How Do You Start a Garage Sale?

Well, despite the fact that (garage sale) does not fall in the area of my expertise, I can assure you that you will benefit from this article and it will solve your financial problems, every time you needed money for just any purpose.

The insights provide the easiest solution, when you need instant cash for anything. This could easily be achieved through well organization the sale project through your garage, or on other places prepared for local people to organize selling items in flea markets.

Garage Sale: Organization to Sell Arts in Your Garage, House-yard, or Flea Markets.

Have you ever thought that a garage sale could solve some of your financial problems?

Read, garage sale, how to get money fast and the linked pages which contain the other parts of this article and then organize sales from your garage, or saloon, whenever you needed money for anything.

You will learn how to start it, what to sell and how to keep it developing. In addition, you will learn even how to be expert of sales you operate in your garage and how to work at home to build it a small business.

I opened the starting points in this article on the Guest Coolest Corner at Biz Marketing 59. Here is the rest of it supported by other pages to continue reading about this topic and other things that you could do at home to clean it and make money.

I found this article in fact, in a business package I had received six, seven years ago. I found it "sleeping heavily" between my documents. I read it and then thought of that it could be useful to build it a page here. Another fact about it is that, the same article is published somewhere on the Internet and it is even on sale at Amazon, as a part of other related business reports.

The garage sale proves that you can even build a small business from topics that you do not know great deal about, but you could learn from it many useful things that interest you especially when you operate it, engage in it and know it in out.

All that you may need to use is a kind of passion to remove the clouds from your eyes and use this topic or that to (best) fit the purpose from publishing it. The Ezine Acts Publishing insights you need to get the focus on this business right are all necessary to study your topic and build it a theme.

This means that (visionary) reading between the lines of any article even if you do not know great deal of the topic could help you research, invent, recreate or add some spices to the topic in the focus to get it published and be useful to the Web.

Garage Sale: Organizing Flea Markets to Sell Arts.

Easy Guide to Garage Sale… I Brake for Yard Sales: And Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions, and the Occasional Dumpster.

Clean Your Home and Get Money from Garage Sales!

In this day and age, everyone seemingly knows how to put together and hold a garage sale. Yet is this is so, why is it that some people are lucky to gross $150 while others consistently make $1,500 or more from their garage sales.

However, to be really profitable, you must know how, and exercise careful planning. The business planning insights are important because they simply help you avoid wasting your time and efforts on doing something wrong, as you could see through the first part of the article and the continuation of it at the Ezine Acts Business Plan.

Start by taking an inventory of all the things you have "just taking up space" around your home. Decide which items you would be better off getting rid of, and make a list of these things. These are the things you are going to put up for sale.

In addition, if you are honest about what you really want and need, the pile will grow if you look over your household a second and a third time! Remember that many garages sale offerings are items of merchandise purchased on impulse, and later found to be not what the buyer wanted.

It is the human condition: We discover too late that we do not like or have use for things purchased; we "outgrow" in size or taste articles that once fit, or pleased us. You will find that many items offered at garages sales are gifts that have been given to the seller, but not really suited to the recipient.

In other words, it will be to your benefit, before you stage your first garage sale, to take a week or so to browse through all the garages sales you can find.

Garage Sale: An Ezine Act's Page to Show You How To Start It Even to Sell Accessories for Girls.

Garage Sale Requires Energy and Concentration!

In other words, you can become a "liquidator or people's junk," via super garage sales that you promote.

You will also want to notice how the sellers handle customer browsing, and the prices they charge for the merchandise offered. You will find most items tagged with a price sticker, but generally, the seller is open to either price negotiation or a reasonable offer made by the customer.

In addition, if your are running a really big sale, a second or third person can be very useful in selling, and just generally keeping an eye on things.

You should not concern yourself too much with competition from other ads. People who go to garage sales either go to all of them they can locate, or else only to those within a 3-to-5 mile radius of their homes.

Such an ad might read:

BIG GARAGE SALE! Hundreds of interesting items.
Through Saturday, July 16th. (address)

To get ideas on how to write your ad, check your newspapers for a week or two. Cut out all the garage sale ads you can find. Paste them up onto a piece of paper. See Freebie Ad Magazines.

Then with a bit of critical analysis, you will be able to determine how to write a good ad of your own from identifying the good and bad features of the ads you've collected. See the Ezine Acts Advertising.

Always remember that in order to increase your profits in any business; you must increase rather than decrease your advertising.

For more insights on free advertising and free publicity to your garage and flea markets activities see Ezine Acts Business Publicity, Ezine Media Advertising and Free Radio Advertising. 

At the bottom line, you will find that the greatest single reason for a garage sale failing to turn a profit is the lack of promotion and advertising used to publicize it.

Garage Sale: Ezine Act's Insights to Organize Selling Girls Accessories on Garages and Flea Markets.

Be Creative to Drive Traffic to Your Garage Sales!

You should also have an old-fashioned "sandwich board" type sign to display in front of your house when your garage sale is open for business. The purpose of course, is to call attention to the fact that you are holding a garage sale and are open for business.

This will pull in your neighbors, if you haven't already informed them, and attract people driving by. Sandwich boards are also sometimes set out at key traffic intersections not far from the site of the garage sale.

These will attract attention, and point the way. However, check your local ordinances to be sure that this sort of advertising is permitted.

Another "sign idea" practiced by a few really sharp operators, is the old "Burma Shave" type roadside pointers. Here, you simply make up a few cute sayings (verse or one-liners), write them on pieces of cardboard, tack them onto the power poles at about 200 yard intervals on the thoroughfare leading to your garage sale, and you are sure to create a lot of traffic for yourself.

People are amused by, and drawn people who do something a little different, unusual and creative in promoting a sale of any kind.

To come up with some cute verses, simply visit your public library and check out a book on limericks. Adapt the ones that you feel are most humorous, and start making signs. Again, a word of caution before you get too deeply involved: Be sure to check your local ordinance before you start mailing signs to power poles.

By all means, search out and use all the free bulletin boards in your area. It is better, and usually much more profitable to take the time to make up an attention circular you can post on these bulletin boards, than just to use a scribbled 3 by 5 card announcement. See Discount Cards to get the insights only and pay attention you are not giving any discount.

Garage Sale: Made Easy Jumble Sale at the Ezine Acts Garage Sale.

Use Posters, Signs, and Bulletin Boards to Bring Folk to Your Garage Sale!

Pick up some "transfer lettering;" go through your newspapers and old magazines for interesting illustrations, graphics and pictures; then with a little bit of imagination and flamboyancy, make up an 8 1/2 by 11 poster announcement of your sale.

When you have it pasted up take it to any quick print shop and have them print up 50 or 100 for you. Your cost for this small print order should be well under ten dollars.

If you make this circular/poster up with versatility and long-time usage in mind, you can use it over and over again simply by pasting on a new date. In case you feel "left-out" when we talk of "pasting-up" things, this simply means pasting a piece of paper onto the overall page you are putting together.

Say you have made up your circular with a date of Wednesday, May 1st, and want to change it to read Thursday, July 16th. Rather than do the entire thing over, simply write out a new date with your transfer letters on a separate sheet of paper, cut this out to fit in the space occupied by the old date, and paste the new date over the old date.

The artwork master is now up to date; the printer does the rest. Incidentally, this is precisely what is meant in mail order and other dealership offers where they furnish you with the basic advertising/promotional material and advise you to "paste over" their name/address with your own.

For paste or glue, drop by just about nay stationery store and pick up a tube of "glue stick." This is a small tube of paste, about the size of a tube of lipstick, generally sold for less than one dollar per tube. The tube glue stick works much better than regular glue or paste, and is not as messy as rubber cement.

Your sings have to be effective, but you have to remember to keep them simple. Do not try to cut corners on your signs. Signs announcing and pointing the way to your garage sale should be placed at each intersection within a one-mile radius of your sale location. It takes 50 signs, and then makes 50 signs. The important thing is to let people know that you are holding a garage sale.

Signs can be made simply by cutting and using the sides of cardboard boxes, and writing on them with a heavy felt tip-marking pen. Make it easy for your signs to be seen, and for people to read what is on them. About all your really need is great big block letters reading "GARAGE SALE," with the street address, and an arrow pointing in that direction.

Don't think for a minute that people are going to stop and read a lot of "stuff" you have written on your sign when they are driving by; you just want them to see your sign and proceed in the direction necessary to reach the location of the sale. They will be moving by your sign too fast to see or read anything else you may have written.

The ads you place, the bulletin board announcement you post, and the signs you put up will bring many people to your garage sale location. A lot of people will drive by slowly and just look, but most will stop to browse around.

The "Inside Secrets" of Drawing People into Your Garage Sale Are…

The Secrets to Outstanding Garage Sale Profits!

But you still have to contend with the huge number of people who just drive by without stopping. So, let us talk about the "inside secrets" of drawing people into your sale, and the merchandising gimmicks that will result in the maximum number of sales for you.

You must call attention to your sale. Do not be shy, bashful or self-conscious about letting everybody for mail around know that you are having a garage sale. If you could afford to get the Goodyear Blimp to "hover" over your garage sale, then by all means, you should do it!

Some sharp operators do the next best thing. The rent miniature blimps, send them up above the housetops, and tether them there on their sale days. Of course, this giant balloon or miniature blimp has some sort of sign on the side of it, inviting people to your garage sale.

This is one of the strongest available advertising ideas for pulling traffic to a sale of any kind. For more details, write Pie-In-the-Sky Company, PO Box 5267, San Mateo, CA 94402, or explore to see if there is a local outlet for this kind of advertising merchandise for rent.

You have to give your sale some flair. Put some posts up across the front of your property and run some twisted crepe paper between them - or better than crepe paper, run brightly colored ribbons. Invest in some colourful pennants and fly them form temporary flagpoles. In addition, do not forget the balloons!

Make your garage sale a fund kind of event, with clusters of balloons anchored to your display tables and racks. Be sure to "float" them well above the heads of your customers as they are browsing through your merchandise displays.

Cover your display tables with colourful cloths. Do not hesitate to use bright colours and busy patterns. Regardless of what you sell, effective display (packaging the event) is still absolutely essential to your success.

The secret to outstanding garage sale profits is in having the widest or largest selection of merchandise. And part of the process is taking great care in displaying and labelling your merchandise.

You cannot simply dump items haphazardly on a table, sit down, and expect to realize great profits. the people doing the most business and holding the most sales are the one with interesting displays, action and colour.

Have as wide a selection of colors as possible in your clothing racks, and mix them for "rainbow" effect. Make sure that your jewelry items shine and sparkle. Arrange them in and on jewelry boxes, jewelry ladders and other items sold for the purpose of showing off jewelry while keeping it neatly organized.

Some people have even gone so far as hooking up battery operated lazy susans and arranging their jewellery on these. Having the jewelry slowly turn on the lazy susan will not only catch the eye, it will catch the light, making an attractive display even more attractive because it sparkles and gleams.

Think about it, and then study the methods of display used buy the "rack jobbers" in the stores in your area. These are wire racks that usually hold card packages items. Such a rack or kind of display would lend itself beatifically for anchoring a cluster of balloons.

Keep these things in mind, and build your individual displays as part of the whole. Make it pleasing to the eye as well as convenient for your customer to browse through and select the items that appeal to them or catch their fancy.

At many garage sales, some of the merchandise (particularly the clothing) is dirty. Notice this when you visit other people's garage sales, and then take it upon yourself to make sure that every item - positively everything you show - is clean and sparkling bright.

A bar of soap, a bucket of water, and a few old rags will do wonders for shop tools, garden equipment and bicycles. The same goes for furniture polish on old furniture, and a run through the washing machine for all washable clothing.

It is advisable to determine a price for each item before you set it out for display. Then mark that price tag, and attach a price tag to each item. Your prices should also always be rounded off to more or less even numbers such as 25¢, 50¢, $1, $1.50, $2 and so on.

In other words, do not ask for 35¢, 95¢, or $1.98, or any of that sort of pricing. Almost needless to say, you should always mark particular item for $1, set a price of $2 or more on it.

It's also a good idea to mark up your asking price from the bottom-line price you are willing to accept. Basically, the price marked on the price tag at most garage sales is taken as the starting price from which the buyer and seller negotiate.

Most garage sale promoters price their cheaper items at the bottom line price they will accept, and don't deviate from those $2 and over - they mark up their asking prices by 20 to 40 percent and use that margin for negotiating with the customer.

If you are a little bit shy relative to personal selling, here are a few "inside" secrets that will give you an edge: Always radiate an attitude of friendless, regardless of the circumstances or your first impression of the potential buyer. Always smile and say hello in a voice loud enough to be heard.

Speak to everyone stopping or dropping by your sale location. Tell them about your garage sale. Be helpful, but allow the people to browse on their own until they specifically ask you for help.

When you are "keeping an eye on your merchandise," be as unobtrusive as possible; no one likes to feel he is being watched too closely.

Whenever a customer appears to have made a selection and asks you what you will take for it, or what kind of a deal you will make for it, be ready to enter into "friendly negotiations."

Continue garage sale here to know exactly How to Get Money Fast.

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