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As a motivational article, the self talk starting point is at Talk to Yourself. Read that article first and then continue self talk here.

When you practice self talk carrying that conversation with yourself, you also break your ego. This is the first step to make balance and be down to the earth, without having to humiliate yourself.

Normally, people talk to each other. But, in this case, while you are chatting with yourself, you create in fact another copy of yourself to carry your conversation with.

Now, while doing that, you could mentally identify that negative behaviors, or mistakes the other copy of yourself have done. This pretend to be as that you get your conscience to work in two different directions, so you get conscious of your weaknesses. Self-criticism work here, so your ego disappears according to this mental effort.

I have not read Shad Helmstetter, I sourced at Talk to Yourself to learn this method of talking to myself. I am not a therapist.

But, I have studied experimental psychology since high school and experimented with it for a long time, either by saying things to myself, or by motivating others to carry some conversations with themselves and then I could take notes of their mental exercises. So, you do not need to consider chatting to yourself a bad habit.

Self talk is also useful when you have a job interview or an exam. You should learn your topic in-out and assimilate it. Right?

I remember that my classmates in high school and I had so many long assays in history. Did you know what I did to assimilate many of those historical assays?

I spotted some of the very best assays, took copies of them and hanged them on the walls of my bedroom. I also did the same for the other assays. But, I of course fixed the spotted assays at the top. Every morning before three months of the exam, I read them all loudly.

Then I concentrated on the spotted assays. After two months, I could possible read the spotted assays from mind on the way, while going to the school, or taking a tour to the river, or some of the beautiful forests in the area.

In one of the caves I discovered beside the river, I practiced self talk repeating what I read so far. I started to write many paragraphs on the wet sand beside the cave, jumped from paragraph to another and enjoyed mixing them up and down. When I sat for the university exam I had confident that I will score 100%. In fact, I got the top points on that exam.

Even some presidents practice self talk before their public speeches or media interviews. They even mirror themselves while talking to themselves to preserve their characters, acquire new ways of attraction, perfect their speeches and prepare the outfit of their pictures.

Even if you had a date, you might have practiced self talk and thought loud about what to say, what your date mate would say and how to behave. That is a kind of talking to yourself, you might have not noticed. You can do it loud, every time you needed to, if you already have not done.

Carrying an argument with one-self is also a way to better things you intend to do in the future, or to see what you have done wrong with things in the past or yesterday. So, self talk has many benefits here.

By practicing self talk, you also amend negative thoughts... breathe out bad words... just throw them into the air, so your wife or your children, or even your boss shouldn't hear them rushing from your mouth.

You will meet all of them after that with a smile on your face. At that time, you will know how that great self talk has done to you and your beloved ones.

Did I mention, self talk strengthens your language and makes it perfect?

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🐬 Self Talk is inspirational and it takes you to control your emotions and thus manage aggressive behavior by emptying your anger about something, or somebody on the air. You'll feel better after that.

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