How to Creating Personal Happiness?

If how to creating personal happiness is your question, let us just help you find your absolute answers to live happiness.

Happiness, What It Is?

For so many people in many unstable areas happiness is a dream. The common dream is to rest in peace, find food, or some health care, or get reunited with their families, or get relocated with their families in quite areas. All that they want to feel happy is to be save and resettled in quite and peaceful places.

In a stable world the dream of happiness varies and it could involve many wishes that raise to the level of luxurious life. While a piece of bread could make someone in the unstable world happy, that same piece of bread could make another person in the stable world very unhappy, because it is not the bread of his favorite.

So, two different people in two different locations and situations have different tests of happiness. The first one dreams of means to live and the second dreams of additional accommodations.

While many people know how to live happy, many others, especially those who have problems don't know. It is not easy for them to feel it and they don't know how to creating personal happiness, specially when there are many disturbing events inside their homes and societies, or on the worldwide political, health and economical maps.

If you are one of those people, then you need to get the insights needed to be happy and enjoy your personal happiness. You need also to know that you are not alone.

Even those who know how to creating personal happiness need the same insights again and again to keep on and coup well with the challenges, so they do not lose track to continue achieving their goals in life.

Therefore, while you get on the way to know exactly how to creating personal happiness, you need some more brain-food for the journey.


How Do You Create Personal Happiness?

This page provides the brain-food for this journey, so it will not be hard, but quite pleasant. There are so many examples to light the way to creating personal happiness you can touch by only getting into your brain more deeper and thinking about the topic in question.

Here are some helping points to consider. There is exercise here too. You do this exercise while reading the points below and thinking to inspire some more ideas out of them.

What is Happiness?

Happiness is emotional, physical and mental state of being pleasant and content of what you have, or what you feel. Each of your senses shares a part in this feeling. For example, the tips of your fingers could make feel it.

It is something undefined, but like a hidden elixir or ethereal fluid that flows from your feelings and runs through your veins to your heart and then runs back on your arteries to reflect on your nerves and physical structure.

While the veins serve to return the blood from your organs to your heart, together with arteries they serve you brain. It is interesting that the veins hold most of the blood volume in your body (60%).

What is the Prescription of Happiness?

Just enter the full question into a search using your favorite search engines and you will find crap and tons of nonsense in the result pages that never comes to the point to answer how to creating personal happiness.

That proves happiness has no prescriptions, even though there are some happiness pills and other happiness drugs some stores sell.

There is no ultimate happiness prescription, though.

Many have written about this and failed the test. If you took simple prescription is a base of something, a law of something, a recipe, or a medicine, then hopeful life, joyful life and purposeful life, are not the prescriptions of happiness.

This is why any prescription remains until this moment a kind of hypothesis.

However, living a meaningful life and practicing things that result in gaining happiness, could be the most effective practices that answer our question about how to creating personal happiness.

Those acts mentioned above are behavioral acts. See the definition of behaviors in one of the subtitles below in the behavioral section of the page.

Is Happiness a Choice?

In contrary with all those people who say yes it is, I say no. The reason is that you cannot make a decision to be happy. You can make decisions to control your life, of course.

So, it seems that when you are able to control your life, you are able to control feelings and their reactions.

However, happiness among those reactions is uncontrollable. It flows normally because of good conducts and from other behavioral acts you perform in your daily life. When you feel it, it continues to color your life and make it pleasant.

But, you cannot control it to continue. You become sad, when something sad occurs and saddens you. You cannot feel happy in such situation, unless someone you love makes a condolence. And even after this, you'll not feel happy, but somewhat balanced, so as not to lose control.

There are many things that you can do to make yourself happy. Some of them are to make some fun around you, build good social relations, create good atmospheres at home and in your work area and always draw that bright smile on your libs.

Nevertheless, in sad and other complicated miserable situations, you will never get a chance to think of it, or feel it. You will only concentrate on your situation and think hard to get out of it.

Can You Buy Happiness by Money?

Some drug stores sell it... but they fail to produce it. You cannot buy happiness by money. An individual may think that s/he can buy happiness by money. But that does not answer the questions of how to creating personal happiness.

I heard about some rich men that thought one day they can buy it when they marry the beautiful girls they met. Many have failed to achieve this, though.

There are also many stories such like these you might have read through your media or even watched via your TV channels, that reveal nothing more than dreams of creating personal happiness.

Movies, as you see on the are based on happiness and challenges with sad emotional stories that involve the characters of those movies in their movies and even in their personal lives. 

Therefore, the goal to achieve happiness remains a personal matter according to the way everyone senses. So, anyone who thinks about how to creating personal happiness can invoke this goal through certain behaviors. Creating our personal happiness evolves to contain some principal and primary behaviors.

Well, this may be the first time you hear about primary behaviors, and it may sound strange.

However, in reality behaviours have many definitions. Knowing how to differentiate between those definitions is a key element to personal success. Your personal success in turns has strong impact in creating personal happiness.

Definition of Behaviour!

Since behavior means the way or the manner in which a creature behaves while performing something and the action or the reaction of a human being or an animal in response to external or internal stimulus, so the definition of behaviour is responsive in two contradictory manners.

Those manners are positive manners and negative manners.

If we look in the positive manners, acts, actions, attitudes, bearings, conducts, styles, ways, routines, social graces, and all of those behavioral synonyms, we will find that they include seriousness, elegancy, humour, gentility, sympathy, etc...

Moreover, when we look in the negative manners, we will find that they include rudeness, hatred, discourtesy, abuse, depreciation, derangement etc...

Behaviors you elect and perform at home, at work and on your free time are not the same. Of course, you know some of those behaviours at any one of those places are different from the others you perform at the second or the third place.

For example, your behaviours at home will not reflect itself too much often at work or at your free time. However, some of those behaviors should reflect themselves in any place you come to, regardless of the audience in the surroundings.

Ethically Define Good Behaviors!


Action Exercises!

Empowering Others!

21 Great Ways Personal Success Series

Let us take the behaviour of being nice and humours or sometimes serious at home in difficult situations.

This behavior reflects an ethical motion. You absolutely will need this ethical motion in so many places and situations.

Therefore, the indication of this personal happiness travels all the way from home and follow your steps to create other happiness and pleasures in other places.

This will actually feed the influence power in you and let it performs itself outdoors.

Some people say happens in office reflects in other places you attend and vice versa. So, only people who have taught themselves ethical control over their emotions will be able to transfer this essence to where they arrive.

Homes play great part in a person's life to be happy, despite that there is no home without any problem. Problems could happen sooner, or later, whether they are light problems, or heavy problems.

But, the outstanding merit you show and the way you perform to address these problems prevents things form falling a part and makes you a person with problem management skills.

You prove that you have formal measures of intelligence, good practice of discipline, self ideal and self improvement all built in, in your personal charisma.

How to Creating Personal Happiness by Making Others Happy?

You create personal happiness when you feel content too. Whenever you come to face difficult situations, think of others who are living in miseries and disarray. Remember the opening of how to creating personal happiness?

You will not only feel that you are in a better situation, but you will feel sympathy and bring self-attention to those who are in need to spread your hands and help them.

You feel happy when you help other people you love, or know. You will also feel happiness when your kindness reaches those poor people to create personal happiness in their areas.

It happens that way when we get at that point of self-sacrifice to create personal happiness to other people who are in need. When such favour reaches its place, we know how to creating personal happiness, feel content and we live in happiness.

For example, I am donating every month to humanitarian organizations to carry out humanitarian projects for some people in need. So, how to creating personal happiness here goes through some humanitarian activities.

I do this because I had been in that place before and I know how people feel. This feeling alone makes me more active in my donations to create personal happiness for other people out there. I feel I am happy by doing that too.

These examples could be good for you and others to implement if they feel they really reflect personal happiness in their homes and surroundings.

There are so many examples to light the way while thinking about how to creating personal happiness, you can touch by only getting into deep thinking about the topic in question on this page.

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