Discover How to Use Personal Experiences to Improve Your Life!

I have two issues in the personal experiences here.

The first one is about your own experiences in the first section of the page and the other is about my experiences in the second section of the page.

The first section of the page is about how to use your own experiences to improve your life and the second section is about my experiences to learn from them. So, you have two benefits here.

Make sure to read them thoroughly to help you discover the hidden power of your personal experiences. I am sure you have that hidden power to improve your life and live the good life you deserve. If you needed help on doing this at any point, read the consulting pages at the collective consulting services.

Shemar Franklin Moore has Good Personal Experiences Starring TV Series

Shemar Franklin Moore (Derek Morgan) in the TV Crime Series, Criminal Minds and Paget Valerie Brewster (Emily Prentiss) in the Same Series Have Good Personal Experiences Starring Movies.

Think While Reading How Worthy Your Personal Experiences Are!

The benefits of using and sharing your experiences are numerous. You do actually share them daily when you speak with your family, your colleagues or your friends about those experiences.

  • But, have you ever thought that your experiences could help other people you do not know?
  • Have you ever thought that those people you do not know could get what you offer while using your experiences and even become your friends because your experiences helped them this way or another?
  • Have you ever thought that your own experiences could help you in some ways to profit from them?

You will indeed profit from them, because your own experiences are invaluable and useful for others. Other people could pick many useful things from your experiences to improve their lives too.

We actually learn from some valuable experiences some useful things like how to do this or that thing better, how to understand better, how to play better and how to perform better and get many other answers to the "how to" question.

Therefore, your own experiences do not and will not stay personal, when you share them as you actually do offline. They also do not stay personal, when you share them on the Internet, as long as you are using the social media and other network, I reckon.

So, why not use them, for example on a website like this and share them with your family and friends in your surroundings and with other people who surf the net searching for personal experiences to learn from them?

You will improve your life this way and help others improve their lives too.

Did these lines reveal anything to you?

If I were you at this point reading such question, I could smell the values of my experiences and yours. That is quite simple, and there is no science here, but feelings.


Your own personal experiences that interest, please, motivate or help any person in your family, or any friend, could be of more values to other people on the Internet.

Yes, they could help other people who are looking daily for personal-experiences like yours. Things that interest you could also interest other people, who are actually looking for these interesting things million times a day using the search engines.

What does that mean to you?

Continue reading below the following image to discover more hidden power of your personal experiences.

My Personal Experiences, as Journalist in the Humanitarian and Human Rights Fields.

Many of those people who are using the net billion of times daily and looking for information about something, are in fact looking for things to help them do something better or to improve their lives. You own some of these things people are looking for.

That includes things on how to do this or that. Here exactly, is where your personal experiences come to play a role. It is not just any role, but a role that could make you profits. And here again, not just profits, but more and more profits continuously, even when you were sleeping.

Things you have never imagined could happen at this point starting from your own personal experiments... just when you organize yourself and write about them and build web-pages like this.

People could learn from your personal experiences many things.

You have the methods you have discovered to live in personal happiness continuously, or to achieve personal success through your personal experiments.

These are values to use to show them how you helped others using your own methods through direct personal motivation.

But, you do not need to build just any pages at Blogger, WordPress, FaceBook and other social media and free website services that you never know what they do with your knowledge and how much they profit from your own brain.

You make them money, while they are sleeping. Wake up, my friend.

Use your own personal experiences on your own website to make money and just after that expose and promote your own small business anywhere you want.

This what will happen, when you use the best publishing methods and tools to publish your own personal experiences or hobbies on your own website… a website like this. See Ezine Acts Publishing.

People looking for answers to the "how to" questions will absolutely arrive at your website. Why not arrive there, since you have good personal experiences and you have built all of them well focused in your work at home business, using the CTPM process, which is based on simple action guide.

It seems like magic. Isn't it?

In fact, there is no magic here. There is only something called BAM... and that is to name it is "brain and motivation", as I learned from the website building and optimization tools I am using.

Your brain is powerful. It builds your personal experiences for others to use them and it keeps them focused. To keep them focused you will need the Choose It tool to determine the values of the best experiences you have.

Focus that in building a theme focused website about that specific experience you have. If you have many good personal experiences... eeeek, the Internet needs you.

You COULD build that into many narrow niches... until you stop breathing. Boy, you just can't believe the power of what you have. You have your own personal experiences other people want to have and you have your brain. They want it too.

Sell your brain, my friend. Sell it and live the life you want.

How to Sell Your Brain?

How to Sell Your Experiences?

Keep reading the answers below the following image.

Personal Experiences in TV Series, Emily Procter, Calleigh Duquesne in CSI Miami

Emily Procter, Calleigh Duguesne in CSI Miami has Good Personal Experiences While Starring TV Series. Get posters to make your site beautiful

Let us say, you make ice-cream, just as you can read at I make Italian ice-cream at one of the Ezine Acts Comment C2 Entries here. You have long experiences in this field. Some other people may also be interested in everything ice-cream and they use the net looking for it.

You could write ton of articles in this field about strawberry ice-cream, mixed-fruits ice-cream, walnuts ice-cream, lime ice-cream, pistachio ice-cream, French cafe ice-cream and others. (I was expert on this field, 40 years ago)

You can brainstorm hundreds of ice creams to write good information about each kind of ice cream, each kind of fruit used to make ice cream and write recipes of home-made ice cream.

When you build it a website, you will be able to build automated content at the same time and sell soft ice cream making machineries and equipments even if you don't own them, sell posters of ice cream, sell reservations at some cafe shops and ice cream cafeterias and more.

Well, what are you waiting for?

You could have educational and executional tools to show you how to implement all that I have mentioned above regarding ice cream and how to deliver all that knowledge to those people who are looking for it.

People are willing to pay for such knowledge. They are also willing to pay or any services or products relevant to this knowledge from your own website. All that you will need is to do the business math to count your profits.

You provide the information, they get what they need and all that happens at your own website. What could be better?

But, there is a dot here. The ice-cream industry is a seasonal industry. That is not good enough.

Thought of pizzas?

Have a pizzeria?

No one stops eating pizzas all the seasons around. These are two examples. You could brainstorm many things like these to build it a small home business.

What about Repairing Cars?

Maybe you have worked all your life repairing cars, as a mechanic man or a mechanic woman. This is a good industry. You could brainstorm your knowledge in this field to build one of the most successful websites on the net and get commissions even from Toyota, Mercedes and BMW.

What about Journalism?

If you had been journalist, or you are still journalist, you could use your own personal experiences to write about it and about journalism. You could write about editing and publishing, freelancing, interviews and reportages, layout, journalism photography, mainsheets and other sub headlines, news coverage, publishing and so many journalistic topics.

You could even teach it through your website using audio products, e-courses, newsletters, seminars, video shows, and prepare from your website offline workshops about journalism and even organize conferences for journalists to attend.

The examples go to no end. But, you only need the right educational and executional tools to guarantee success and bring those people who are looking for the information you provide in waves of free traffic and guarantee the best ways to optimizing a website to monetize your content.

Such Ezine Acts business opportunities have greater potentials to improve the way you used to live in the past, when you implement the business ideas on personal experiences. Most of all, this job is not difficult at all.

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