Talk to Yourself, Think Loud and Consolidate Your Abilities!

Talk to yourself to exercise in two different situations. Do this mental effort of thinking loud to breathe out your stress, or to make your speech perfect, so you'll consolidate your abilities this way and become confident.

Talking to yourself is not just a call to practice self talk, so you could release your stress, fire your depression away, free your inner capacity to live in peace and engage in positive activities to improve your entire life, focusing on the core of interests that suits you.

It is a highlight to example of activities I practiced, so you can learn from such activities how to practice self talk, or invent new ways to practice self talk, or know more about how to release yourself from the negative impacts of stress.

Why you need to Talk to Yourself?

How do you practice this kind of talking to yourself?

Here are the answers. Read the article thoroughly and you will be in your way to fire your stress away.

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Well, Here are Some Practices to Talk to Yourself!

You may find yourself in two different situation to talk to yourself. I always give this advice to those people I know, when they come to me with a problem they are facing.

Well, talking to one-self could possibly be a way to breathe the problem out as if you were telling your closest mate about it, or a way to harmonize your phonetical abilities.

It does not necessarily mean that you are a mad person, as you witness what happens to other people who do that and as you hear what other people say about them.

It is also not a matter of escaping any kind of confrontation, as somebody else could think, assuming that you are not courageous at all.

I practiced this way of talking to myself starting from my childhood, but I did it in most cases while I was taking a long walk outside my city. I am still talking to myself many times a day.

This self talk converted itself so many times into poetry, outlines for short stories or assays, business ideas, ideas for environment protection, or other genres of arts. See some of my books at the right column.

I also cried out load, out of towns to breathe my stress out, during harsh times of dictatorship and even while escaping through the valleys in the borders to the neighboring country of the state I fled from. See HOA Political Scene Blog.

I do that sometimes while I am running long distances no matter what other people thing, when I watch, or hear, or read unbearable news about cultural, economical, political and social crises.

Running long distances is also a way to convince myself that I am strong and I will not fall. However, one day, my medicine doctor became surprised and said I should not do that when I feel weak. You do not need of course to do this if you feel that running would be a problem.

During the long hard political situations in some countries in Africa... see HOA Political Scene, I had faced many dangerous situations. So, the "talking to myself" practices helped me to come out of many problems. 

For example, I talk to myself pretending that I am talking with the security agents. I create the scene facing them, imagine the kinds of questions they may ask and then find the answers while talking to myself.

So, during that time, I practiced self talk and I found a great way to deliver my sadness out by talking to myself, control my anger and and any kind of dialogue with others. Consequently, when I get home, or out of the borders, I'll actually be fresh and a new man.

Why should my family see any kind of depression on my face?

Why should you be concerned about these small details in my life?

Talk to Yourself, as Psychological Medication!

I think people learn from each other. When you hear others talking about such matter and when you get the stories about how they talked to themselves to solve psychologically problems, you'll absolutely find something useful in their stories to develop the way you're thinking, or even feeling.

Stress problems are always exacerbating when neglected. Some patients exaggerate when describing what makes them feel so depressed. Depression also varies between people according to the self-resistance everybody has.

It depends also on the culture of the depressed. Well-educated people could make their own remedies to such stress by talking loud or performing two characters in self-confrontation to defeat that stress.

However, one of the proven mediations to such stress is to let the person talk and encourage him to talk to himself, especially when you feel that, that person was angry because of something that makes him feel stressed or fed up.

Therefore, when you talk to yourself you get more confident since you hear your voice, express your thoughts loud and bring the cause out of your heart.

In such situation, you could bring your logical point of views clearly out and hear it while you are talking to yourself.

Of course, you may not imagine yourself another character, but in fact, you will perform in this case as two persons. One of those two persons is you in the real world and the second is that person who talks to you from the inside of you.

While talking to yourself you blame the reasons of your stress on that person. You blame the situations, circumstances or whatever logical objectives to that person.

Where is the subject?

Of course, it is not within you. However, the roles that mirror your problems lie on the exchange of these two roles when you talk to yourself. You see the matter clearly while practicing this kind of self-dialogue.

You know of course, some people found it hard to survive in some continuously changing economical situations despite the continuous struggle to make this life easy for them and their families.

This could happen to you too, whenever you feel those ever changing economical, political and even emotional situations involve different challenges and requires different procedures to overcome negative results.

The first impression you know when you were talking to yourself is that other people think you have gone mad, even if you were mentally 100% rational than they are. Dismiss it and forget about what other people may think. "What they think" becomes only limited personal impression nowadays that changes nothing.

Anyway, it's a kind of motivation for reasons I indulged myself in here. Keep yourself confident, talk to yourself and always feel that you are strong than any circumstances. You will reach your shore.

Useful Resources to Talk to Yourself:

Your Way to Talk to Yourself Perfection is What to Say When you Talk To Yourself.

No, you are not crazy when you talk to yourself! Many people talk to themselves all of the time, without realizing that they do.

Most of what they tell themselves is negative, counterproductive and damaging. That prevents them from enjoying a fulfilled and successful life.

Shad Helmsetter simple puts talking to yourself in profound techniques, based on an understanding of the processes of the human brain. In addition to the article above, this resource may enable you to get back in control of your live.


You talk it to yourself first, learning through talking loud, and acquiring phonological expertise. It gets easy these days. Here are some other languages and techniques...

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