Problems Management is Skill Building to Control Your Life!

Problems Management is a very wide concept that involves everything in our lives. It covers almost everything you do in your life, in which problems could happen, more or less often.

However, this page apparently takes it from only three limited areas of concerns including business, love and politics to supplement the consultation services in these three fields as the theme of the Ezine Act goes.

The problems management, as idiomatic term is a very debatable science throughout its educational methods, although it is not a stand-alone concept in the management's field. The problems could actually rise from everything we are doing even in our daily duties.

The concept is varied and open into many areas of concerns. It depends first on the nature of the problems that we do want to manage in our daily relations, treatments and behaviours, whether inside our homes or in the society.

Problems Management: in Meet the Parents Movie.

How Problems Management Works?

Therein we should look deep in the nature of these problems to classify them. We should first acknowledge that there is a problem, specify it, know its nature and then look at it from that angle.

Put it there, look at it from that angle and forget about it? No, but we think of it and analyze it to get it easy and ready for our solutions.

Yes, the first thing to do is to know the problem itself. Know it, and then ask yourself why this problem has happened, or why it happens if it happens regularly. Understand the causes of the problem and neutralize yourself if you were one of the elements, to look deep into it. See it as outsider.

Whenever, there is a social problem, there would be three elements in the circle of that problem and an event or an accident. The three elements are humane including the subject and the object, whether it is you or somebody else and a client, we call sometimes delegate.

Problems can only exist when somebody fails to understand things right, or when he encounters some difficult situations, or when he loses control of things, or when he feels confused about something, or when he becomes selfish and egoistic.

The problems continue when somebody misunderstands the nature and the circumstances of these problems, or when he undermines them and escapes from them.

The problems get bigger, if somebody had no vision to identify the problems and the circumstances or the incidents from which they arose.

When we ask ourselves some questions to identify the problem with the root causes, we get close to know the special climate, whether inside our homes, in the society, in the work place, or elsewhere and the circumstances this problem involves.

You could possibly see the climate of the problem divided into two areas: inside us and around us. Therefore, it is easy to call this the inside or the inner climate and the outside climate of the problem. According to this division of the climate, the circumstances may vary.

Identifying the nature of the problem makes it easy to arrange the solution process.

Getting skilled in solving your own problems can easily make you an expert in the problems management fields. However, this kind of science has some other scientific fields to learn too. Those fields are Logic, Ethic, Etiquette and Morale, Social Science and Communication, Psychology and Philosophy.

Getting into the Problems Management area, I started learning some of these branches 36 years ago. Then only circumstances that brought me back to learn them again but in different language than my native language this time.

While learning at the Integration, Social and Cultural Background Institution (ISK), I had more than 50 examples of cultural, economical, natural and political problems.

The institution worked only to address conflicts of cultural background in a very small limited area.

In the institution's network, although the administration did not see it as a network, I brought the director's attention to this point and to other mechanisms.

I recommended implementing them and strengthening a network with the fund of the European Union (EU), which was already paid to the institution to open similar institutions in Europe to solve the problems of the new political refugees in the European societies.

I suggested to them to take it to those areas where the examples of prospects came from for more highlights, deep studies and to create regional network for the institution. I said the same Institutional Network could be a good idea to implement in other similar countries in the EU.

Why not we do it this way since it concerns the refugees and other Europeans?

The leader of the institution has no any clue about this while I was speaking to him. However, he told me that it depends on the budget and the real concerns about solving or eliminating such problems.

We had been discussing these problems in groups, re-producing them again but in some ways like theatrical shows and discussing them with everyone to get the point of view and so further.

In addition to lectures in journalism and reading of hundreds of books in this area of knowledge, I had the first field learning experience in the institution that opens my mind to the problems management. This is the reason of starting the consulting services on this website.

Therefore, here we came to the purpose of our Problems Management page, which runs in harmony with the online business consulting services, the online love consulting services and the online political consulting services.

However, I am not doing them all here of course, because this page is not a university ;-) although it leads somewhere to where you can get help on those issues if you were thirsty and eager to learn how to get skilled in the problems management science.

You may choose to learn about problems management to manage your own problems. On the other hand, you may choose to get skilled on the problems management field by reading only some books and learning from them. It is up to you.

If you were looking for this kind of self-reading and self-learning, see our Amazon operated Ezine Acts Bookshop.

Problem Management In Business:

We offer problems management in small area concerning any problem that occurs while somebody tries to build a small home based business, enlightened by the Action Guide, which is the home business manual that would lead eventually to well focused small businesses, called also narrow niches.

Use the business consulting link above, or request the all in one place services here.

Problem Management In Love:

That is not all, but the sources here eliminate all kinds of known problems in this area. However, the problems management here is at the love consulting services with the requests form linked at the online love consulting services.

I have already begun solving love problems for many visitors to the Ezine Act, some of which you could read at Comment C2 Entries, Full Information, Love Consulting Requests, Love Problem Solution and Submit Good Request

However, the problems management in this area goes confidentially to address full detailed requests and ignores unserious requests made in a hurry and irresponsibility.

Problem Management In politics:

The problem management goes through the online political consulting services and it includes some areas concerning the political refugees, organizational networks, political problems analyzing, post-future political views and predictions and good political parties' infrastructures and strategic planning.

* In addition to problems management, you may also be concerned about other relevant topics on motivation and personal development. See links below.

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Problems Management Helps You Get Skilled to Control Your Life.

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