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What is Plurks Timeline Friends' Network? It is interesting media for social networking, that builds and improves personal public relations online and lets you connect with similar interests to enjoy your time and get more knowledge about what people do in their daily lives.

The exciting part of this social networking is that you could learn about people and share videos and images, just as the following image by providing its link, or other means to appear on your timeline and run horizontally. Running horizontally is compared by none in the social network you know.

Martin Luther King in One of His Prophetic Prodigious Speeches

Martin Luther King in One of His Prophetic Prodigious Speeches. Get posters to make your site beautiful

Plurk tries to be different from other social network, as it has game mechanic it build in the system and micro blogging service for those who enjoy blogging for pleasure, sending updates they call them plurks via short messages or links.

It has also interesting features including unique characters to help users chronicle daily events, activities and experiences that run in their own timeline and their friends' timelines, when they befriend or follow.

It seems also as another messaging service somehow like Twitter. It helps folk connect to each other, messaging each other, maybe loving and marrying each other, and just creating that lovely world of love and peace.

The services are still to be developed to be like Twitter or more functional by adding more different features from those in Twitter. The service enables members to plurk video shows too from within their messages, so the videos appear in thumbnails.

This is not available in Twitter. Twitter sends or posts just links to your videos. The advantages of Twitter until now, is that it sends messages to different platforms in the social networking media.

I am suggesting in regards to videos in Plurk for example, having the advantage over Twitter by sending thumbnail videos throughout different platforms in the social networking media.

Plurk timeline messages appear to be not indexed. People can index through XML. Plurk may work this feature out and store it somewhere on the Web to be reachable.

However, good updates appear on the home page of Plurk in front of many visitors, such as in Twitter. So, interested people could follow to your Plurks timeline friends to befriend you.

I don't think it is necessary to index chats, as I can see many of the messages are not more than chats. Useful chat in your messages, however could be among the rare useful messages at the home page.

I look to this on Plurks Timeline Friends' Network as positive so as not to fill the Web by some rubbish. They could somehow manage this through the system.

Twitter has RSS for friends timeline and your own updates that appear at the home page! In this case you should update so many times a day to make your updates perform better in the XML updates.

If you are in a business and have one small business at home, you may find it difficult to keep up with tempo of Twitter. It is really very difficult.

But if you own some narrow niches, have some videos on some video platforms and photography you pin to pinterest, there should always a way for one of your updates to be at that page to keep yourself in from of users. The same process is applicable when you use Plurks timeline friends to post messages.

Plurks Timeline Friends' Network has two platforms in a single window.

1- The upper platform runs left and right, and it is the place where your daily activities and the daily activities of those people you fanned or (befriended) run.

It is also your platform to login, review your account, visit interesting Plurkers, have alerts, edit your profile and do all the activities that you run to connect to friends.

Plurks Timeline Friends' Network

The bottom platform on Plurks Timeline Friends' Network runs like any other website up and down. It is the place for posting (plurking) timely messages to the upper platform where people can read them.

It is also the place where your fan and friends appear as fans and friends and the place for the karma of the daily activities you run.

It shows (you and any visitor to the site) your fans, friends, profile, your personal social status, the Plurks you have sent, Plurk responses, friends invited, your membership date, last login, profile views, your referral URL and your Plurk RSS.

It has also some links to the getting started guide, FAQ, Contact Us, About Plurk, Blog, Press, Jobs, Terms of Services and Privacy.

I wish you enjoyable time at Plurks Timeline Friends' Network too!

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