SBI Discussion Board!

The SBI Discussion Board is for you to agree, or disagree and then bring all of that into discussion about SBI in its discussion board.

  • First, read about SBI in English and about the Arabic SBI on the following pages at Choose It, CTPM, SBI eLearning Site Build It and the SBI mantra.
  • Second, get the knowledge from those pages about SBI and come here to the SBI Discussion Board to discuss whether you agree that it is really the only business centre that builds knowledge from simple passion, or not.

Since this is part of the Ezine Act's site map 14, I connected the SBI Discussion Board to the Ezine Acts Business Forums, which is the primary site map (14 A), with its extension into the Ezine Acts Discussion Board site map (14 B), and the Ezine Acts Forums site map (14 C). So, this discussion board about SBI is the site map (14 D).

What is SBI?

It is an abbreviation for Site Build It. It is obviously that many people do not know SBI and when somebody mentions it they might ask this question. SBI is not only strong business system.

It is free educational system, SBIers use to build successful home based businesses on the internet as seen on free website traffic here and prepare for early retirement.

But, this strong website building, automating, optimizing and monetizing system is not only for SBIers. It is for everyone who has a hobby, a knowledge about something, a passion, or good personal experiences to learn exactly how to use that to improve his or her life.

Frankly, the first time I built the first board at the link above, I thought to use it purposely to discuss "Site Build It" (SBI) with you in this small discussion forum, whether you knew about it or not.

If you did not know about SBI, then it will be a chance for you to learn about it and know how it could be useful for you and how it could give your offline or online business a boost locally or globally.

Before we start this discussion on the SBI Discussion Board together, it is a good idea to go through About Me and the pages linked above. Then you can make some notes to include in your questions here.

While the first board for discussion at the link above together with the Ezine Act's Forums is generally about any kind of business and any kind of knowledge, the SBI Discussion Board is only for SBI.

That means the SBI Discussion Board has no purpose other than to encourage you to criticize SBI or appreciate it. It will certainly help others to see all the points positive or negative in the critiques or the appreciations to decide whether to use SBI or not.

I know some people will try to put SBI down and put their own tools up while using the SBI's Discussion Board. However, I will never censor them. I will give them the chance to criticize the SBI. However, they need to criticize it scientifically to get their critiques through to SBI's Discussion Board.

You are of course welcome to write appreciations too. And if you were a Site Build It's site owner, your words could make a difference as they came from somebody who has been there, seen that and have good points about it.

In addition, this opportunity to share your thoughts about SBI gives you more credibility and more values out of your link here. That means you will promote your SBI through the SBI Discussion Board here. When you write appreciation about SBI's values, please give examples.

Hint: Write eight lines or more about your SBI and explain how SBI helps you continuously to build a thriving e-business. Instead of many links, insert only one link with a clever business name that could pass the critical situation and appear on this website. We only reject bad business names to some criteria (e.g. porn, gambling, drugs)

Those who do not know SBI yet, or even those who know it but have not decided to use it yet, will get inspired by these discussions in the SBI Discussion Board to decide whether to use it or not. I will honestly open serious critiques to SBI through this discussion board.

What to Discuss on the SBI Discussion Board?

Here are some Points You CAN Use to Discuss on this Board!

To help all of you start this SBI forum, here are key points to some discussions:

So, tell us what myth of the following you have for SBI. Please explain your myth in details when you begin discussing one of the following points.

  • There are so many free websites, WHILE SBI is STILL too expensive
  • SBI is just for beginners. It is not professional and it is not good for my business
  • All SBI! sites look the same... so, boring and has no well-designed templates
  • Site Sell controls your domain. So, you will never get it freed from SBI control.
  • It's like Multi Level Marketing or those "Get Rich Quickly" programs on the Net
  • You can't use Dream weaver or FrontPage or any other webpage building with it
  • It doesn't allow "server-side" functions like forums, advanced shopping carts, and data feeds.

These points above could be myths you think about when you come to SBI. If you knew other points, you can add too and start discussing them using the SBI Discussion Board.

However, you should explain each point and provide more details. We are going to come with so many good points about SBI, compare and study them to determine what the best is!

Does SBI have Advantages or Myths?

Enter Title for Your Critique in brief...

  • Do You Think of Advantages or Myths of Using SBI? Let's ALL Know...
  • If You Think That SBI has Myths, this is Where to Write against It!
  • If You Think That SBI has Advantages, this is Where to Write Appreciating It!
  • Tell Us Why You Think SBI Has Myths!
  • What Myths SBI Has?
  • Tell Us Why You Think SBI Has Advantages!
  • What Advantages SBI Has?

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