What Makes You Love Someone?

Well, as you know love is a tender affection towards somebody. But, despite this definition this sentimental feeling is so broad, in my opinion. It is not just a feeling that you like someone, or have a desire for someone, or getting emotionally sexed by someone.

It is what life is about, as life is not about sex. It is about this feeling in this simple one-word concept... and that is to say, this feeling between humans, this feeling in nature and this feeling in whatever passion we have that burns us for art, culture, literature and other things out there that drive us to do, create, or work in a normal job we like.

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It is a natural enduring emotional feeling that we born with it to express tenderness, passion, adoration and fondness.

So, from this angle it takes different ways to express that feeling when it rises from natural sexual desire, or just pure liking.

It is not only a feeling that we born with it for other humans. But, it is also a feeling towards some other creatures, places, spaces, climates, plants, things we use, or things we read, watch and hear. It becomes liking, when it is about other creatures and things.

So, the broadness of this sentimental feeling required the initiation of Site Map Six to include the pages about this topic and organize it through it to get it easier for you to read all of the articles about this feeling from one index.

However, as a site map, love also shares some other pages at the Site Map Two, Collective Consulting Services, the Site Map Seven, Inspirations and Motivations, the Site Map Seventeen, Digital and Video Products and the Site Map Eighteen, Ezine Acts Comment C2 Entries.

So, to keep you connected through the pages of this site map, let me ask you one question and I hope that you'll use the comments form below to answer it in full details.

Is it love that we feel when we keep connected to each other?

This sentimental feeling as we all know rises in different ways. It has influential waves that start from elixir-like preexistence to get through to our emotions and wakeup that natural feeling.

As long as its waves have not any definition expressible by words, so it is hard for any astrological reading to explore these waves.

We try, but there would always be something hard to explore.

The feeling spreads inside families naturally, as the family relations make it strong. But, the same relations make it different too. The feeling you have towards your parents and children and other relatives is different from the same feeling you have for your soulmate.

It is also different from the feelings you have for your friends, colleagues, club members, and other people you gather with in your society. Liking is more common here than the feelings you have for your relatives.

The way you express it whether with your relatives, or other people you know is also different. The way you talk to them, or deal with them is also different.

So, it is apparently that this feeling has methods, emotionally, ethically and socially to express it by different ways according to the circumstances, the conditions and the levels of relationship.

Now here are some of the pages indexed in LOVE, Site Map 6:

Love Pages Index!

home-biz-trends.com/bright-letters.html - Bright Letters: Those are letters, which two friends have written in elegant manners for friendship. They indicate simplicity in feelings and purity in friendship.

It's your place to enjoy reading those bright letters and your place to get some polite touches too with others through this network, when you share your ideas in bright letters on one of these blogs I am building only for this reason.

You may get motivated by its influence and tenderness to keep in ardency with me and others and write your amorous letters about this specific topic.

home-biz-trends.com/bright-letters-and-polite-touches.html - Bright Letters and Polite Touches: The mix of bright letters and polite touches was because of that, bright letters always attract polite touches that have lust in the soul and in the mind. They open new or foregoing relations into their prosperous spectrum when speculated correctly.

home-biz-trends.com/dating-services.html - Dating Services: There are two goals in the dating services. The first is that, when you get impressed by love while reading thoroughly, so it is obvious to get into dating. The second is that you could also get a dating site like this to help others get married and improve your life at the same time.

home-biz-trends.com/first-love-experiences-can-be-your-shadow-for-life.html - First Love Experiences Could Be Your Shadow for Life: Sentimental point of view about your first passion experiences and how they could possibly spread to reflect in your future and effect you in a way, or another.

* home-biz-trends.com/full-information.html - Full Information: The page shows you how to provide full information while you are requesting free consulting services and how to provide good information when you comment on comments on this network and when you write articles on this network.

So, take it seriously before doing anything else. The guidelines are important as explained on this page and further on Love Consulting Requests at home-biz-trends.com/love-consulting-requests.html, Online Love Consulting at home-biz-trends.com/online-love-consulting.html, Online Love Consulting Services at home-biz-trends.com/online-love-consulting-services.html and Submit Good Request at home-biz-trends.com/submit-good-request.html.

* home-biz-trends.com/how-do-elephants-kiss.html - How Do Elephants Kiss? Do animals feel love? Do they kiss? If so, then how do elephants kiss? This is very humorous, in my opinion and it could bring your thoughts live for us all to enjoy your brights letters about this topic.

* home-biz-trends.com/liking-starts-here.html - Liking Starts Here:

When does likeness really start?

When and how do you feel that you like something?

What makes you like somethings?

You may have many answers to such questions. While encouraging you to answer in details, so you could get a very good at home-biz-trends.com/gift-of-love.html and you can also get some ideas about this topic at the mentioned page.

Perhaps, you are looking for ways to make your life more better and even help your beloved and other people make theirs better by adding additional financial elements into what they do everyday. You may need in this case to send them a gateway gift of love to earn additional income. 

* home-biz-trends.com/love.html - LOVE: the magical word that makes the world word.

Where is the L?

This is the Site Map 6 A you are reading. It indexes many pages about this topic in the network including many modern forums posts and so many love problems and love problem solutions.

Since it is the site map 6 A, so that indicates it has sub-site maps. Those subdivisions are at the following pages:

* home-biz-trends.com/ezine-acts-love-commentaries.html - Ezine Acts Love Commentaries.

* home-biz-trends.com/ezine-acts-love-entries.html - Ezine Acts Love Entries.

* home-biz-trends.com/ezine-acts-love-stories.html - Ezine Acts Love Stories.

* home-biz-trends.com/ezine-acts-sentimental-stories.html - Ezine Acts Sentimental Stories.

* home-biz-trends.com/second-section-of-the-comments.html - Second Section of the Comments.

* home-biz-trends.com/zines-commentaries.html - Zines Commentaries.

* home-biz-trends.com/love-and-romance.html - Love and Romance: is about how to achieve sentimental and romantic compatibility regardless to your age. Single, married, divorced or even aged, it doesn't matter as long as your heart is still beating.

It's about how to keep your children in harmony with this it and romance too. It keeps our relations warm and being honest in your feelings towards others makes you and them satisfied and happy.

* home-biz-trends.com/love-and-sex.html: There is absolutely a big difference between pure feeling and sex, despite that sex could be in some cases the last performed action to express that feeling physically. However, sex could be performed without having sentimental feeling towards the other person.

* Continue at home-biz-trends.com/love-consulting-services.html - Love Consulting Services.

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