How to Merchandize and Get Sales in Parties?

The merchandize should be set out on a sturdy table covered with a good white or light colored cloth, and the merchandize should be arranged by group or type - the jewelry items together; perfumes, bath oils and colognes together; crystal together, and so on.

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Try to put a bit of imagination and showmanship into your merchandize display. This will have the effect of making your merchandise look much more valuable than it actually is.

Those that do put a flair into their merchandise displays find that it in creases their sales by as much as 25 percent over an ordinary showing.

For instance, a high intensity light focused on the display will cause the jewelry to sparkle, the stainless steel to gleam, and the brass-ware to glimmer like valuable heirlooms.

Another idea would be to tack a piece of velvet onto a 4 by 6 foot piece of ply wood and use it to display rings, earrings, necklaces and watches.

In jewelry sales, another idea is to hang a mirror on a wall near the merchandise display.

If you or your hostess has room, you might want to set up a card table, covered with an expensive looking piece of material, place a dressing table type mirror on this table, with a chair available for your guests to sit at the table while they try on the various items.

The guests then make their selections after determining how each item looks on them.

Regardless of what you do to make it easier for your guests to select and buy, a hand mirror is an absolute must whenever you're showing jewelry. It would be wise to have several hand mirrors available - two for your merchandize display table, and an extra one on the "admiration" table.

Besides your merchandise display, be sure also you're organized with your refreshments. These usually consist of coffee, tea, soft drinks, cookies or other "nibble" items. The host or hostess usually makes arrangements in advance for one of the guests to assist with the serving of refreshments.

Be sure you have nametags for your guests, and a couple of felt tip marking pens. And don't forget the order forms. These should be standard two-piece self-carbon order forms - one copy for your customer and the other for your files.

The best idea is to buy the order forms. All these items are commonly available in stationery stores. Rubber stamp your name and address on each copy of each order form, at least a couple of days in advance of the party.

Still another item to remember is your merchandize catalogs. Be sure you have a good supply on hand, rubber stamped with your name and address. Later on, when you're established and the money is rolling in, you can have your name and address imprinted on the catalogs.

If you don't have a merchandise catalog, consider making one of your own. A valuable and easy-to-follow manual on "How To Prepare Your Own Catalog" (book #1203) is currently available through linked pages. 

Another manual that will be of special interest to you is the "Close out Merchandise Money Making Manual" (book #1668) which is also linked here. Both these manuals are avail able from the dealer who supplied this report. Well, check the useful resources section of the merchandize page.

While we're on the idea of catalogs, we'd like to point out that a lot of Party Plan Merchandisers are also dealers for the extra-income book catalog, "Unique Books." See the useful resources section.

They feel that almost everyone is interested in extra income ideas, and the Unique Books catalog has a wide selection of reports and manuals describing supplemental income opportunities. Leaving one of the book catalogs with guests at the party results in an ongoing flow of book orders for months afterwards.

About a half hour before your guests are due to begin arriving, turn on all the lights in the room where the party is to be held. This will give the room a bright, warm feeling conducive to a party kind of atmosphere.

And by all means, be sure to turn off all the radios, stereo and TV sets. Eliminate any and all noises from other rooms in your home that might distract the attention of your merchandizing guests.

Every party should be planned, and follow a prescribed format or agenda. This is because without a plan, it will just be a gathering of people wasting time at your home instead of theirs. You must have a plan to know what to do next in order to achieve the desired results.

Having a "pattern" is also the easiest way to teach others to duplicate your success, and the idea of following a successful formula is a proven method of making the most sales in the least time.

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Continue this information to do any merchandize better at guests. If you thought of using it online to support your merchandising efforts offline, use the Choose It tool and the CTPM Process. This will help you build web pages on narrow niches and achieve personal success in the merchandising arena.

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