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Many people, specially the young enjoy playing COMPUTER GAMES, to entertain and burn the time out. Rarely that many of them think of ways to convert their hobbies and what they know while playing games to improve their living.

The PC games could be of more VALUES to enjoy even while playing games. If you only want to play games online, the complete pages at the Ezine Acts Game Site get you the game playing tactics and strategies.

In addition, the pages show you exactly how to convert such hobby into a passion, so you could build a home based business from it, using your own knowledge and personal experiences about games.

Wolf Computer games at the Ezine ActComputer Games: Know the game playing tactics and strategies, or convert your games into a business.

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So, these computer games on this website have two important goals to help you enjoy your time, burn it as you like, or to use your brain and think of how you could convert all that you know about games into a successful profession and be successful like those people I wrote about at success stories.

I will start at the first section of the page with the second goal because it is very important to you (it earns you money and help you improve your life) and then come back to the first goal, which is included in the main article at the second section below this introduction. At the second section, you'll read about one of the computer games we cover on Khalid Osmans Network.

Speaking about improving your life while playing computerized games?

To convert computer games into a small business, you should first focus in one game and then get the values it has. The values include your own complete knowledge about the game and the demand for such game based on the high numbers of consumers.

To define the most game with the most values, take some of the games you know about to examine the values each game has. Get the terms of these games and ask a question about each of them to determine the values and choose one of the games as the basic for a business you could build online. Use the Choose It Tool for this purpose.

Then, search computer games to get more data including useful information about the computer games you enjoy. Study the data. You'll get more business ideas at this step.

Then use the CTPM tool to help you write articles and show you how the article writing goes and how to build web pages, optimize and monetize them and how to build automated content at the same time to keep your computer games fresh.

Well, see how you can convert your knowledge of computerized games into a profession using only the things that interest you. Watch the following video and then see how these games inspired me to make them products below the Ezine Acts Video.

Second, here is how I developed these products only from some computerized games I enjoy playing, such as:

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I even developed them for some charities.

Organic HOA's Refugee Womens T-Shirt (dark)

Organic HOA's Refugee Womens T-Shirt (dark)

HOA's IDPs Note Cards (Pk of 20)

HOA's IDPs Note Cards (Pk of 20)

HOA's Refugees Organic Mens T-Shirt (dark)

HOA's Refugees Organic Mens T-Shirt (dark)

HOA's IDPs Organic Mens T-Shirt

HOA's IDPs Organic Mens T-Shirt

Computer Games - The Adventures of the Cartoons 1!

One of the funny Wolfenstein 3D's computer games is a Wolfenstein 3D adventure called Invasion of the Cartoons including The Doom Spear by Mega Luigi and Ian Summerfield.

Those computer games are in six episodes all of which done by Wahnsinn Software 2003 as a freeware for distribution. However, this is neither of the classic Wolfenstein 3D games, nor a simple Wolf 3D.

The characters are so different because they are made of cartoons. See the Adventures of Tintin, Ezine Acts Caricatures and the Ezine Acts Cartoons. The funny and dangerous characters are from A.K.A. Cartoons, Funimation, United Planktons, Naughtydog and others.

Six Episodes in Invasion of the Cartoons 1!

There are six episodes in the Adventure of Wolf 3D games. Ian Summerfield has written the six episodes of these computerized games. They include Dawn of the Ed, Tons of Fun, Squid Wars, Feeling Crabby, Gin's Battleship and Nitrus Brio's Citadel. All the episodes have five levels in addition to level 10.

Episode One

Episode one in these Wolf3d computer games has 5 levels, from one to five and then the levels are followed by level ten, which the a level for gaining more treasure.

  • Level 1 - The Storage Area:

At level one of those Wolf 3D computer games, there are new enemies such as Double D clone on the Storage Area. It begins the invasion.

Therefore, your mission while carrying out with this level is to destroy the six Evil Neo Cortex Heads produced the Evil Clone army.

However, strong challenges are available to prevent you from making it through the first lair guarded by Eddy and his evil clone armada.

  • Level 2 - Forest Lab:

In this level of those computer games online, the new enemies are Patrick clone and Kenny clone. Expect to see yourself a WOW after you have made it to the first part of Eddy's lair.

In this area, you must learn that there are many traps laid before you that will engage to solve like Dummies: fake clones used to fool you. I do not know why I feel this a tricky Wolfenstein I have ever seen.

  • Level 3 - Red Castle:

In level 3 of those computerized war games, the new enemy is Ed clone. You have made it inside Eddy's fortress; here you find the last of Eddy's minions that you will have to get familiar with the adventure at this level!

However, always take care of ammunitions. They strike hard and you lose health while being injured by the fierce fighting at some levels.

  • Level 4 - Multiple Choice:

There is dangerous development in this level of those computer games. You should be careful at the peak of Eddy's Fortress because it is getting toughest here.

Check your weapons, ammunitions, health and be ready for the battle in the Dummy Hall! Hey, I loved that, when I got there.

  • Level 5 - Eddy's Lair:

In level 5 of those computer games, the new enemies are, Eddy-Boss 1, and 1st Neo Cortex Head of 6. Eddy will be the toughest enemy and you what, this enemy is very cruel, well determined to destroy any attacking power and well occupied by intelligence and fighting methods.

There is a real zigzag here. Besides, Eddy has a small welcoming party before you confront him! You should take care here more than messing with him!

In addition, even if you do defeat him you will find the Evil Neo Cortex head pumping out the Clones in this area and that will make you mad!

  • Level 10:

There is a level 10 here included in all the episodes of those computer games. As for this episode, level 10 is a purple maze to take more prizes if you wish.

However, you can skip this level. I skipped this level in some other Wolf3D games when I found that white clouded enemy is tough to defeat. But, hey, that was the challenge to come back again to teach that cranky a lesson.

Best Strategies to Win the Game

Eddy has three ways to attack you using his collaborated force and his super chain gun.

The Ed clones attack you with their mini guns and the Double D clones attack you using their pistols. Those enemies are so fast in using those weapons.

You should consider using best strategies by running fast to get rid of Ed clones and Double D before you attack Eddy with your Vulcan Fury.

Nah, use Mao-tse Tung's strategy, "strike suddenly and escape". Repeat the sudden attacks to win.

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