Love and Romance to Achieve Compatibility from Personal Romantic Experiences!

"When love and romance endure in your life after hard times of emotional problems, mainly love problems at home, hard economical situations and destroying political events, all of that endurance and patient mean that you are the hero of your time."

Journalist Khalid Osman said once when he was interviewed by one of his colleagues, and then continued, "Why? Because simply you have the strong ability and capability to meet all of these challenges combined and tumble the entire project that has been planned to destroy you."

I heard this from one of my friends in the political leadership, as he told me about what Khalid Osman has said about 20 years ago. Long time, isn't it? But, I remembered it, as if it had happened yesterday.

I will let journalist Khalid Osman complete his story.

I was sitting in my favorite bar in Asmara the capital city of the newly freed state of Eritrea, enjoying my beer, after the evening shift I finished by a quarrel while objecting to publish the full interview with the Eritrean President in one full edition and with all of  the language mistakes in the interview.

The sweeping away sweet vocal of Diana Ross touched my soul, softly by a secret call, "Touch me in the morning...". No, it was not about sexI had that feeling of love and romance, although I was feeling a sour test of sadness, longing for wonderful love in my life, without conspiracies.

Even my X-wife conspired against me, when the religious dictatorial authorities were hunting me and tracking my steps until I succeeded to smuggle my way through the plains and the heights on the borders.

She simply wanted me to obey, get my head down and live such as a goat with the others. Was that the reason I wrote my poetry, "A Stick"?

Read it below. If you cannot read Arabic, use the form to ask me and I will translate it for you. Read about the political backgrounds of this story at the HOA Political Scene Blog.

The beautiful and sweet Ethiopian lady served me another beer, tabbed on my shoulders (I am still feeling her fingers) and returned to her account desk. She used to do that every time I visit her bar.

My friend, ordered another couple of Whisky and then sipped it one go and said, "Stay the course." He stood and wished me good time and winked, as if saying "heat your heart tonight", before he left to his camp.

I remembered him while writing this article. So, I thought of the flash back as an entry to "love and romance" to enjoy the topic and understand the backgrounds of such topic.

However, "shadows" of this article have in fact started shaping the bright letters and polite touches, then spread into bright letters, love letters and polite touches.

It was very long, so this why I have spilt it into many pages I included in the site map 6, Love. I am going to complete it at love and sex.

Now, you are going to read very interesting experiences of the power of love and romance to get the insights from some personal experiences in this regard and get the power to control your weakness, meet all the challenges and make your personal charisma strong.

You could win all the challenges, reach the desired personal happiness and arrive at a point to write your own success stories, like the people I mentioned at this page.

When other people read your stories, they will absolutely enjoy them and follow that influence of your experiences to make love and romance enduring.

They may even follow your steps to take the same publishing process online, as explained on the Ezine Acts Publishing to make their lives better, the way you and I did.

We learn from each other, right?

So, there is nothing personal intended on those pages I mentioned above. The purpose of this page is to get you through my personal experiences to enjoy your day and discover some ways to meet every day challenges.

You can even discover some ways to use the same experiences you have the way I did to make your life better, by taking the concrete concept that is actually right and applicable for you to build it a small business like this online.

You make sure of the concrete concept and its potential profits by choosing it right through the Choose It tool, getting some fundamental business ideas, doing the business math and then building it using the CTPM Process.

So, love and romance have more than just one goal. The interesting thing in this topic is that it has strong demand in the market. This why you see many advertising about it in your media and almost all of your commercial TV channels. Love and romance even are used combined in travel advertising. This is one example.

That is also why you and I should get to the following love and romantic experiences and see how such experiences could help you overcome any problem and face the challenges to succeed in your personal life. Another thing about this topic is that you could enjoy reading it to (just) relax.

Relax, when it gets tough. Have a forest, or a garden to run to it out of the forest of asphalt in your town? Run and keep running to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the nature.

I do that and even shout loud. Sometimes, I sit at my computer to enjoy some shooting pc games to shoot my depression, as I explained at the articles in the site map 13 Ezine Acts Game Site, in this network. I sometimes take the best romantic story I have to read it again.

I enjoy love and romance every time and then to break that magical stone I don't see, but I always metaphorically feel it, like the stone of Sir H. Rider Haggard's Allan Quatermain, or King Solomon's Mines, I don't remember, as I read them both at earlier age, more than 49 years ago.

When I break that stone, I feel the saying was fulfilled. The saying as I could guess is that I am strong enough to face every challenge and stay the course to fulfill my goals. Goals or dreams are all important to build that compatibility in love and romance and other things you are doing.

Classic Love and Romance In a "Neo-global" Era!

Despite the hard conditions I lived, there are some beautiful and polite touching moments in my life I would like to share with you. I do not know why, but I've a place in my heart for you if you were a desperate woman for wonderful love. I need a lioness, because I am feeling that I am a lion;-)

Well, if you were a lion, or a lioness, you could learn from them how to achieve love and romantic compatibility, all the time.

More importantly, enjoyable reading through the relevant links could help you build love problem solution as an expertise to provide online love consulting. If you are facing such problems yourself, use the form at the online love consulting services to help me help you.

Compatibility in personal relations make success in any field you want to achieve it easier. If your soul mate is negative, you will never achieve it, unless one of you drop the other. When you go your way, don't look back.

Flash back:

My wife cheated me for many years, suggesting that during the long run from those dictators, we are incapable to manage having children. But, I discovered that was not the reason, when I smuggled her through the borders to join me.

She refused to be pregnant and tried everything possible to prevent that and hid it from me. She had plans to return every few months back to her mother, despite the dangers she could face with the only one daughter we have.

My daughter was also too young to bear traveling all the way through mountains and valleys home. I told her the first time she determined to get to home to her mother, that if she is going to do this every time, then it is better for her to stay home, until I send her the divorce paper. But, she was deaf.

The did it the second time while I registered my daughter at the kindergarten in the Cathedra of the capital city of that state. I asked her why she was doing all of this? No answer.

So, I cried on her face, "You don't want to stay her, you don't want to have babies, you only want to return to your mother every 4-5 months, you know our situation, you know our daughter should relax in one place and she is now about to begin her education and you don't care."

She never said a word. So, I took my daughter for a tour outside our home. While she was laying on my shoulder, I had a feeling that my daughter was weeping. I didn't feel hot tears that ran all the way through my checks.

I stopped at an ice-cream cafe on the main street in the capital city, got my daughter down and asked her to choose from the fruits inside the ice-cream cafe shop.

I discovered all the matter, and then I became very sad, but not angry anymore. So, I was very calm when we returned and then told my X-wife, "OK, if you got back to your mother this time, stay with her and don't come back, at all."

I used to visit one Italian friend I knew at the time I started the environment project to build an environmental party. The project ended with the establishing of the national environment organization.

The Italian lady had a Wednesday cafe at her saloon. She was working with Malta medical mission and she was very gentle to me. I told her about my problems, while she was showing me the collection of her family's photos in Italy.

She knew my X-wife since the day I introduced the two ladies to each other. So, she suggested that I "turn the page over". I didn't for the sake of my only daughter, then decided to sacrifice for her until she gets to the university.

But, I never lived that normal life with wife again. It ended since more than 20 years ago. I kept on searching for love and romance my own way to enjoy the magical moments of them both.

The moments I lived have passion and sweet feeling that shades in sophist prayers for an unknown woman I am still dreaming of her and desperate to have.

I had many relationships in my life after that. I couldn't find her.

So, love and romance are getting through my memory everyday like dreams... sweet dreams. But, there is a pure sadness in these dreams.

They are like shadows and those shadows are still following me to give me not only poetic views of the past, but to lead me through the way I treat other intimate people and acquaintances.

I remember a dialogue I had one day with one of my best friends at home, when he asked, "Could you define what your shadow is?". Well, we had good philosophical discussion that time to define "shadow".

He asked that question, when I visited him at his home and when he was released from the political detention for an observation period. I answered my friend, "It is my silhouette, but it is certainly not the ghost of ME."

There are many lights with shades in my novel, "East to Death" about this.

My friend laughed highly and then said, "Well, it is neither that, nor this." Then he brought his bottle of "Sherry" from under his bed and we had some books from his home library to read to discover what "shadow" is?

I feel this page is getting too long. So, complete it on the relevant pages when you check the remaining info on the page and maybe you can use the comments form to leave us your comments, or to write about your love and romance.

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