Wolf 3D Games to Enjoy Your Time, or to Do More Useful Things!

Wolf 3D games are kids games known as online flash games and DOS games started in the earliest 1990s. They are basically war games available as computer games / PC games.

However, with the new development, the games are also available for download on mobile computing platform such as smart phones / iPhones.

Since that date, many companies and individual developers alike have developed Wolf3D games by many titles. Many websites provide those Wolf3D games free on zipped files, as shared-ware.

But, frankly, many of those available to "download zipped files" are not safe. Some of them include Malware and other security threats.

It is better to see cheap and most of all safe Wolf 3D games and download them from a trusted company to play. For more information, see the centre of Wolf 3D games at the right column.

Wolf 3D games to download and enjoy playing games safely offline
Wolf 3D games to download and enjoy playing games safely offline... Get posters to make your site beautiful

I started playing the nowadays classical Wolf 3D Games at that time and I found it very interesting. Now, the articles I publish about Wolfenstein 3D games come in a series of more than 16 game articles.

See more useful links to those game articles through this page accompanied by useful information about your game playing passion. The specific games in the 7th article on this page are known as "Nazis with Attitude".

The information about "Nazis with Attitude" is below this introduction. Other Wolf 3D's are at Games Online| Games Sitemap| Play Games| Video Games| Wolfenstein 3D|

Wolf 3D Games - Nazis with Attitude!

"Nazis with Attitude" is one of Wolf 3D games I love. Michael Collin (not the Irish leader) contributed to Wolfenstein 3D games by this version.

He used Dr. Chainsaw Studios to produce it in its entire good environment. When the developed games proved to work well, Michael began to develop the other "Wolfenstein 3D's Nazi Panic" and "Castle Hasselhoff".

The story line tells you that as the war is starting to look pretty grim for the Nazis, Hitler comes up with a new plan to appeal to the kids. He makes some innovations to appeal to kids by becoming 'Hip'.

I liked this demonstration.

Got the idea?

The Nazis also produce the most funkiest mutants to take over the world.

What tough mission you had here! Your primary mission on this title of Wolf 3D games is to assassinate Schabbs in order to halt production of mutants and of course assassinate Hitler.

The first time I played this part, I found it difficult. But, I succeeded in the second try. It will be always better to enter this level with good health and some ammunitions on your arms, hero.

The "Nazis with Attitude" game comes in twenty seamless levels including two secret levels, extra Keys, extra objects, gun bobbing and intermission screens.


There are some credits including graphics most made by Id Software, in addition to the following features:

  • Lots of new walls textures by Ken O'Brien and Giorgio Amo;
  • Food and health by Areyep;
  • Guard by Triston Van Putten (edited);
  • Hurricane Winslow and Raven by Majik Monkee;
  • Pinhead by Mäx (edited)

Sounds are from Id Software, Public Enemy and NWA games. Music runs from Public Enemy, Run DMC, MC Hammer, Survivor, Beasty Boys, Ghost Busters, Will Smith, vanilla ice, Chamillionaire, Coolio, and Eminem.

So, you have got many game articles to read here, download the games, comment on those games or write about your favorite games.

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