How Visitors Comments Make You Money?

The comments page shows you how to use a commentary system for your website to encourage your visitors to leave commentaries on the topics they read on your website. In fact, your website building tools should include commentary tools among other tools that make websites more dynamic.

So, the information here is about the following:

  1. Why you need a commentary system included within your website building tools?
  2. How to use the commentary system to encourage your website visitors to comment?
  3. What to do to encourage your website visitors to comment on topics you write about?
  4. How to motivate your visitors to share their commentaries with their friends on social media?

There are also some other answers to the following questions you should consider to make your website dynamic:

  • A - How to monetize commentaries?
  • B - How to optimize commentaries?
  • C - How to support commentaries by pictures?
  • D - Why do you need pictures for commentaries?

The comments pages are intact modern forums and they work just fine with the tools to fire spam away, so you could keep original and good commentaries on your website. So, the tools should have all the gears needed to do this job.

The commentary gears include the following:

  • Forms to facilitate comment entries on every page on your website.
  • Forms security to include technical function to erase spam and block it.
  • Forms notifications to update your commentators regularly about their contributions and comments on them.
  • Forms bookmarks and social media gears to facilitate sharing the commentaries made by your visitors and their friends.
  • Forms incentives to encourage visitors to share comments and benefit from their contribution in a way, or another to improve their lives.

The sister website is the

The Answers to Use Strong Methods for Comments!

Answers to Question 1:

You need a commentary system included within your website building tools, because your website would be just sitting there on the internet. That means it wouldn't be interactive website. Interactive websites work better and they have many benefits and this brought us to the following goals of commentaries:

  • First, commentaries prove that your website is interactive and therefore they get it weight on search engines and social media. At the same time, commentaries add content to your website and keep it fresh and updated. Search engines love fresh updated websites, because new content feeds their spiders.
  • For visitors, commentaries prove that your website is useful, so people are engaged with it and contributing to it. In addition, the incentives you offer may help them in a way, or another to improve their lives. So, they find benefits for them to engage.
  • Second, all of this results in good free traffic from the search engines and the social media, which make your commentary pages and your website as a whole a money maker for you. Many lines could include monetizing elements.

Answers to Question 2 and 3:

To use the commentary system to encourage your website visitors to comment, you should first have website building and optimizing tools that include commentary system. I haven't found any tools online equal to the tools I am using, in fact aggressively to generate income from commentaries, as you could see through the following commentaries:

Comments| Ezine Acts Love Commentaries| Zines Commentaries|||||

NOTE: I included the 4 resource pages in URLs, because I am not allowed to make more than 2 text links for the same page on it.

To encourage your visitors to contribute and add comments to your website network, you should first think of the interests of your visitors. This should be the primary focus, when you decided to build your website in the first place.

So, continue with your website valuable presetting proposition, if you thought it is good positioned, or check it to amend it. If you found that your website building tools don't support you to do that, stop right now and get the tools you want to support you along the way to amend you content.

Then, encouraging visitors would be very easy. You'll actually leave that to your content to do the job for you, as every good content does. It encourages visitors to contribute, or entice them to contribute to your content. This is the way it works.

However, if you thought that you could do better by adding your own encouragement, this is done by a call to action boxes, which you could decide to write in a way that doesn't irritate your visitors, or the search engines spiders. You may think, how!

Callout boxes should be included with your website building and optimization tools to encourage visitors to take action. They are trackable by search engines, as they have content on them.

Either your website building tools should include methods to keep these sections of your website you want private only for visitors, or you could use other methods, such as small templates designed with callout to action messages, as an image. You can make this as tabloid.

The incentives sometimes work good, especially when they have the desired item included, which you could discover to offer from your own theme. There should be something you offer for free, to make this happen. But, when you offer free stuff, you should although a back-supporting method by getting leads.

You website building tools should be capable of such thing and they should include the required leads generating system for your online business to prosper. So, the encouragement would be easier with such system in place to do the follow-up job.

The follow-up job (although it is answer to the first question) helps you get more contribution and encourages your readers to continue and contribute more.

Answers to Question 4:

The first answer to this question is simply by encouraging them to use the social media buttons on your website to share it with their friends at the social media network. It doesn't matter that you have few friends on the social media.

Your website building tools should have complete set of tools for the social media to enable your website visitors to do the sharing job. But, you could add more to it by providing incentives too. The incentives are not necessarily to be by free stuff, or gifts of love you offer, but by another method through your callout to action boxes.

In fact, you don't even need to do this, if your content is great. Many of your visitors would use the social media to share, of course only when they find your content useful and interesting and could help their friends.

So, that means, it gets back to your content. You couldn't write good and feel focused content without getting the CTPM Process IN PLACE.

The Answers to the Alphabetical Questions on Comments!

Answers to Question A:

Monetizing comments would be part of monetizing your content as a whole. However, if your website commentary system has the tools needed to execute this job, you could use them to insert the templates of ad sheets, or the advertising modules only once and then the tools would insert them where it is prober with every comment posted on any page.

How could it be easier than this with such fantastic C2 tools?

I have never seen such tools elsewhere, but here. At the close of the comments page you'll read more to see monetizing elements on comments here, so you could learn from them how to monetize your commentaries.

Answers to Question B:

Optimizing comments should also be part of the whole optimization system of your website. You do this when you build well focused content on one topic by identifying the values of your topic at the Choose It tool, then searching and researching using the mentioned CTPM Process to fulfill the other parts of the process.

It is well-known to people with success stories like these ones I published here, the optimization process begins during the article writing process and before the editing and publishing process. The website building and optimizing tools should have gears to analyze your content and optimize it.

Answers to Question C and D:

As pictures are important for the whole content, they are also important for comments. The pictures have other sorts of content, which is included in the attributions of the pictures. The content of pictures has keyword relevant by a way, or another to your theme-focused, or keyword-focused website. It should be.

Therefore, they drive free websites traffic for images. This is of great values, not only with websites that have strong potential to use pictures, but as I could see it for all sorts of websites. Although you need pictures for traffic purposes, but pictures make your website beautiful and you could even monetize pictures, as you see from examples here.

Haven't I got you covered yet?

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