Why Every Thing About SBI is Interesting and Intimate?

Everything About SBI is interesting, because simply that SBI changes the lives of many people. How SBI has changed the lives of many people, you may ask!

First, this is a continuation to what I have mentioned at "About Me" page here to explain how the all-in-one place website building and optimization tools have helped me discover the hidden power of my passion and then use it the best way I could to improve my life.

If you came to this page directly, please check the page above first to connect the dots in this thread, so you could learn about this topic better to improve your life too.

SBI is about any topic you know much of information about it. It is also about topics that fall in your influential area, such as topics that you enjoy, things that interest you and other activities that make the core of your lifetime personal experiences.

For example, photography, as explained on the Ezine Acts Photography could be one of your hobbies, or one of your lifetime experiences. You could easily turn it into a business you work at home to improve your life and make some money from it using some set of integrated tools in one place.

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Luckily, there are tools all combined in one place in SBI that could help you from the starting point to choose it right. I mean to choose that specific knowledge or experiences of photographing or TV series to build it narrow niches following the lights of the CTPM Process.

This is the main website building and optimization tool of the process, which I explained farther at the Ezine Acts Optimization. This is the most interesting thing about SBI, because it builds the foundation of any web business.

There is also another tool that help you:

  • Collect massive data about your topic,
  • Know how to search, research, study and ANALYZE it to focus on your niche,
  • Use the data to craft articles about your niche on focused pages,
  • Know all of those people using the same topic on the internet to choose different approach,
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself from them,
  • Know good volume of relevant keywords to use while you build web pages,
  • Carry the optimization process as a professional, even if you didn't know anything about it,
  • Manage to build automated content frequently through the comment C2 entries, as explained on the Ezine Acts Comment C2 Entries,
  • Build business relations with some providers of services and tools relevant to your topic to generate income and build good partners in success online.

The collective in one place set of tools even do more than that to help you write as the Web requires to write. That is because writing, or editing and publishing for the Web is so different from writing and publishing offline.

Most of all, they help you master search engines and be the real CEO player by providing real and solid content. You create your own unique content that differentiate you from the others. That is also what makes everything about SBI UNIGUE.

I did not hear anywhere on the internet that I could use my knowledge and write about it to improve my life using step by step process through the "Action Guide", until I learned the simple facts about this business on the Internet.

The facts were just under my nose, but I did not see them, until I read the business philosophy of SBI.

All that I wanted was to use the internet to write about what I know and build my own profession online. Many web businesses I came through in the past and explained at the Ezine Act Business offer a space to build a website and maybe other website services in different packages that I should pay for them separately.

I even should pay for websites traffic, something I shouldn't do with the integrated tools that make everything about SBI interesting and most importantly profitable.

I did not find clear guidance that explains how to build my website easily using only my passion, influence, knowledge, hobbies, lifetime experiences, or any formal measures of intelligence.

It is only when I came through SBI, that I learned how to write about those things I know about to build a website, optimize it and use some other combined methods to make that website strong to drive free traffic and then monetize it.

When I got deeper into it to know more about SBI, I discovered that it is not just about building websites or about writing, as many people can build websites, write and get the website publishing process done, as explained at the Ezine Acts Publishing.

But, it is about how to write about things I know, or things I love, or things I have come through, or things I do offline to the Web. Yes, I learned the methods are different. Not only that, but the methods other people use to read offline are different online.

That means I found the all in one place combined tools that tell me how to write on the Web, as this is so different from writing offline to any media.

The "Action Guide", as one of the driving power in SBI tells me through a 10-day process how to build solid base for my knowledge. It does that very clear in both texts and videos.

With the new development and the fever of tablets and smartphones developed by Apple and accompanied by some changes regarding the way people tend to use the Web, SBI keeps me in front of such technology by mobilizing my website, without having to pay additional money for add-ons.

What is more interesting about SBI is that many functions are completely automated and enhanced by supportive content building and content analyzing tools.

I even didn't need to know anything upfront about HTML and building a Web site, or the process of submitting a website to the search engines in order to succeed.

Thousands of people who use SBI agree that the tedious, "under-the-hood" stuff is handled automatically, so I can focus on other important business-building activities.

The first time I went through it, I said to myself, "Well, this is what I need". I needed a process that I could trust to throw my money and invest on it. I knew where to invest that money in the right place.

I ordered my first website and decided to become an affiliate with SiteSell, the Incorporation that owns SBI to make money with it, in hope that I could pay for my website renewals from the 5 Pillars Affiliates Program.

I then used the same tools to know more information about other potential affiliates to make a good stream of income from them too, while building my profession online.

As I did not know much about HTML that time, I chose the tools SBI offers for beginners to build their businesses. They call them Block-by-Block builders in Site Central.

While going through this tool, I found page creation is as simple as riding a bike with the training wheels still attached. The block-by-block builder trains me how to write a page that is both "Search Engine and human effective." It's simple, do-able and most importantly, effective site building tool.

But, surprisingly, while getting with them I even learned how to use HTML. I learned not only the basic HTML, but also the deeper and somehow complicated HTML, that works with java scripts and others, such as audio and other digital and video products.

I also found all the tools needed to enhance the performance of my website on the Web in Site Central. I found more tools through which I can build thousands of forms and auto responders and email lists to keep in touch with people who visit and like my website, subscribe to my Ezine Acts Newsletters, or fill forms for anything else.

It even combines success online with success offline and teaches even offline businesses how to succeed offline and online, as explained on the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses along with the Ezine Acts Business Strategies Cat.

I really find that everything about SBI is interesting, as it keeps following the development on the Web to help its users make the benefit of it and keep up with the same tempo.

In addition, I have lately strong tools that help me and help my visitors connect with each other the Web 2.0. I now use this strong communication tool called also Content 2.0 to encourage my visitors to create content for me.

Every created content updates the entire website and refreshes the process for the website to get good presence on the Web, even while I am sleeping. The updates go out through the automated system to every contributor who read and interact with the new content.

That means I turn many pages on my site into invitations for visitors to add content through the C 2.0, then allow other visitors to comment and rate the page much like on a blog.

This way, my website will have more attractive pages to search engines to follow frequently with the updated pages. Having more site pages means that the search engines will rank my pages higher and that leads to more free website traffic.

All the technical things I mentioned here were new to me when I first read about SBI and even during the first days I used it. I couldn't have acquired any knowledge about traffic and the search engines' world without SBI.

So, after getting the first website working well, I got a second website to write about something else I have deep knowledge about it from my past experiences in politics.

While working with the second political website, I discovered some techniques I could use to enhance that website, so it gets the same presence online. The theme is more focused and much better than the first website.

That was a good lesson and something very interesting about SBI, as it always says, start right. It is only that when you start right, you save your time and efforts and get what you want immediately.

Then everything about SBI gets even better when the system added the bilingual tools to build web businesses in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

I love anything About SBI, especially when it covers this technology in many languages. This is an open opportunity to reach bigger markets on the Internet and strengthen the foundation of any business.

If you have any question about SBI, or if you want to know more about it, or if you want to know how it helps you build successful home based businesses, please use the form at the Free Consultation Services and I will help you immediately.

If you want to discuss anything about SBI, or even to sound off, read SBI Discussion Board and Site Build It. To use it, order SBI here and try it. You'll be a believer.

See other Solo Build It sites at TVCinemaApp.com and HOA Political Scene.

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