Safari, The Worst Internet Browser in the Worldwide Web

by Khalid

I believe that Safari is the worst internet browser in the worldwide web and I have many reasons to assume this. If you disagree bring your points on.

This savage software creature called Safari tells me every time and then I am not connected to the internet. It does this even when I escape that window to open a new tab and visit a website.

I go through many pages on that website, while the same browser window that tells me I am not connected to the internet still open there. But, when I continue to open 2 other tabs, I get that message in the second tab.

At this point, I look up at the top right of my screen to elements on the toolbar where I see the WiFi has signals. That means it is on. So, I make sure that I am connected to the internet despite what the worst browser in the worldwide web says. When I click on it, I read "WiFi" is on.

Then I should be wanting to discover more about the stupidity of this worst internet browser in the worldwide web. Therefore, I click on the "System Preferences" and then "Network".

Going through all the elements there to make sure of that Safari is the worst internet browser in the worldwide web, I see everything is OK with my connection. I see the WiFi is connected to what it is supposed to connect to. I see also it has the IP address.

I then click on "Advanced" and see everything is good at that side. I click after that on "Assist Me" to choose "Diagnostics". I also check the "Assistant". Everything there seems to be OK. But, Safari is not OK.

Hey, Apple... GIVE US the pleasure of the money we pay for expensive products like MAC Book Pro OS X Lion.

I sometimes think the company I purchased this computer from has sold me a corrupted copy of MAC.

Now here is another misery in Apple products:

While I am online going from page to page I clicked on the App Store. It opened a page with the message "Cannot Connect to the App Store". That happens frequently, even when I am able to go from page to page on some websites.

The APP Store has five tabs at the top pointing to "Featured", "Top Charts", "Categories", "Purchases" and "Updates". None of these utilities work at the App Store of Apple.

I wonder why so people are still willing to pay Apple lot of money?

Here's the third misery... While online, I received an update message. I followed the message to install the updates. Then I received the following message from iTunes:

The file “iTunes Library.itl” cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes. Would you like to download iTunes now? The URL at was included in the message.

Well, here's is a question how that file has been downloaded to my computer? I didn't allow automatic updates.

Note the "affiliates" word included in the link. This is a dirty business.

However, as I just wanted to investigate more I downloaded the EXE file. While I opened it I found it all strange characters and symbols. I tried many things with it like "right mouse click" and so. So, I dragged it to the garbage, where it should belong. It is real garbage there.

When I load Safari it opens a page with the following message:

You are not connected to the Internet ended with the question mark to seek help. Well, the help is another misery in Apple products.

Then that's followed by: This page can't be displayed because your computer is currently offline.

Reading list articles are available for viewing while you are offline, followed by a button to show reading list.

When I click on the connection at the top right of my window I see that I am online and my network is checked. When I open the Network from the System Preferences, I see also that I am connected with the services I am using.

When I run the diagnostic I find that I am well connected and the process ends with this message: Your internet connection seems to be working correctly. Then when I check the suggestions on the help menu, I find that nothing solves the problem.

Apple has silly suggestions about what to do when the browser doesn't open a page, or doesn't load features on a page, all of which is nonsense. None of them works.

This proves that Safari 6 is not capable to connect to the internet like other browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.

Apple browser should work perfectly as long as Apple sells very expensive products to the people.

You are at Safari, The Worst Internet Browser in the Worldwide Web.

See how the IE7 has worked fine until the new technology has taken Microsoft to enter the new "touch" and "HD" competition.

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