by the hostess, who shows and describes each item on display. If you have jewelry available, ask different guests to try on particular items and show the others what these articles look like in use.

The length of time spent on this phase of the party will depend in large part on how much merchandise you have on display, but generally, you shouldn't spend more than about 20 minutes showing and describing your merchandise.

Then give your guests about 10 to 15 minutes to personally inspect and try on the items that have aroused their interest. Elegantly, touch their emotions to move around.

You should mingle and converse with the guests during this time period in order to answer specific questions or explain the possible uses of an item, where it might look good in the buyer's home, and any interesting tidbits relating to where an item came from, how it was made, or the satisfaction of an earlier buyer.

Interestingly, you could use the same ideas to sell your guests their dream homes using posters of the houses you have, as a real estate agent and offer them drives to see the apartments, or organize such activities in one of the homes you want to sell. However, this part is actually done by organizing open house activities.

When you seem to have answered all the questions, and everyone appears to have made their selections, start writing orders. Don't hesitate to ask for orders. Writing orders should take about 15 minutes, and then you should let the party begin to winding down.

During this time, mingle with your guests and anyone showing a spark of interest should be approached with an offer to serve as a future host or hostess. As each guest starts to leave, thank them for coming and walk with them to the door.

The total length of your party shouldn't be much more than two hours. Time and time again, it's been proven that you can do everything necessary, and make the most sales in this period of time. You lose effectiveness and make fewer sales with appreciably more or less time.

There are a couple of proven ways to recruit new hosts or hostesses from the people attending your party. First of all, watch the guests as they look over the merchandise, examine, admire and wish for something they don't quite have enough extra money to buy.

When you've determined that a particular guest wants a specific item but can't quite fit it into the budget, simply take her aside to a secluded corner of the room, and explain privately that you're willing to give her the item she has been looking at and wanting, if she will agree to invite her friends and relatives to a party in her home.

This approach works almost every time, and your only expense is the wholesale price of the item you give her as the free gift. This would actually be a gift of love to bring more guests who would become clients and make them love your parties.

The second sure-fire approach is to offer a cash incentive. You do this by offering to allow 5% to 10% of the total sales volume resulting from the party staged for you by this type of new recruit.

There's a plus factor for you on this one, because you'll be getting the enthusiastic participation of the host or hostess on the selling side. Once you've explained to them how your program works, they'll generally do everything they can to make the party a huge success, and thereby increase their pay for the evening.

When you give a gift to the hostess for having the party, the presentation should be a special ceremony staged with all the "Show Biz" flair you can muster, at the end of your merchandise showing.

What about a video presentation through the parties?

See whether you could make additional presentation with the NTI Home Video Maker, or not.

However, when your gift is a cash award, carry your presentation over to the next party and make a big production of it as well. Don't forget to invite the "guest of honor" to your next scheduled party for the big presentation.

During these presentations many of the other guests will be favorably impressed, and as a consequence will ask you for details.

Actually, your recruiting efforts should begin when you start taking orders. Every person you talk with should be offered the opportunity to hold a party of his or her own.

Then just before the party begins breaking up, ask your guests as a group if any of them would be interested in holding a similar party in his or her home. You ask those who voice an interest to stay over for a few minutes in order to work out the details.

You should have an Appointment Book for this scheduling. Simply ask what date would be favorable for them, mark that date in the book, along with the name, address and telephone number. Then assure each that you'll call in the next day or two to work out the details.

Many party plan merchandisers also use a letter. They write a letter extolling the fun and excitement of the parties, explaining briefly the opportunities to receive free gifts of their choice or big commission checks. Don't write this letter as a sales letter.

Then they invite the letter recipients to call for complete details on how they can stage a party. These letters are usually printed in volume, and then slipped inside the covers of the catalog these merchandisers give to each person attending the parties. Sometimes these letters are handed to each guest as the party breaks up.

Some party plan merchandisers also run small classified ads in the area newspapers. Their advertising plays up the opportunities available to make regular commission checks (extra income) simply by holding parties in their homes and inviting guests.

So, it is very necessary to know the art of getting free publicity and writing such advertisement from the Ezine Acts Acts Advertising, Ezine Acts Business publicity, Free Advertising and know even how to use bulletin boards for such purpose. 

People interested are invited to phone for more details. Response to this kind of ad on any publication including freebie ad magazines, or in any place is generally very good, with the conversion rate better than sixty percent!

Most people tend to feel party plan merchandising is exclusive to women, but don't you believe it! It's true that women generally establish themselves more rapidly than men with this kind of sales operation, but over the long haul, there are just as many men operating successful party plan sales operations as there are women.

Men are usually not as adept in establishing social "chit-chat" relationships as women. Therefore, the man who wants in on the vast potential of party plan merchandising should consider working with a woman. Women attract guests faster.

A husband and wife partnership is an ideal working arrangement. An acquaintance, girlfriend or relative will often work out just as successfully. The basic requirement is simply that the "couple" must function as a team, with the individual talents of one complementing those of the other.

Probably one of the greatest secrets of success with this kind of sales operation is that in order to make the sales, and talk about $400 parties, you must have the widest selection of merchandise possible.

Many beginners, not understanding that offering the potential buyers a wide and varied selection of items to choose from is what builds your profits in a hurry, base their entire merchandising plan around a selection that's of special interest or particularly appealing to themselves.

It's all right to include the items that you especially like, but don't base your entire merchandise line on the things you like, or the things that interest you; you're selling to others, not yourself!

Most successful party plan merchandisers advise that when you deal with guests, you should display at least forty different items, and more if you have the supplier contacts or the buying expertise. The actual decisions on which products to carry and display at your parties should be based upon these four factors:

  1. The kinds of gift items, personal decor articles, and general merchandise the people in your area are buying;
  2. The styles or fads currently in vogue in your area;
  3. Contacts with enough sup pliers who can furnish you with the kind of merchandise your potential buyers want;
  4. Your ability to shop among the various suppliers, and verify that you are getting the very best merchandise value obtainable.

Still another important point to consider before buying merchandise to display and sell:

Do the prices you're having to pay for your products wholesale allow you enough room for a reasonable profit when compared to your time and expense?

Do some market research relative to your ambitions; get answers to the questions we've set forth for you, and when you're satisfied that you understand the workings of Party Plan Merchandising, grab the opportunity, as explained on this page ant at the Ezine Acts Business Opportunities and run with it!

Use Search It for this purpose to do your market research. You will please your guests.

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