100 Free Traffic Methods and 100 Traffic Ways to Be Free!

There are in fact more than 100 ways to attract free traffic to your website and generate the income you deserve from such traffic free at the Ezine Act. Here is a list I started by the best ways to attract visitors to your website including online important steps you should take and support this effort by other steps you should take offline.

I will show you exactly how to attract traffic to your website free through two parts in the following article. You could be better doing by flowing smoothly through it to know how to use that traffic methods throughout your content to attract the traffic your want.

The methods work both for textual content, which you will read at the first section of the article and imagery content, which you will read at the second section of the article.

Original Content Attract Free Traffic!

Original Keywords Focused Content:

  • The essential factor to attract free websites traffic is original focused content, as the CTPM Mantra explains it deeper than the traffic hints you read at the Ezine Act's Network. This is because the original content drives the search engines and the search engines are the main sources of website free traffic.

So, write original and keywords focused articles, as explained at the Ezine Act's Free Website Traffic (site map 5) to make good content that attract both, the search engines and your visitors to visit your website and build you authoritative character online.

What is "Keywords Focused Articles"?

You write your article about something, right?

So, your article is focused on something by name. Name it here and look at possible keyword terms that thing has, which could help you focus and write article about each of the terms.

This is a combination of articles that produces at the end a well-focused niche. But, you can use the same method with the connection of relevant terms to build many narrow niches.

Those are in fact focused small businesses on the theme of your interest. but, you should first research your keyword terms, study them carefully and then focus on one narrow niche. The Choose It Tool helps you choose one from 5 terms that has the best values included from within.

That thing you write about could be something that interests you, part of knowledge, your hobby, or your passion. Any of these four things have special keyword. So, the keyword is just a term that refers to that thing and that thing perhaps has many terms.

That thing could aim you to see your keywords from within. Keywords are important terms that relate to that thing to indicate something about the topic of the article.

So, that thing has some ingredients to include other relevant seeds of words to your topic in that article. Relevant keywords make that thing unique, get you in search engines top placement and attract free traffic.

This is because of the fact that search engines look only for these terms to index pages on their search result pages, where the users of the search engines find what they are looking for. Users of search engines use only terms to look for things they want to know about, use, or get from the internet.

Keep in mind here that you could write an article about something and that article includes other keywords you never thought of or expected, which is connected with the same topic. That makes such topic rich of keywords intent, which in turn make an intent gaze of the search engines.

Treat the other relevant terms as additional values that attract free traffic, because they relate to your topic and write articles using each keyword to maintain the first article. Optimizing a website goes here beyond your expectation, only if you have the right tools in place.

You will never need to write about the same topic in that article again, but only to deepen it by providing more details on other articles and then connecting these articles by choosing a theme for them. The theme should contain more terms than the first article you write.

≠ Check the Optimization Factors in your content to attract free traffic

While going through the article writing and connecting that original content together check the optimization of your content using tools to attract free traffic.

You'll need the best website tools to analyze that content and provide scientifically the required suggestions to optimize that content. You'll never do this without having the right tools in place.

Analyzing Content? What is that?

They call it SEO, which stands for search engines optimization. Well, when you complete each article or a content page, you need to know how to make that page indexed in good position when the search engines spiders visit that article, as explained at the Ezine Acts Optimization. The optimization process brings you free traffic.

One article never stands alone. It needs more relevant articles you build from other relevant keyword terms in the first article to deepen it, as explained above.

The set of articles in this regard make the content solid and support it by other relevant pages. You build a narrow niche this way. You have good chances to attract free traffic to those relevant pages.

Most importantly and when working with the keyword terms using the required tools in place, you'll find that it is even easier to use the same terms with your affiliates, as explained at the Ezine Acts Associate Programs to get additional terms and then know exactly how to improve keyword density using your affiliates.

Now while you check that article, or perhaps other articles you wrote in this regard, you need to see the length of the article and the frequency of the specific keyword of that article inside the article. Well-positioned keywords throughout your articles attract free traffic.

This is what the search engines would be looking for to determine the importance of that article and whether it has the required keyword frequency (tendency) and other ingredients to be good and index it or not. Since you'll never know that without having the required tools in place, you'll be in your own to know how to improve your website presence.

The complete set of articles about your theme make it strong at the search engines and hep your audience flow smoothly to other pages to continue reading your interested topic.

When you build this unique and solid content, you need to do it as the CTPM explains it. When you follow the CTPM, you attract more free traffic to your original content.

≠ Update your articles / content frequently

Keeping your content fresh sends good gestures to search engines through your blog updates. You don't have to update your website blog by yourself. You'll only need to set it up once to automate itself every time you build web pages.

When you update the articles on your website and that goes automatically to the blog of your website, all RSS services get the updates and your fresh content keeps up and refreshes the indexed content to keep the free traffic coming in.

Read RSS blogging Ezine to know why you need to blog and Ping and RSS it.

≠ Compelling headlines, descriptions and titles of the pages make the content more attractive and bring free traffic

You should include your specific keyword and perhaps seeds of it in the three ingredients mentioned in this paragraph. Keep your keyword coming first in each article and at the end of each paragraph. See the Ezine Acts Traffic Converter for more insights.

Don't use keywords terms more than the counted tendency for each article. At this point, you'll not know how frequently you enter the same keyword term in the article, unless you have tools to help you count and adjust to scape search engines penalty.

That means, it pays off to avoid search engines manipulation and pay close attention to fair free traffic. It is only that when you play right to improve your website presence, you get the expected revenues know exactly how to convert traffic into sales, even without having to sell anything.

≠ Use many RSS Feeds services

As I mentioned above and if you got to the Ping and RSS it page, you will see how this works to update your content and distribute it in all RSS directories and even through those website services to other websites. RSS updates keep the free traffic coming in, as explained at the Ezine Acts Feeds and the Ezine Acts RSS.

The techniques highlight the usage and implementation of the automation of your articles at your website. The platforms of RSS services including even social media bring some free traffic.

But, not all of the social media, of course. Read Is FaceBook Traffic A Dream?

≠ Enable visitors to comment on your articles through comments forms

This works through different methods you only implement when you have the right tools to do so. I simply couldn't find strong commentary system that builds automated content to attract free traffic than the C2 tool, which builds modern forums.

The C.2 is the perfect match to keep your content updated by visitors automatically and it works even when you are sleeping to update all of the search engines and other RSS services to attract more free traffic.

Comments forms could bring you the spam of the earth. But the C.2 eliminates all that headache and enables visitors to upload photos with their comments. Photos bring more free traffic, as you see on the section below.

However, while implementing this method, you should have the tools to learn from the basics. You may also need to see the strength of this commentary system in different modern forums at the Ezine Act's Network to make sure of things.

# Good Organization also attract free traffic

This is what you need to diversify your visitors commentaries and even use them to build categories to maintain the theme of your website. Grouping commentary pages expands your theme website and organizes it well.

This is the way good organization also attracts free traffic.

See the business commentaries on the modern forums at the Ezine Acts Business Forums (site map 14 A), with its extension into Ezine Acts Discussion Board (site map 14 B), Ezine Acts Forums (site map 14 C) and SBI Discussion Board (site map 14 D), which belongs to Site Build It, the (site map 22).

The commentaries also vary between business and political commentaries and love commentaries including love problems.

So, the insights you need to make your theme website strong by using the commentary system are available also at the Ezine Acts Comments (site map 18 A), with its extension into Ezine Acts Comment C2 Entries (site map 18 B), Zines Commentaries (site map 18 C), Comments (site map 18 D) and the Second Section of the Comments (site map 18 E).

You could use the ideas of the business commentaries with your articles on your theme website to make it strong and thus attract free websites traffic.

This eventually works to engage visitors with your website and encourage them to write commentaries on your theme.

Other insights to diversify the methods you use to bring free traffic are at Love (site map 6 A), with its extension into Love Consulting Services (site map 6 B), Ezine Acts Love Commentaries (site map 6 C), Ezine Acts Love Entries (site map 6 D), Ezine Acts Love Stories (site map 6 E) and Ezine Acts Sentimental Stories (site map 6 F).

# Get your business the publicity it deserves offline and online

There are just many methods you could use to get your business the publicity it deserves and attract free traffic both from offline activities and online activities.

The methods offline include using photography either to promote offline, or to start this as a profession. See the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses (site map 21 A), with its extension into Online Free Consulting (site map 21 B).

The methods you need online are well explained at the Ezine Acts Business Publicity and the Ezine Acts Link Building Strategies through which you should get to know the steps you need to take online to attract free traffic.

Offline you'll need to do many activities to including using ad sheets, ads on taxis, bulletin boards, cards, personal sport score cards, posters, and even sometimes spraying on walls like other artists do. 

≠ Add videos with relevant tags and keywords focused descriptions to your articles to attract more traffic free

Videos also engage visitors, so they spend more time in your page and give it values in addition to the page views. They also make them eager to comment, like, share and tweet, as explained at the Ezine Acts Video.

Make compelling phrases using the terms of your keywords with links go beneath these videos to relevant videos on other pages or relevant articles on other pages to maintain the flow of the free traffic from page to page and build these pages good connection to stay at the top of the result pages.

All of these factors to attract more free traffic make the in page criteria. You need other off page criteria and offline criteria to maintain this free-traffic too. Read them in the second section of 100 ways to attract free traffic to your websites and monetize it.

If you managed to do this list and prioritized it to build webpages and build automated content, you will reach that scope, build good reputation and write your own success stories.

Pictures Attract Free Traffic!

Pictures add more values to your articles, so you should seriously be creative to manage using relevant pictures to the keyword terms of your articles. You don't have to add just any picture to your article.

While using pictures, think of what your pictures have to do with your theme. Any picture could be described by some terms. So, pictures have also keyword terms just like any content.

Pictures have attribution through which you use these terms on the "alt" part of it and the three parts of the description. So, the attributions are in fact four, not two, as used to be on many platforms online.

See the Ezine Acts Art Links (Site map 11 A), with its extension into Ezine Act Art and and Culture (site map 11 B), Ezine Acts Fine Arts (site map 11 C), Ezine Acts Literature (site map 11 E), Ezine Acts Photo Gallery (site map 11 F) and French Paintings (site map 11 D).

You'll not be able to use the four attribution, unless you have the right tools to do so. And the right tools are only on one place online to help you learn about such techniques and use them right all from within your website building tools. See the third image below.

All of the attributions should include the keyword term/s. The second attribution goes with the image when the visitors pin it to pinterest to describe what the image is about. The third description appears on the overlay of the image library on your page for readers to read it and the fourth description appears on the page just below the image.

While doing this watch the tendency of the keywords on your page. You could use the fourth description to make the balance of the keywords terms on the page. Hover your mouse on the image below to read some of the attributions.

In addition to 100 effective ways for free traffic, you may also be interested in the articles on the Ezine Acts Articles (site map 9 A), with its extension into Ezine Acts Articles Section (site map 9 B), Ezine Act Articles Index (site map 9 C), Ezine Articles (site map 9 D), Submit Articles (site map 9 E) and Submit Ezine Articles (site map 9 F):

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