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The main topic on the Ezine Acts Articles is about how to write articles about your passion online following the article writing guidelines included on the page to make the writing process easier for you.

Original content is important and so the articles that make this content are important (engines) that drive your website and make you good income. While published articles are sources for fame and profits, they are mapping the Ezine Act's collective published articles on politics, business and love.

The indexed articles provide the insights to learn how to write content on the web to get more visitors to your site and keep it monetizing well. You can publish and benefit from them too, following the guidelines and restrictions.

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The index is now including business pages, love pages, and some other pages on inspiration and motivation, as I moved many of the political pages to the political website at HOA Political Scene Blog and other art pages to my daughter's iWatchBesTV.com.

Each of the site maps on this network has an index of many pages about everything articles. However, the primary site at the Ezine Act's Articles has only one topic about article writing supported by a second page to help you accomplish the process of writing articles.

Ezine Acts Articles: How to Write Articles about Your Passion Online?

How to write original articles about your passion, publish them on a website, attract free traffic to that website and then monetize every page on that website?

If I were asked this question, I will probably get into my mind to think about some values I have in my life. The values could be among things that interest me, or things that make some of my hobbies, my passion, or lifetime personal experiences. Even my knowledge in these fields is something that makes the core of my values.

Everything that involves me, referring to it in "I" on the Ezine Acts Articles page will help you get the idea. So, be ready to pick my brain. This single subject will give great online business ideas to implement after getting through it with the links associated with it.

The first thing to do while getting into my brain, is to pick up a concept that contains a series of knowledge about some things that interest you, whether they are about your passion, your hobby, or your lifetime experiences.

Why I said, a series of knowledge?

Every knowledge about something pertinent to passion, hobbies or experiences contains a series, or a set of concepts about that knowledge. The concepts are relevant and tied with each other in each specific subject.

Therefore, each of the concepts you will discover while getting into my brain through the topics of the Ezine Acts Articles could be a narrow niche to start a business on the Internet, based on original articles and build it using the series of ideas that concept reveals to you.

See Ezine Acts Business, Ezine Acts Home Business and Ezine Acts Internet Marketing for more details about online business.

This concept is original. Therefore, it is solid. That also means it is hard for duplication and modeling. Original articles are standard articles and it would be very difficult for anyone to model them.

This is exactly what you will do through the Ezine Acts Articles, and when you get into your brain (of course, after getting into mine) to pick up that special concept you have even in your subconsciousness and put it into action to work at home for you.

You should put into work by processing the values that concept has. It means that you will research it comprehensively and study it to discover whether it is desirable by other people or not and to know the values it has along with other important factors, included on the indexed articles on the Ezine Acts Articles.

Remember always that all that people need is information. The information they need for any subject could be a specific topic for a single article. For example, the Ezine Acts Articles page has only one topic about only one thing, which is writing articles. The same example goes to where you decide to write for, say the best ways to read the news fast and save your time.

It is only when you found this concept desirable by other people, that you want to invest on it and give it time and efforts to nurture it and write a series of articles about it that flows with some keywords relevant to the main term of your theme.

But, there is a question here: How to find out that concept is desirable?

Well, one of the indexed articles answers this question. It is vital to know, or how could you invest your time on it!

To put it simple on the Ezine Acts Articles page, when the theme is focused on something it becomes easier to write good articles about the ingredients of that theme, which could result in more than 100 pages at least.

So the indication is that, you will not write just any series of articles. No, you won't. You will write precisely relevant content to that concept in so many articles. You build the theme by this content and make it equal to the concept.

Each article in your series would be about a seed word of something that other people use the search engines to look for it on the Web. They perform searches by typing 1, 2 or 3 words on the search boxes to find it.

To get a clue of it, see the word added to the main term "Ezine Act", as in the examples of: Ezine Acts Articles, Ezine Acts web security and Ezine Acts Dance. Take the examples farther to: games as a theme although it is very wide and you'll see: pc games, playstation games, computer games etc…

So... you have many jobs here from the ideas on the Ezine Acts Articles when you bring that concept to papers. If I were you, I would look for answers to the following questions, study each answer and research my findings:

  • How to process the values of that concept?
  • How to discover seeds of keywords in that concept?
  • How to determine whether the keywords are searched / searchable or not?
  • How to convert it into your (website name) with seeds of keywords searched by others?
  • How to use these keywords to write series of articles relevant to that concept?

This is all that site map (9 A) Ezine Acts Articles accompanied by the linked site maps pages here is about. It starts first by identifying that most good concept you love and you have great knowledge about. It is for this reason you have picked it up from your brain (not mine). Right?

 It starts first by identifying that most good concept you love and you have great knowledge about. It is for this reason you have picked it up from your brain (not mine). Right?

But, hey... processing the values is very difficult unless you have good processing toolsThe tools should collect data about that concept and organize it for you to research and study it.

After that they should explain in simple language assisted by video presentations how to write and build that content on focused pages with different ingredients containing the same principle term of the concept you have chosen, as explained on the Ezine Acts Articles page along with its extensions.

When you research that data, you will get the best ideas, methods, strategies and even statistics to help you write the content you want properly and determine important monetization factors in your concept.

Not only that, but you should make the best of the suggestion the tools provide about how to use each of your findings in a very easy language to start right and build web pages identically include many of your subject keywords and seeds of keywords. You will absolutely want to build automated content too.

These are the most important things for anyone who wants to build a home based businessoutlined very clear on the Ezine Acts Articles.

Unfortunately, the tools are not available anywhereexcept on the linked page above. They include different gears. The first Choose It gear lets you determine the best concept you have based on values.

I strongly challenge you to find anything like this anywhere in the worldwide Web.

When you process the values, you get yourself following wonderful scientific methods, be organized, even if you were not before, and feel confident about your mental powers and energies to work that concept successfully in a small business of your own.

After processing the values, other set of tools help you discover your specific seeds of keywords. I cannot do this by myself, even if I were a superman or a magician. I need tools to collect, organize and provide concert data about the terms of my concept.

This is because the process, as outlined on the Ezine Acts Articles requires machines to go out following the words you enter on them to collect the data from the worldwide web.

Not only that, but the mentioned tools should have the power to analyze this data and do the business math for me (you). A human brain, whether it is my brain or yours cannot collect, organize and analyze the amount of pertinent data to that concept.

Yes, we could write content on the Web using some website services provided by many companies. But, this would never be enough to get the best values of your articles. Content written without researches, analyses and studies has never worked good.

So, it is not just about writing content for the Web. It is also about the correct and important findings each answer to the following questions has:

  • Which articles I should write?
  • How should I write them for the Web?
  • What kind of optimization I need for them?
  • How to track their performance and adjust them accordingly, using suggested terms?
  • How to monetize them with relevant searched keywords that have valuable CTR?
  • Where I should place monetizing modules within content?

I will absolutely need tools to do all of that. One of the tools is in the action guide. The second tool is in the CTPM process and the third is about SBI, that I need to bring hot willing to buy visitors to my website through free websites traffic.

And yet, these are not the only tools I need.

Every effort you make while writing content should benefit you this way or the other. You will need to track your performance. Right? That is the only way to see whether you are progressing or not.

Have you thought of tools to do this job, so you could evaluate your hard efforts while writing your content and publishing it on your website?

The process of writing original content, after researching, collecting data and studying, as explained on the Ezine Acts Articles will not stop here. Any development involves more efforts. But, right away, if I had the right tools, then the hard efforts would be a snap.

I am actually dancing with such tools. Not only on the Ezine Acts Articles Index page, but on the entire Ezine Act's at Khalid Osman's Network. You could too. So, let's dance together.

To your content editing and publishing and writing and publishing discoveries pleasure.

If at any moment you feel stuck at any point I mentioned on the Ezine Acts Articles along with its sub-site maps, please feel free to ASK.

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