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Kid Pix Deluxe 4 Home Edition has all the creative functionality one would expect, from selecting from an array of art mediums (paint, watercolor, airbrush, pencil, crayon, marker, chalk, etc.) to using various finishing techniques (stickers, stamps, typeface, etc...)

In addition, the software can add special effects (animate, smudge, smear, warp twist, etc.) for a wacky look, suggest ideas and backgrounds to help get creative juices flowing, and import digital photos to personalize.

For more than 10 years, Kid Pix has been the graphics software of choice for educators, parents and most importantly kids! Compatible with the latest operating systems.

Kid Pix Deluxe 4 for Schools is Mac OSX Native and Windows XP/2000 compliant System requirements - Windows - 300MHz or faster, 128 MB RAM, 600 MB for full install 800x600, 16-bit, 4x CD-ROM System requirements - Mac - G3 333 MHz or faster, 128 MB RAM, 600 MB for full install, 800x600, thousands of colors, 4x CD-ROM.


  • Crazy Art Tools: Paint with balloons, rainbows, trees, and much more.
  • Realistic Paint Mode: Choose chalk, pencil, crayon, markers, and more.
  • Sound Art: Paint using the sound of your voice.
  • Stickers and Animations: Shift, shrink, unravel, and splash pictures.
  • 3-D Shapes: Spray 3-D bugs, candy, and lots more.
  • Photo Fun: Add and customize your own pictures!
  • Spanish Support: Kid Pix see habla español!

Here are more video games to enjoy!

Product Description From the Manufacturer

Fritz, Bianca, and Chesster are back in a new chess adventure! Advanced training in the Black Castle will have every player, from beginners on up, improving their skills and strategy. Jump into chess action to rescue Chesster from deep within the walls of King Black's Castle.

You'll have lots of fun learning move by move about openings, middle game strategy and tactics, endgames, pinning, delivering check, attacking, protecting--and much more. Try out over 20 mini games within the game to practice what you've learned and see if you can get your name onto the high scoreboard!

Fun Coaching and Training:

Basic openings
Bull-head opening
King's Gambit
Fool's mate and scholar's mate
Square rule
Key squares

Barbie Fashion Show - Products by Vivendi Universal

Product Description From the Manufacturer

Design clothing collections in the glamorous world of high fashion as you help Barbie get ready for the biggest event of her career--Fashion Week in Paris! Complete exciting fashion assignments to advance through three different design studios.

Create looks for each show by choosing the styles, fabrics, and colors. Pick hairstyles and shoes, too! Plus select the stage, music, and special poses to bring the runway to life! It’s up to you to create the coolest, most fashionable fashion shows ever!


  • Create dazzling fashions in three unique design studios as you prepare for each show!
  • Select patterns and fabrics for styles that sizzle! Then add your special touch with decals, sequins, & more!
  • Dress up Barbie, Teresa, Christie, Lea, and Kayla in style! Add new hairstyles and cool shoes for the perfect look!
  • Set the stage for the ultimate runway shows by choosing the shape, theme, props, and even music!
  • Choose the perfect moves and poses for Barbie and her friends to show off your designs! Models sashay, twirl, and strut down the runway!
  • Complete 10 fashion assignments in all! Collections get bigger and better as you unlock bonuses like new fabrics, patterns, stage sets, music, and more!
  • Snap pictures of your fashions and play back shows for your friends! You can even post your designs at

Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers - by NEW KID CO

Platform: GameCube

Product Description From the Manufacturer:

Choose from over 75 weapons and duke it out with the most famous animated cat and mouse duo ever.

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