Just Gift of Love for You!

What's "Gift of Love" about?

It is about getting you active to receive some gifts as signals of love form this page. They are for you to enjoy wearing, or hanging on your walls, or using, or forwarding to other people you love, or reading to develop your life.

Some gifts of love will always be available. EVERY gift has a value of its own.

So, they are intended to help you do something useful to connect with other people you know literary, stretch your cultural values and use some of those gifts to improve your life.

How to Get the Gift of Love You Want?

There are five simple actions to take here and then receive the gift of your choice. It will only take you five minutes to spend on this website and then choose the gift you want.

Many gifts of love are available here and you can take any one of them right away when you fulfill one of the five steps below.

Some presents of love are totally free. You can any of them, either from the Ezine Acts Pictures you see on this page, or at the resource pages. The first set of gifts are pictures to hang on your walls at office, home, club, any other work place, or to send as a gift of love to your beloved ones.

Since they include emotional verses, they could indicate what you feel towards the other person you love, or admire, or respect. So, you'll make your beloved, friends and other people you know glad to have those gifts of love. There is no strength attached with the first gift of love you see in any of the imagery poetry.

Gift of Love: In Arabic Poetry to An Eritrean Woman Fighter in the Eritrean People's Liberation Front, by Journalist and Poet Khalid Osman.

Many similar gifts are at Arabic Phoenix Poetry, Arabic Poems, Phoenix Order and Wakening of the Phoenix.

The other gifts of love are invaluable, as they have studied and proven methods to improve your language, use to improve your life, or even send people to get them and make some money from this activity. They will also improve the lives of the people you love.

The second set of the gift of love requires some steps to go through to get the gift of love from the Ezine Act's Network.

There are five simple actions to take here and then receive the gift of your choice. It will only take you five minutes to spend on this website and then choose the gift you want.

Many gifts of love are available here and you can take any one of them right away when you go through the five steps below to choose one action to do.

Here are the five steps you need to take one of them seriously to get your gift of love:

  1. Forward Wise Biz newsletter to your friends and encourage them to forward it further to their friends and pin one of the pictures here, or like, or tweet gift of love, or share it with their socials and/or the other services they have.
  2. Use the form on Any Beautiful City and write five lines or more about your city of birth/residence and upload pictures from it. When you see the page published, use any social media button on the page to share it and forward it to your friends.
  3. Do the same at iwatchbestv.com to write about your favorite movie, upload pictures, forward to your friends and share with the social media and the other services you have.
  4. Forward HOA Political Scene to your friends and encourage them to subscribe to the blog by getting the updates from the small orange button at the top left of the pages to their services, such as Yahoo, or any other service.
  5. Use the form at HOA Cultural Project to write about any cultural topic and when your page goes live, forward it to your friends to forward it further and share it with your socials and the other services.

Now here are important notes to consider about the five required steps.

There are many gifts available when you complete the steps 1, 2 and 5.

Provide your contact information through the process, when you do any action at any form. You will see more gifts on the second pages to take, when you submit any of the forms. Those gifts are always available.

When you read them, you will discover many ways to improve your life. Those gifts of love get you inspired to develop additional positive attitudes and obviously improve your knowledge and living.

In addition, I have four e-books as gifts for you when you subscribe to any of the newsletters at the other websites using the form at the left column and confirm the double opt-in process in the email those websites will send to you after filling any of the forms.

If you were unsure about how to use these ebooks to improve your living, just ask me to help you through the form at Contact Us. I promise to get back to you soon and help you.

Make sure to write the name of the gift of love you have chosen from any of the five steps at the end of your entry on the form. That means you should write what you have done and what you read on the gift of love on the second page.

You should have accounts on FaceBook and Twitter. Most of the people enjoy them. But, if you did not have accounts on those social media platforms, consider having two accounts. They are free.

When you submit the forwarding form, I will send your messages to your friends. When your friends confirm their subscriptions to the newsletters on the other websites, or forward, or write, or provide information about what they have done and which step they have taken, they increase the chances for you to get the free consulting service from the Contact Us page. This is a gift of love too.

There are some more gifts of love included on the stores you see below. The gifts of love come with any purchase that's equal to the amount of the gift of love mentioned at Amazon, including Amazon gift card. 

HOA's Poetess Jr. Spaghetti Tank

HOA's Poetess Jr. Spaghetti Tank

HOA's Poets Wall Clock

HOA's Poets Wall Clock

HOA's Journalists Flip MinoHD

HOA's Journalists Flip MinoHD

HOAs Journalists' Beach Tote

HOA's Journalists Beach Tote

HOAs Journalists' Stackable Mug Set (4 mugs)

HOA's Journalists Stackable Mug Set (4 mugs)

HOA's Poetess Jr. Spaghetti Tank

HOA's Poetess Jr. Spaghetti Tank

The Second Store to Choose Your Gift of Love

3 Gifts of Love in this page on the Ezine Act, Politics, Business, and Love here. No, it's not "play boy and love" theme. Just get the gift of love you need.

Gifts of Love to enjoy reading … Gifts of Love to profit … Gifts of Love to entertain yourself … Gifts of Love to build strong business base ... All gifts of love possible in the World ...

Couldn't find the Gift of Love you want? Oh, boy -- see how many gifts of love are there! and how many are waiting for you to pick'em up ...

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Thank you for visiting "Gift of Love ".

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