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It serves also as a guide for you and tells you exactly, how you could convert your passion into a successful work at home business online. I am sure you will love it.

Therefore, see the two encouraging examples here on how to change your favorite games into a profession, that stands as yours for ever and then continue to the main games article below this game introduction.

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In addition to this video, that showed you how to change playing kids games or any other games into passion, here is another example to express that how I converted this passion into a project.

The project serves two goals. The first goal is generating income from that passion and the other, but also important, is to build some charities to help some people in need, I know.

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Kids Games at Ezine Act's Games Articles
Kids Games at The Ezine Act's Games Articles... Get posters to make your site beautiful

KIDS GAMES - The Invasion of the Cartoons 1!

Episode 3 of the Invasion of the Cartoons is "SquidWard". Your mission in these KIDS GAMES is to take down "SquidWard" and his evil army of clones.

It will get tougher at level 5, so get ready, boy... you are destined to save the world. Confronting the "SquidWard" seems like waging squid wars against these kinds of clones.

Episode Three

Episode three includes as usual the five levels in addition to the tenth rewarded level. You are the hero, so master your kids games. Watch the video above again to know how to convert mastering young games into a small home business and then keep going.

Level 1 - Brick to Pineapple

There are no new enemies on this level of the kids games. However, the new enemies will appear only on level 5 on this episode. In Episode 3, you must travel to Squidwards main Fortress to stop the Third Head from releasing the most advanced clones.

Those advanced clones are able to attack the world from the ocean. You will have a rendezvous with the devil on this level, as you will meet The Krew Clone once again, He will now appear on all levels after the first time you defeated him!

Level 2 - Kelp Forest

There is no new enemy in this level. Now you must escape the kelp forest separating you from your next target Squidward. However, beware; only four types of enemies Patrick, Kenny, Ed and at the end 2 Krew clones guard this forest. Beware; they won't go down without a fight!

Level 3 - The Krusty Krab 2

There are no new enemies in this level of the KIDS GAMES. You are required to remember Spongebobstein and the abilities it has to produce some evil things! Spongebob had his way and destroyed the place.

It went under remodelling. Now is the time for you to escape the new and improved Krusty Krab and make it into Squidwards fortress of Doom! This is your tough mission hero.

Level 4 - Fortress Roundabout

There are no new enemies in this level of the kids games. However, it seems toughest in the Squidwards fortress. When you get there, you must ram past the main forces now in order to reach the lair.

You must also note that this level is packed with many large groups of monsters and with very little health, so be conservative.

Level 5 - Squid Arena

The new enemies in this level of the kids games are Squidward - Boss 3, Neo Cortex head 3. You are here hero at the Squidward's Arena. Squidward has been expecting you for some time now.

He has gladly laid out plentiful amounts of health for you. If you wish to face him now you can do better, or you could just use the secret access switch to pull out an even deadlier challenge!

Boss Strategies for the Squidward

Ah, I love this one when I face this enemy. Some players think Squidward is the easiest boss in the game. However, it is tricky. You need to grab one of the 3 Vulcan Furies and some health.

Then just run into the arena and start shooting. The best thing to do here is to get backwards and forwards while you are firing at him. If you run low on health, just leave the arena and pick up some medical kits to heal yourself.

Level 10 - Squidward's Super challenge

The new enemy in this level of the KIDS GAMES is Tee hee, you will soon see when you enter this level. This is one of the toughest levels in the game. If there is something to worry about hero, then it will be Squidward and his new super death arena.

Beware that Squidward was planning for this meeting and many things else! However, if you already defeated Squidward in Squidward's first Arena, think of this level as Round 2!

Final Aha

Oh, hero... you finally defeated the evil Squidward and the third Neo Cortex head! However, you still have to defeat the rest of the heads.

Therefore, play these action packed episodes:

"Episode 4: Feelin' Krabby" in which, you will face the evil Mr. Krabs in his Krabby land Theme park of Doom! and "Episode 5: N Gin's Battleship" in which, you will face the fifth evil, Dr. N. Gin in his horrific Battleship of terror!

You will find Episode 4 of the kids-games at Games Online and Episode 5 at PC Games. Episode 6 of these kids-games is at Wolfenstein 3D Games. Other kids games called Nazis with Attitude are at Wolf 3D Games. See links at the sitemap above.

Liked kids games?

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