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Wolf3D PC games on this page include Operation Letzterschutz. The story of this game "fantasizes" what happens when Hitler put an end to his life after the collapse of the Nazi.

The creator of this title of Wolfenstein 3D hard drive games has made great efforts to develop Wolf 3D, despite that he mentioned some errors on the games.

I have not noticed the problems he mentioned while playing this version of Wolf3D games. I came across some errors in other computer games, I have mentioned at other pages about the other versions of Wolf3D games.

However, the creator of this version of Wolf 3D games summarized the problems in this version. The story is just below this introduction and the problems of the game are below the comment form.

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Wolf3D Games, Spear of Destiny

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Wolf3D Games: Operation Letzterschutz!

Majik Monkee wrote the following about this version of his Wolf3D games:

Hitler has fallen. Japan has surrendered. World War II is officially over for most people. However, for BJ, the man who never rests, the end is actually the beginning of a slew of trials he has yet to face.

Prior to the imminent fall of the Nazis, a plan was secretly developed by a secret group of high ranking Nazi officers, and their leaders, Wolfgang Eisenkreiger and Emmet Von Braun.

The plan involved loading up several German U-boats with a horde of stolen Nazi treasures, and heading for South America, where the Nazi forces would rebuild and plan a new war against humanity.

The plan was launched, and Eisenkreiger and Von Braun were successful in establishing an alliance with a corrupt South American dictator, known as "El Presidente".

Eisenkreiger agreed to use their incredible stores of wealth to support El Presidente and his army of thugs if they in turn would provide protection for the weakened Nazi remnants while they rebuilt.

The alliance of Eisenkreiger, El Presidente, and Emmet Von Braun was dubbed "The Triumvirate". Eisenkreiger was the tactical genius, El Presidente was a master of corrupt politics, and Von Braun was a genius far beyond his time.

While Eisenkreiger and El Presidente built their army and developed a fortified stronghold, Emmet Von Braun worked feverishly to use their abundant capital in a more creative fashion.

Using technology well advanced for his time, he developed a prototype vehicle called a "gyropanzer", a machine that could hover through the use of spinning propeller technology, rather than flying like a jet.

This machine would prove devastating if perfected, allowing the pilot to accurately target and attack ground troops, while still utilizing the mobility of flight.

The gyropanzer was almost perfected when the Nazi's fortune began to dwindle. The project was costly, and outfitting the Triumvirate army while padding El Presidente's pockets was a costly venture. Against their better judgment, Eisenkreiger decided it was time for the fall back plan.

The Nazis had taken some but not all of their treasure store in Germany, and though it was a risky venture, they could return to the Fatherland and reclaim it under cover of darkness.

It was the Triumvirate's decision that this was the course of action that would be taken. And so, a single U-boat departed from it's hidden port in South America, bound once more for Germany and it's hidden fortune.

Little did the Triumvirate know that American agents had learned of the operation, codenamed "Operation Letzterschutz", and an unexpected piece of cargo was going to be making the return trip with the sub... an American operative named BJ Blazkowicz.

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