Release Your Influence to Emanate from Others!

Influence isn't just only a word that expresses what the stars do to effect the watcher at night. It is not only that elixir in the heart of the stars, which works as unseen atom that creeps into the psychological nature of a human, or into the existential nature of a flower.

It is neither the impression you get from the stars, which has its influential effects on you, perhaps if you were a poet, or artist, nor it is precisely the influential effect of the perfume the flowers breathe. It is something more than that to have its affection on you.

It is generally the effect you get from anything that impresses you. It is the effect of that thing upon you. In sense, it is the power you release to sway and effect other people emotions, or mental energies.

For that instance, it happens to capture your emotions, opinions and thoughts and orient your behaviors towards the principle items of that influence, which all work as motives to reform you into a more flexible and moderate mode of intelligence and behavior.

So, it is all forms of encouragement that come as guidance, impact, inspiration and stimulus.

Influence is an Art of Attraction!

I said at that your influence has a sort of reflection... just like the ethereal fluid that flows from the stars to have reflection on human's body.

But, the reflection here emanates through its hidden power that flows from you to anther person.

It is an art of attraction.

Well, from the beginning of history until now, humans know that they are the only conversational and creative creatures on Earth, who can get beyond any dialectic and philosophy, while using them to enrich their knowledge.

Some talented humans can get beyond that scope to influence you. They do not need to depend only on the use of their logic, dialectic and philosophy to influentially attract you, though. They may do that by other different means.

Those means involve actions, for example. Yes, influential people can attract you by their actions. But, what actions?

There are some actions at Environment Protection and Environment that get you more insights to influential actions. Close the two windows to continue here. See the example of this attraction on the image below.

Actions are always set-up on background knowledge about the most attractive concept, notion, idea, or anything that you know the public are eager to know about, engage in doing, or have the desire to support.

They may also speak about their needs to some things that they cannot formulate, visualize, or interpret by themselves. So, they need motives to bring their hidden desires for such things up-front.

From this understanding, we could come to a closure that this is precisely how the societies we know on our earth develop their own influential people. This is because there is a natural demand on having them. 

Influential people use their logic, dialectic and maybe philosophy to influence you. They use sophisticated language and maybe some other media, like tapes, CDs and videos to attract you, even through some personal improvement seminars.

You should have followed some of them to be optimistic, acquire your self ideal and develop your charism following some success stories through the line of perfection to achieve your personal success and ultimately personal happiness.

Influence: In principle, the idea of the martyr's tree I came up with has proved to be influential, as the Eritrean nationals implemented it to plant more than 5,000,000 trees.Influence: In principle, the idea of the martyr's tree I came up with has proved to be influential, as the Eritrean nationals implemented it to plant more than 5,000,000 trees.

The Influence of Animals and Plants!

We all know the five elements of the universe existence are air, earth, fire, space and water. On this universe are other five elements, which are animals, human beings, inanimate objects, insects and plants.

Animals do not do that! Insects do not do that! Moreover, plants do not do that! But, hey... they do that by other means. They do that only by actions, or by replying to the rules of nature. Did I say the rules of existence?

Humans are the only creatures who do that using these media. But, they can use actions too. They keep doing it from the beginning of history on Earth until now.

Well, actually it was not from the beginning of history but about two, three periods after the creation of the Earth itself. You know of course the first couple of humans were deaf-mute;-) and that generation was doing its conversation by using only the first pantomime on Earth.

Until the pantomime language changed to conversation there were lot of things that historians are not able to discover until now.

When you bring your memory to the present, then you will see how many conversations had developed, and are still going on through different kinds of media. Can you count words and phones humans made since history?

Oh, that is a lot of science until those expressional tools have gone from nature to electronics.

Therefore, humans have the influence of nature well rooted in their emotional nature, starting from the stars’ ethereal fluid to the gravity of the flowers.

They know the reflection of the influence of nature on them, so they give it back to each other or to the nature itself. The influence has become fantastic reflection since then.

It is because of this fact, that you can simply equip yourself by more readings to let the influence nature in you elaborate to touch others by its own magic.

Love Art Inluence in Indian Bollywood Movies.Love Influential Art in Indian Bollywood Movies.

The Influence of Humans!

When we go back to what we have mentioned about the fact that humans are conversational we absolutely will get the idea of being talkative, expressionist, argumentative, pursuant and dialectical.

That does not necessarily mean I want to  engage you in all these activities and sophisticate things. However, this dialogue comes to enhance your abilities to control this sense of being effective on others.

It lets you be in the mode to influence yourself, as well, as I explained at

So, should we say humans have the ability to influence and to get its reflection too?

We would be right, absolutely. When the prospect get that from you, s/he would also be in the mode to attract others using the same media. The circle goes on and on.

Let's take some people who have built their homes in a way that impresses you, the viewer. Well, look around and you will see that the idea of that style of building has come from one influential person.

This gives you the impression that the ideas has it creator and also a prospect, or a person that idea impressed. But, when the other person began to add some other item to the style, that means something, eh.

Each of the new prospects adds values to your methods. You get it back when they refer to your methods. You get its reflection back also when you see you have achieved your goals in this arena.

Once more again, if you did that towards achieving some human values in a society, for example, you get its results on the activities people run there. It reflects again back to you, since you are a member in this society. (Check the environmental links again)

In addition, their effectiveness goes here into two directions since humans have the ability to influence and get the reflection of their influence too at the same time.

  • Haven't you been tempted yet?

I know that I reached your mind by this influential talk. But, how could you even get all of that through your own self talk?

Whether you perform that kind of talk in the nature, inside your room, or in your studio, it all goes into the perfection mode. Heck, you acquire self-confidence through that talk.

It could be a practice of discipline you want to achieve, when you talk to yourself, or do any type of a video talk with close friends.

Well, we know even many presidents in the world do that sometimes to get that self-perfection, whether they wanted to achieve it in their public speeches, or in their public appearance.

Now, let it reflects on you and do not forget, reflect your influence on the others. Have a good influence reflection day.

You perform and achieve this, as you see when you master the methods of attraction. Every step along the way should be accompanied by that kind of attraction.

The attraction I mean here has nothing to do with your appearance, the way you smile, or the way you talk. However, you need to perform these actions well to achieve some points of attraction.

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