The Ezine Act is Now the HOA Political Scene Newsletter!

The Ezine Act newsletter has given birth to the HOA's Newsletter at to stick with the political issues of the Horn of Africa.

Ezine Act, HOA Politicalscene Newsletter, editor journalist Khalid Osman

If you were in our lists, whether the business list, the love list, or the political list, you probably heard the news, when I announced moving many of the political pages about the Horn of Africa included in the Ezine Acts Political Section of this website to the mentioned website.

If not, you can read it at that site, or use the following form to subscribe to it. The HOA's newsletter is about the Horn of Africa. It highlights the news and the political development in the area and publishes political analyses, perspectives and commentaries.

HOA Politicalscene Newsletter, editor journalist Khalid Osman

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I had the Ezine Political Act newsletter as a political and love newsletter on the Ezine Act's website for so many years. However, since I have the Wise Biz Marketing Newsletter on this website to serve the small business category, I preferred to change the political newsletter and build it on its own website at the HOA Political Scene.

While experimenting with such Ezine Acts publishing technologies on the Web, I came to learn methods to perform better I included on About SBI to explain how it works.

It had been a business pleasure for me to see how other successful folk use the Site Build It strong website building and the Ezine Acts optimization tools to perform and even develop unseen methods to make their businesses strong and succeed. See Success Stories.

Therefore, I did not need to change the concept that I used to build this domain as since it stands online since so many years and it has some good points of presence on the web.

Nevertheless, I needed review the business planning to take the political pages out of this domain and build them on their own website at to keep the second site working in harmony with the CTPM process.

The experiment I went through after having this website running in a very wide arena was wonderful. I learned from it a wide concept like that I used to build the is not only very difficult to manage, but it has no flavor, no potential, and whatever... else of course.

I learned the strong Internet business potential is based on focusing on things that interest you and then choosing the best of these things based on factual regarding how well you know about them, their demand, supply and potential income building methods.

This was missing in the Ezine-Act-website. Therefore the changes were inevitable. So, the better thing to do was to take only narrow niches from my wide personal experiences on all of those fields to work it in a website of its own, or some websites each stands with its unique topic.

That means I had to take the political content from the Ezine Act and then focus on which politics, its range, or location and then come up with a unique concept for the political website.

I should take from the business the concept that I know better about it. I should also take from the love part of the Ezine-Act the narrow concept I know great deal of information about it. I should also take from politics the small niche I know better about it.

Thinking this way, I could possibly build many websites with many different concepts, but each of those concepts builds a stand-alone website. That means well theme focused or keyword focused content website.

From this point, the third site has born at the 100 Beautiful Sites in the World. A website, I have built and given to my daughter on her 21st birthday, so she could find something useful to rely on when she graduates from the university.

The progress towards this positive development was the focused business part of Site Built It, a mechanical and technical brain that I have never seen elsewhere.

The publisher of the Ezine Act, Journalist Khalid Osman at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Kuwait.

The On-Going Development of the Ezine Act!

Therefore, it is my pleasure to turn the Ezine Act into HOA Political Scene at and to keep the going on until I take a narrow niche from the business part in this domain and a small niche from the love part to build them other focused websites on their niches.

However, there are still old editions in the archives of the Ezine-Act, which have been automatically changed to Wise Biz Back Issues, to follow some good topics I wrote about in the Ezine Act about politics, business and love.

It is obvious that I do not need to delete them, as they are part of this history of my experiences on the Web. In addition, they published good topics I cannot delete them.

If you were interested on the old topics in the Ezine Act Newsletter, you can read them on the archives below. If you want to keep on reading political issues link to them at the HOA Political Scene website. You can subscribe to the newsletter from this page or there.

Please NOTE that the back-issues for this Ezine starting of January 2004 until Mars 2006 were issued as Ezine-Act. I changed the name to Wise Biz some years ago so that reflects automatically on the archives of the Ezine Act.

Since I have changed the two newsletters to replace the Ezine-Act with Wise Biz, then it is obvious that I do not need to go back so many years to re-edit those back-issues. See the Ezine Acts Newsletters.

The new thing I added to the website was that I equipped many pages including the newsletter by many forms to discuss the issues in the newsletter or on the website.

It seems like I am doing shadow strategies on my businesses! Start here, if you want to capture the Seven Shadow Strategies to an online home business prosperity, as explained at the Ezine Acts Home Business!

You can search the archives for both the Ezine Act's back issues and Wise Biz Marketing's back issues. See links at the bottom of the Ezine Act, or enter those two words from the name of the website on the search box at the right column.

This Ezine highlighted that edge, where politics has amalgamated with business and religion to produce dictatorship, terrorism, wars, torture, victims and refugees!

It's about politics, business and love combination that makes knowledge, pleasure and most importantly it has some money making mechanisms at home too!

In other words "Politics, Business and Love" is where politics, business, and love combination makes knowledge, career and money at home...

And yes, beyond theory, it helps folk read behind the misery margins in the other side of the globe, for more political understanding, refunding and charities projects and some more benefits.

See some editions in the Ezine Act's archives, in addition to relevant Ezine Act's topics in the following links:||||||||||||||

The following Ezine Act's resources include many topics about ezines, e-newsletters, publishing, RSS and XML, newsreaders, bookshops and small home based businesses:||||||||||||||

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