My Journalism Experiences!

How could my journalism experiences benefit you? Well, any experience of any person could benefit you. But, journalism is indeed very interesting, as it has power.

It is not strange that it is known as the fourth power. Here are some experiences I have from journalism and poetry too, as you can see on the following pictures. I am trying here to make imagism in poetry clear.

In fact I wrote many of my poetry influenced by the imagism movement in arts combined with the romantic and social realism movements.

Poetizing images through my journalism experiences. This is a kind of imagism combined with Surrealism. Interested in translating it into bilingual verses? Send me that via the form below to start a project.

So... the following journalism experiences through more than 30 years have nothing more than to know you, know me and so on. From this point on we could share some mutual benefits, the way you like it.

See the rest of the pictures and the occasions of these pictures below and read in prose about my journalism experiences to know me better. Who knows, we may become friends.

I intended by publishing these photos to document my journalism experiences in photos and to open a personal gate with you, my visitor.

Those photos may give you confidence about everything I have mentioned in every page on this website, including special pages to know me better at About MeEnvironment Protection, Formal Measures of Intelligence, influence and Khalid Osman's Network.

This is very important to bring your attention to many facts that can help you in your online endeavours and even in your community, when you are about to establish a project for the people in your local area.

In addition, these photos from my journalism experiences show some activities I have conducted through the period of the eightieth and ninetieth.

My Journalism Experiences in Slideshow from Flickr!

I didn't mean to mention something personal about me. I meant only to say by publishing those photos from my personal experiences, those photos prove everything I have mentioned on this website, other platforms and Blogs in Khalid Osman's network.

Enjoy browsing my journalism experiences and watch some video shows here and do not forget, shoot me some words at the comments form below. You will have many useful gifts of love to take when you do that.

Khalid Osman while finishing an interview with the UNHCR Commissioner in Khartoum during the 1980s. Read more about Investigative Journalism here.

More than 30 years of journalism experiences have swept away opening the gate to calm period of pension, as a retiree. In our world in Africa, people retire earlier than those who live in the modern world... or that what had been happening while I was young.

They retire when they jump the forties, as long as I remember, because they were very exhausted there. They were exhausted politically and economically, in addition to the climate matter and other health situations that degrade their health.

However, I am still doing my job as journalist, writer, poet and human rights activist. These are the areas in which I spent my life working since I was at that age you see on the picture above and the picture number 7 below.

While I was in Kuwait, I helped many people including my colleagues and wrote many reportages and articles for some of them to publish by their names in magazines they have corresponded from Kuwait. But, make sure of it ghost writing was and is not my job.

Among those people I opened the door for them to the media was one friend. I helped that friend by publishing some of his writings while I was an editor in the cultural section of the newspaper.

I opened my office to him, when I took an office in the political section and even promoted him to take that office, when I returned home after the revolution.

I showed him how to change and write political articles instead of those  pomes he showed me. After that I told him to bring his articles and we published them continuously in the newspaper.

Then I told him one day to write an application to the accountant department with the title of the articles, the date of the issues and the numbers of the pages to receive money from the newspaper.

He was surprised and asked me, "Do they really pay for those articles?" I answered quite short, "Yes, you are now a professional writer."

When I fled to another country after the coup in 1898, I wrote to the newspaper suggesting that I correspond it from the new country. The newspaper sent him to where I was living, as a correspondent.

Every concerned person knew at that time the new country does not accept just any correspondent to work from the capital city of that country. So, since I was working with the revolution since the time I had been in Kuwait, I opened the doors for him to start his work.

I have done a hard job to write most of the articles and reports for the newspaper cooperating with him to establish the office of the newspaper in that country.

However, things have changed, while I lived in a hard situation, my friend seems as if he has forgotten his starting point to his job. That was the hardest lesson I learned through my journalism experiences.

I of course, am not angry at all, because of that. I still respect this friend and I wish him all success. But, to me that was the lesson of my life.

My Journalism Experiences: Khalid Osman Interviewing Hibbaq Osman from Fund for Peace in Asmar, Eritrea 1994-1995 about Women's Rights in Africa. I did these interviews, even before I read the Class on Demand Complete Training for Final Cut Pro 7 Educational Training Tutorial DVD-ROM with Tom Wolsky 94900.

During EARLY age, I almost read much of the literatures known at that time including novels, poetry, plays, critiques, biographies, history, philosophy and even fine arts.

That reading enriches my knowledge and writing techniques, primarily in Arabic language. So, I had been known by my journalistic name as a columnist. That name still follows me until this moment.

I published my second collection of short stories "The Rhythm of the Hour 00.00", or the "Deadline" as I remember in 1983.

The book was printed at Al Taleea Magazine in Kuwait and it had been received good by many literary critics.

To my surprise, the head of the cultural section in the Al-Watan newspaper, whom I conflicted with and the Editor-in-Chief appointed me in the political section to solve the conflict has accused me of writing one the best critique the book has received using anonymous or nick name that appeared with the critique as Khalid Abu-Shuraa.

I ignored him totally and have never replied to that assumption. That was wonderful lesson in my journalism experiences, as one of my colleagues told me.

I covered many cultural activities through my journalism experiences and conducted many international interviews with politicians, famous international artists, cinema stars, films producers, poets, writers, organizers of books fairs, many of their writers from Morocco to Kuwait and fine arts exhibitions' organizers and artists from Korea to Egypt.

In addition to all these activities in my journalism experiences, I wrote book reviews for many books and critiques to many literatures published that time or in the past from West Africa to Japan and beyond to Latin America and above that horizon to the USSR.

However, the head of the cultural section of Al Watan Newspaper became unsatisfied that time, so we quarreled and I left the cultural section to work in the political section, as many of the colleagues disputed with him and left to other sections too. I send him my respect and good wishes.

Some of my colleagues urged that he was afraid of competition.

Before that, during my journalism experiences in Iraq, while freelancing in Baghdad and publishing my poetry, I enjoyed good times with many colleagues and I almost know most of the journalists at that time, as I had been a member of the Arabs Journalists Union. However, I acquired the membership after fleeing Baghdad to Kuwait.

For example, I published my epic, "The Second Birth of the Tree", which was marvelous and received by good critique only few days after my arrival to Baghdad.

There were only three Sudanese journalists that time in Baghdad and they were me as a correspondent journalist and poet, Kamal Hassan Bakhiet in Althawrah and Abdullahi in Aljamhuriah as interpreter, and the poet Osman Khalid.

My Journalism Experiences: At My Office in Al-Watan Newspaper, Kuwait. Get More Journalism Experiences Here.

I had good times in the cultural section and I have been promoted to many cultural directions and known by my journalistic name. I carried series of interviews about the way Arabs literates think and those interviews were amazing, as one of the Kuwaiti literate women had done intensively good critique to their cultures.

Her name is Amal Al Gharbali and she was the secretary of the magazine of Science and Culture, one of the publications of Kuwait University.

I liked the way she put every cultural detail under her microscope to feature it and come with new critique wording some new phrases in the Arabic alphabet... yes, so new phrases that belong to her own clever expression.

Then Salah Noah Huzain a Palestinian literate completed the vision of good cultural understanding. His brother, Murwan Huzain was literate too and he was the head of the Arabic and International Affairs section.

I send my greetings to them from here. I hope one of those nice people I enjoyed their friendship during my journalism experiences read this page. If it was you, please get in touch using the form on this page and forward the page to the others.

My Journalism Experiences: My office at Al-Watan Newspaper in Kuwait During the Eightieth.

Seems too young?

I was the youngest journalist in that time and was hippie too.

Want to date me?

I am still hot, if you were a single lady.

The green telephone connects to a recorder to record interviews, and to receive some other news and reportages from correspondents worldwide and the other phone does the same job through a fax.

Well, the most important international interviews were many, in fact. But, I favorite interviews I have conducted with the Soviet cinema star and celebrity, Vera Alantanova and the Soviet producer Alekta Paktov, during the Soviet Cinema Festival in Kuwait.

It was at that time I continued to read Dostoyevsky, Chekhov and Tolstoy and enjoyed the Swan Lake of Techikhovesty and combined that reading Latin novelists, such as Garcia Marquez and Jorge Amado.

Some editorialists from my colleagues used to knock at my door before the deadline searching for idea for their editorials. I enjoyed having many new idea for my column and the flow of ideas continued to evolve from time to time.

After so many years, when the coup succeeded in Sudan, I fled to Eritrea. From the first day I arrived there, I refused to take a break and had my office in the official newspaper in the second day of my arrival.

Many people have been surprised to see me in the newspaper, without having to know the relations I had with new party in the government, which I began during the time I was in Kuwait.

I engaged in my own mobilization efforts to create a good media, create the grassroots of the environmental organization and prepare the society to discover many institutions and how well they had been operating.

I acquired in fact many facilities to reach the top leading figures whom I worked with them daily and enjoyed the first couple of years doing well to reach most of the sectors with my ideas through which I have inspired some leaders to take decisions in many things.

Here are some of the environmental activities I ran to create the national environment organization.

The Eritrean President has planted the first Martyr's Tree in Action 2 of the yet to be born Eritrean Environment Organization, following my ideas and activities in the environment field. Before the creation of the Eritrean Environment Organization, the people have planted more than 5 million Martyrs' trees.

The Martyrs' Tree grows in front of the Expo in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. I created the idea of the Martyrs' Tree and other trees, as I built the grassroots of the national environment through the first of its kind project in Eritrea.

I learned many things while planning and managing that project at the first level meetings when I gathered the trade unions in the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers.

The people followed my activities and instructions through the media and cooperation with other trade unions to plant more than 5.000.000 trees for the soil to recover from degrading caused by the long liberation war.

An Italian lady discussed the ideas of other trees by family occasions with me during an interview. To make that work with a national orientation I came up with the idea to plant trees in memorial days. There are many martyr's trees we planted inside the Expo.

My Journalism Experiences: Martyrs' Tree in Barka School in Asmara, Eritrea. The Students have Planted Many Martyrs' Trees in Different Occasions and Memorial National Days. The Read Sea School at the Adjacent of Barka School Has also Planted Many Trees.

I walked long distances, climbing the heights and getting down to encourage the schools to read the articles, hear the radio and fulfill the plan of the environment.

Some pictures like the following one were taken during an interview in SOS Asmara Children's village about children's situations during the liberation struggle and after the Eritrean independence.

My Journalism Experiences, SOS Asmara Children's Village. SOS Children's Village was in Asmara, Protecting Children During the Liberation of Eritrea.

Most of the Children Have Received Care Until the News was Leaked about Corruption and the Head of the Regional Office was Charged of Misusing the International Money.

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This is a poetry for the Martyrs' Tree titled "The Tree of Glory". Well, it is rhetorically good in Arabic language. But, it still stays without the perfect rhyme, as I never think of it in this genre of modern poetry.

It is not intended if some of the rhyme appears here. I tried to translate it into English, but really felt that English has not the richness of Arabic.

Well, that's apparently because of the way people from different cultures think. If you were sure that English has all the language capacity to perform with bilingual translations, use the form to write about that.

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