Apple Apps are Dangerous!

In one of its RSS updates, Apple says users of iPad, or iPhones can control through few touches other similar machines including flat screen TV with HD.

What is interesting here is that the company dominate through creating a demand for a product in the electronics market and they do this through carefully studying and planning.

For example, the company knew already even before they produced the iPhone and the iPad, that they will create first versions with bugs and then create a demands in the market and then develop the versions to create more products.

Then they develop the alternative facilities between their products in the size of the product and the connectivity by creating more demands.

They call it "Automated Technology", through which users could connect between different devices and apparatus using some applications in these products. For hot information, complete reading this page and then see the company's website for hot news at

Do You Aromatically Espresso with Apps?

Do You Aromatically Espresso with Apple-Apps? You can enjoy even your espresso through, or while using Apple-apps, but the technology is definitely appalling. Continue reading to know what to take care of.

There are many useful things and many bad things to consider while using such products. The good things are explained in this article. The bad things are more important to take care of while using this technology. Every development, or every technology could have risks.

The risks are very important to start with them, as they impose threats to your personal life at home. The development also reveals that you have not any choice to keep away from this technology, despite the fact that it could harm you, or do you no good at all.

Big companies think only of making money and growing fast profits. They use your demands, but they don't care about you. They use your demands (and they are absolutely your own demands) to create more demands and control you and the way you think, as if you were a gear in their apps. Consuming should be rational.

You can enjoy even your espresso through, or while using Apple apps, but the technology is definitely appalling. Continue reading to know what to take care of. It worth saying it again.

Morgan Brennan wrote at about how to control your home with the touch of an iPad, while he reported the implementation of this step on the new 8000-square foot Savant Experience Center, which is a typical swanky Manhattan apartment.

He said that, "Every feature of the multi-room center, including lightening, window shapes, temperature and flatscreen television can be easily controlled with Apple products like iPad, iPhone and iPad touch-embedded remote controls, running TrueImage software by Savant Systems.

The touch-embedded remote control is surely useful to ease yourself and get fast to what you want to do while using these machines. But, it has certainly some risks that you don't know about. From this device, or whatever they call it, bad big asses could get into your home to watch everything you do at home.

The new Apple technologies roll on to involve many faculties, hospitals, different institutions, fabrics, other industrial and commercial centers and even securities.

Using Apple Apps is Just Like Coloring Egg with Your iPad, Funny
Using Apple Apps is Just Like Coloring Egg with Your iPhone, Funny

The mother company of all this development has many articles about using its products in a way that using those apps seems just like coloring egg with your iPhone.

Many institutions began to use these features nowadays to enhance the performance of their systems, methods and employees or students.

For example, Northwest Kansas Technical College uses iPad with selected apps to teach students some disciplines including the auto technology, respiratory therapy and cosmetology.

The instructors use iPad and AirPlay to demonstrate procedures and record them and play them back on flat-panel classroom for their students to view and discuss.

So, the students use Apple products, such as iPad to follow annotated lessons in collaborative textbooks and they create through this method digital portfolios to show potential employers.

This is the good news, as iPad proves to provide wide opportunities for students to optimize their learning potentials and capacities. iPhone does that too, although it is smaller.

The bad news is that the company, its subsidiaries, if it has any and other affiliates use those products to make money continuously and permanently from them, although the products those companies sell are very expensive. The consumer is exposed here to his own consuming madness.

I have seen such ways to control large areas using this method in many TV crime series, such as Criminal Minds, Suspect Behavior, Criminal Scene Investigation, CSI, CSI: New York, Perception, NCIS and Detroit 1-8-7.

As I am watching the TV program "Luxury and  Houses" too, I see that real estate brokers are not left behind. This products open the gate to fast luxurious life for those people who have the money and build continuously more concerns for the capital to grow and thus widen the economical and sectorial gaps between richness and poverty.

Yes, there is poverty even in big countries, such as the Americas. This is a very good environment for the people to work politically hard and fast to achieve the social goals of the people.

Real estate brokerage has even been involved in this technology, as you might have seen many real estate brokers in your area using apps to advertise their brokerage to wide range of consumers, get clients and thus keep in harmony with the technology.

Beauty Saloons and Halls Have Apple Apps.

Many Trading Companies Including Beauty Saloons and Halls Have Apple-Apps to Sell Skin Care and Hair Styling Products.

In many super markets, I see big companies has started to play with this rhythm creating apps to carry on with the madness of this technology and to provide competitive prices of their goods.

You can even use one of these apps to receive what you want at home. But, when you save money here on benzene, you will pay for delivery.

Even small businesses, including some small enterprises have elected to use Apple technology to venture on their markets. As, a consumer, who always looks for ways to save time and money you have the right choice to compare prices and to drive to the best supermarket in your area.

To some privacy levels, this same technology in question could be used badly by bad guys to infringe your privacy, watch you at home and hack even your identity.

This is a very dangerous development, if not protected by international human laws concerning your own human rights and most importantly your security and privacy at home.

All commercials want to reach you at home. They want your address and some of them want to know what you do every day at home. They may want even to follow you to the W.C. This is very bad, if you were among those people who don't care of privacy anymore.

Unfortunately, in the madness fever of Apple, many people have just got crazy running in this circle. From a consumer's perspective, consuming is getting mad too.

Big companies seem even able at this moment to control our ways of thinking and the way we want to keep up with the madness of technologies. They use the fast tempo of such development, because they know people are so in a hurry mode.

Many people even don't think sometimes to get the essential requirements. With the absence of consumers' protection authorities and groups in many countries, consumers are exposed to exploitation in different ways. And with the exposure of such products exploitation gets worse.

Cannon and Other Companies Use Apple Apps

Casio, Canon, Hitachi, Kodak, Konica, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Yashica, Zenit and Other Trademarks Use Apple-Apps to Sell Audio, Digital and Video Products in Every Market Possible in the World.

How many times have you got to your supermarket with a list of the necessary goods to buy for the month and ended up buying other goods you have never thought of?

Many trading companies including stock exchange and those who are interested to know how to earn money from monitoring stocks are seeking to develop apps for iPhones, wether they are Apple products or not, as everybody seems wanting to take the market with her. 

Just to name few of them, the Scottrade and other owned subsidiaries enable using trading companies with their apps. Forex Trading, with Free Forex Signals and XE Currency Trade offer free apps too.

NASDAQ has also developed its apps for investors to trace their investments from anywhere. CFD Trading, with subsidiaries companies work with mobile brokerage trading apps.

Silver Trading Company and many companies involved in beauty trade and skin care started to use apps in smartphones. Tex-ting even gets better in your iPhones to inform your friends about this development and forward some apps to them.

Dating companies entered this technology from its wide door to offer love and romance and arrange for successful marriages through their apps in Apple and other mobiles and some devices they use through their websites. Even love and sex has taken place in this development.

You can use apps to make sex the way you want. But, check your bank account after that and see how much per minute sex chatting call costs you. It costs lot of money for you to reach your climax, while big companies climax on your behavior.

So, those companies in this area use your own human demands to charge you highest prices for fulfilling any of them and reach their economical climax, while you waste yours in the air.

The worse is that, they will never keep that private, although they say something to encourage you, that you could understand as, "Chat and make sex privately on your iPhone and see them reaching their climax with you". You should be mature, friend at this.

Hair Styling Saloons Use Apple Apps

Beauty Enterprises, Hair Dressing and Styling Saloons Provide Services and Hair Styling Products through Apple-Apps.

You can use apps to do many other things as you know. But have you thought of using apps to digitalize some things that interest you and make the core of your passion?

Well, you can do that too with Apple apps and other apps in your computer free. Read about this through the Digital and Video Products, Site Map 17 and

Apple Apps Work with Imagism, Poetry, Flesh of the Night

Have you thought of websites using Apple apps?

What about Twitter, FaceBook, Stumbleupon, Digg, Technorati and other social media?

Many of them use those apps successfully, so you could tweet for example while relaxing, or traveling. Google has been in this development with its maps to make life easier. But, take care at this too.

You may know of many other apps used by other companies. Use the form below to add more information to this page and receive wonderful gift of love.

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