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Khalid Osmans Network of Blogs, Social Bookmarks, cells of lenses and video production intends to help you and other concerned people jump the "impossible"… just anything impossible and make it possible by building it a passion with its well standing network online.

You could do that only when you invest time reading the information I publish on some pages in this network, carefully. When you invest your time reading, you will get through some kinds of training and learning capacities. Other people could do that too.

It all begins from endless ambitions to break the iceberg of impossibility.

Khalid Osmans Network: Starting the Environmental Project by Planting Trees.

Nothing should stand like a wall of cement in your way to achieve your goals. Therefore, Khalid Osman's Netowrk intends to put you in track of your destination.

It brings you the entire Khalid Osman's Network to profit from it, or at least enjoy reading different topics, from business to love and politics.

This is the site map 12 in Khalid Osman's Network. However, I named it Khalid Osmans Network to include personal success pages to help you achieve your personal success and maintain it by what you love to do.

Although those pages are personal, you could learn from them some methods to use to start a small business you work at home, or to improve any kind of narrow niches you are running.

So, this is the value of it.

Backgrounds on Khalid Osman's Network!

I started this network very early as a political network during the 1980s. Then many changes have occurred since that date, while I survived some very critical political situations and have gone underground.

However, during the 1990 I was relieved for ten years and concentrated during that decade to build an environmental network to sustain the degradation of the Eritrean soil after 40+ years of war, which has involved more than five million people.

That was a great achievement by all measures of accomplishment. See Formal Measures of Intelligence.

Then I again faced similar political threats and have almost gone underground by other means to remain quite for some months until I realized that I should conquer the limitation of the impossible.

So, I again started a network online having my personal experiences in the focus to help you and other conquer the impossible. And here we are on Khalid Osmans Network.

The other site maps on this network are included at the second section of the page to constitute and accumulate the entire network of blogs, which includes the Horn Africa's Network, as well as my daughter's network at 100 Beautiful Sites in the World and I Watch Best TV.

If you have any question about HOW TO BUILD A NETWORK to improve your life, ask that QUESTION and provide good details about yourself and the most three important things that you are so passionate about, or you know much information about each of them.

* When you submit your question, one of my team, or I will provide you by the manual to do that.

Khalid Osmans Network - Index!

Some Pages at Khalid Osmans Network:

It is possible, that some pages in Khalid Osmans Network appear on other relevant site maps in this network, whether on the Ezine Act's website, or other websites.

The site map 12 includes the following motivational pages in this network:

Be Optimistic| Building Distinguished CarismaDevelop Your CharismaHow to Be a Leader?| How to Be Optimistic all the Time?| How to Be Productive?| How to Creating Personal Happiness?| How to Develop Your Personality and Carisma?| How to Positively Influence Yourself and the Others?| InfluenceMotivation for Reason| Motivation for Reasons| Motivation Personnelle| My Journalism Experiences| Nominate Your Hero| Personal CharismaPersonal Happiness| Personal Improvement Seminars| Personal MotivationPractice of DisciplineProblems Management| Self Ideal| Self ImprovementSelf TalkTalk to Yourself|

The Main Pages at the Main Site Maps:

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