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When Motivation for Reasons Is A Must... No Dots Follow! Well, you can even inject it in your daily thoughts while going through daily tasks, at home, at school, at work and even online to convert what you know, what you love to do, or what you practice into a profession… all from this motivation we offer on this page and the linked pages, which actually link you to success.

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What "motivation for reasons" is about?

What does it mean to you, as an intellectual?

In one shot, it is about the way you think to achieve success.

If you really have the utmost concern about your personal success, then you gotta read personal experiences and success stories in some articles and hear other materials about all of those issues.

Here are four sexy elementary keys! However, the bones and meat are on the entire article. When you read it treat the personal story as one of the motivation for reasons. What could be a good reason, than this?

  1. Define the subject you want to invest your time working on it to achieve success.
  2. Search for this subject using either choose it here or any other search engine (one on the right column. Note that you could use this even if were looking for success in family relation, studying, business or something else.
  3. When you get the exact matched results, study them carefully, take notes and develop that sense of priority.
  4. Read the success stories in the case studies to get some inspirations and know the methods, successful people use to reach their goals.

This reading helps you achieve your personal success. It doesn't work only as inspirations and motivations, but it helps you prepare by taking useful points, making notes and evaluating the process you want to go through to achieve personal success.

The starting points to achieving personal success is to be optimistic and focus on how to develop your personality and carisma, so you could build your personal charisma out of your self ideal. You could develop your charisma and even be a leader this way.

You won't have personal improvement seminars to get the best practice of discipline and do all of that matter to building distinguished carisma. You need only a focus on what you learn here.

You focus and be in the mode to get that influence of the subject matter. It is your subject you want to process to achieve success. Motivation for reasons works better this way.

It only depends on how serious and determined you are to get that motivation for reason, then study your subject and work it carefully to succeed.

You already knew very well than I do, that people learn from other people. I am doing that too. I am learning from long time experiences in the past and from very recent experiences too. We learn something new every minute!

That is the way it's, to get more knowledge, know different areas of expertise, and manage to see different things, positives and negatives and see even how life goes here and there.

Even when you read egoistic personal stories, you could see some helpful insights, learn from them and consider to avoid anything egoistic.

Motivation for Reasons is all about Inspiration!

Well, it's "motivation for reasons" that I am talking about. Serious readings during childhood and adolescence had played the very important role in designing my destination today.

You should have that affectionate effect of literature. And as I said, personal experiences could motivate you to focus on similar concerns.

Of course, this has happened or may happen to you also. This objective orientation represents the matter of being creative, innovative, and enthusiastic and achievement manner manager!

As journalist who has his own "motivation for reasons", orientation and bias, I organized an off-line group network that involved some unions, associations and the whole community to participate in environmental activities I led in Eritrea.

I carried those environmental activities successfully and developed them to organize the Eritrean National Environment Organization.

Greetings to those active key figures: Roma Gebr-Eusus in the Eritrean Confederation of Workers, Amna Nur in the Social Welfare, Eskalo Mangarious, the ex-Eritrean Women Union's leader, Sabhat Efrem the ex-governor of Hamasien Region, and uncle Dabasai, the head of the public service in Asmara municipality, and more greetings to all the Eritrean people.

I walked on my foot to almost all the schools to get them involved in the environment activities. I organized the students and used the whole press to get the people involved on my creational efforts, when I created the idea of the "Martyrs' Tree".

I got more than 5 million plants planted there by all the Eritrean society in many local areas of the country. Note: New Eritrea was just born that time after a 30 years revolutionary independence-war.

Through my journalism experiences, I opened a new area for the press to touch through my reports, reportages, interviews and columns, which most of them were covered and translated to the other local languages on the Eritrean National Radio (Dimtsi Hafash).

All of that has been active personal motivation, I indulged in. So, most of the population know me as an Eritrean people's friend and I achieved the utmost personal happiness that time.

Some said I was actually an Eritrean, or why should a Sudanese journalist work in the ruling party main office, and why he was doing all of these efforts?

I was mesmerized down to my "shida/shoes" by the revolution theory and practice that time! I wore those revolutionary shoes for many years, even after many fighters threw them away.

Those activities encouraged one of the big Eritrean Administrational Provinces to recommend nominating me as an Honourable Mayor of Karan, the capital city of Sinheet region.

Well, that was a big question, even beyond imagination for a Sudanese, to be a Mayor of an Eritrean Province even as a nominee. It was hard to be done.

That might be because the main decision maker (and some of his characteristic advisors) thought about it negatively, instead of taking the glove and turning it up to send a strategic gesture to the Sudanese people, that waves against the dictatorial regime.

They might not have seen the positives of this step to the Eritrean Revolution, and to the relations between the Sudanese people and the Eritrean people in the future.

I send my greetings from here to the People's National Council of Sinheet and the ex-Governor of Karan, the capital city of Senheet Region, Hamid Hemid!

I am still waiting for my friends there to nominate me an Honourable Mayor of the city, because I had done a great job to it as I had done a great job to the whole country ;-) since the late seventies.

See some of my activities in the fields of the environment, African women's rights and children's rights on the following photo presentation.

By the way, that was not a business for the money. I didn't care about the money that time. However, the money is only on this business on this page. I deserve it, after sacrificing ten years of my life for the revolution.

I had also translated the Labour Proclamation of Eritrea, and coordinated some of its acts discussing the law assets of them with the counsellor who won the translation bid from the Ministry of Labour. We did that job working with three languages, Arabic, English and Tigrinya.

After presenting my primary translation version for couples of articles in the law to the Ministry of Labour and winning the bid, the counsellor who became my friend told me that I did a great job.

In fact, he gave me all the money of the bid, because I had no money after resigning from my job at the Central Office of the ruling party. However, the ministry delayed the payment of the bid, and I think it did not pay it to him until this moment.

One of my sources in the President's main office told me about a horrible decision against me that says, "we will neither let him leave the country, nor give him any chance to find a job. Let him die here from hunger and humiliation".

I heard this hard decision when the Minister of Justice, Fawzia Hashim called me to plan a magazine for her ministry. She prepared that offer for me, not only because she needed my expertise.

I knew that she respects me and she was one of those sincere veteran fighters and leaders who remained untouched by the false words, I wrote about some reports I published to defend some suspected leaders.

That nice lady, who I used to enter her office easily, let me wait her half an hour the day we agreed upon to sit together. I knew that she respects her schedule and she has nothing special to be late.

When I met her after that and heard her saying "sorry Khalid I cannot carry on with this project", I understood everything. I thanked her heartily and left her office with a sour feeling inside my heart.

However, her picture while she stretched her arms to hold and hug my daughter in our party's New Year annual anniversary that no foreigner had attended except me, that picture still beautiful in my mind. It happened in one of the last moments I saw her and the President speaking with my daughter in Tigrinya.

Despite all of the facts that prove the strong struggle relation with the to leaders of Eritrea, one of the editors in chief wrote in the official newspaper, I had no any relation with any leader in the party.

He became very shy and very small when many colleagues asked him, why he lied to the public. More details are in the political website at Environment Protection.

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This is intended only as motivation for reasons and is in fact a short story about the last ten years' achievements in Asmara alone. I may write other issues about this "motivation for reasons" on different pages on this website. But don't you think that the preamble is a good start and that could be enough?

However, if you were still thirsty and you want to read more personal motivations for reasons check the relevant pages below.

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