How to Sart a Self Improvement System to Overcome Failures?

Self improvement is self-growth. It runs here on this page in a self-help operation to maintain oneself self-esteem, self-confidence, self-satisfaction, self-discipline, self-purification, and some other positive (self-habitudes).

Whether you want to improve yourself to avoid failures, or to overcome failures, you need to build a system of progress to facilitate self-improvement. You may not even need personal improvement seminars to do this job, but only a clear set of mind and then good eyes to spot the areas of weakness.

When you think of any thing to do think of it professionally. Think of it as a small project. Think of demands, supplies, goals, and last steps, which means methods to implement that project. Why you want to do that thing? Whom it is intended for? What is the outcome of it? What are the materials and supportive items you want to use? How to do all of these things one by one at a time?

This is for new things to want to do to improve yourself. But, what to do to improve yourself if you had already failed in doing something?

Again, think of the steps mentioned above, so you get the idea whether you have implemented any of them when you did that thing first. Then, get into that thing to think of why it is failed, what wrong have you done, what supportive items have you missed to make that thing a personal success.

Don't waste long time on evaluating that first thing. Take it according to the demand and supply assessment. Take notes to include requirements, methods and even funds, if that thing has such demands.

You got the idea.

If I was not clear enough on those lines above, look at them deeper. Think while you are reading. Explore the lines and get into the deep meanings of words in the following articles.

If you were following this thread from How to Develop Your Personality and Carisma, through How to Positively Influence Yourself and the Others, up to this page, you have a shot here to go.

If not, please tie the thread of this thinking, which makes an idea about self improving in your mind by linking those three pages together and get deep into the following article.

You have another shot here to go.

You will understand the following lines better, to maintain a kind of self improvement through this dialectic, so you would never dawdle.

Our Children and Self Improvement!

Our Children Are Our Teachers!

Yes they are. Here is where our self-improvement grows too.

Teaching children to facilitate self improvement

Teaching children to facilitate self improvement is important to grow confident children.

When parents equally spend a quality of time with their children, focusing on their needs, behaviours, what they say, how they say it, how they play, and what they like or dislike, then they will bring up much disciplined children.

Not only that, but they will understand how their children think. Some parents told me at this stage they are learning from children new methods of treatments, especially with the explode of these smartphones and iPhones and other tablets.

Those parents found themselves sometimes getting in their children's shows. They see the sea and enjoy the sailing :-)

I would love to draw this picture of those parents getting in their children's shows, seeing the sea and enjoying the sailing. Words are not enough to visualize this thought. But… you know what? This is also a kind of self improvement.

The way they use their fingers on the very small screens to get to things fast and avoid wasting time, since time is money these days.

The self improvement process goes this way to develop your personal charisma and those of your beloved...

Identify mistakes, wrong or bad behaviors and bad habits. Set the self improvement goal and while continuing educating them, you may need to remediate them until you reach that goal, whenever they make any break off.

If you thought of punishments to correct mistakes or wrong behaviors or habits, do not do that the wrong way. No physical punishment is required here.

Think of other kinds of light punishments and associate it with rewards, when things are done perfectly… giving the gift of love to whom s/he deserves it.

Do not discriminate between children based on gender issues.

Treat them as human beings, equally.

In some cases identifying gender differences could be important to explain effects that reflect on girls and have strong negative consequences more than they have on boys.

If they were students in high schools, they have more abilities to understand things, as you plan them, if you already have done them logically.

Bring their attention always to do self estimation to their conducts to get good self improvement. Connect that with good examples of students and growing people who are building self-esteem in different walks of life, like those students here. They have in fact some success stories.

They do self improvement and improve their living too, paying off the economical costs of their education. Those mentioned successful student also make good decisions through the following software to choose the way of self improvement.

One of my friends told me one day that his teenager made him crazy by saying to him one Saturday night, after getting home too late: "Will you please be modern dad!"

The boy is fourteen years old and my friend is well above fifty. He was telling his teenager that night he should not be late and he should not come home full, smelling beer and cigarettes.

I told this friend to try a self improvement medication, by giving more time to his kid. In two sessions, (they were not scientifically sessions verbally, but chats during visits), I showed him how to deal with his kid like his friend or brother, since his kid has no brother.

I told him, if I were in that situation, I would tell my kid that the way I talked to him is very modern, because when I did that long time ago, my father slapped me without saying any word.

He will understand the difference and this habit he called (modernity) better.

I showed him how to talk to his kid like a teenager, without dropping his character as a father. I advised him at the same time to let his mother takes the hard line "a little" sometimes. Yes, the visa versa should happen here, but unfortunately, we have no choice.

Then we discussed how his son understands modernity, and how his father could correct the wrong picture in this understanding, since modernity never mean to drink beer or smoke cigarettes. He told me after few weeks, after following the practice of discipline, his son was back to his mind.

Family self improvement works very easy. It takes all the members of the family to great thinking about their integrity. A single mistake from a single person that could hurt the entire family becomes a conscious and consequently avoidable.

We understand our children by following every small detail in their lives, caring that much, letting them feel our love when we hug them, when we talk to them like friends and when we explore their inner feelings to address negative attitudes.

Children are the real teachers there who really teach us what to do for them! They even teach us how to creating personal happiness.

Parents should not let their children hear complaints or hard negotiations between themselves. Doing this will make children themselves nag for reason or without reason.

Children's habits grow very good in calm habitats/homes. They even acquire a sense of building distinguished carisma. and self ideal like your own.

Achieving this habitude is a self improvement habit itself.

So, fathers or mothers who do not nag their children when they do something wrong, but correct them by telling them what's wrong in calm voice and good manner. Get them into inspirational talk.

you could correct them also by acting and doing what their children have done wrong the perfect way it should be done, those parents will influence their children positively, to learn how things should be done.

(Sorry for the long sentence. It's purposed). This is quite good lesson about self improvement through which you enhance the parameters of formal measures of intelligence.

When moms and dads do just that they will not only show their children how to do things right, but they will send them a clear message of love. This will tie up the family bonds.

And not only just that, but they will help them build their moderate control system, and make them feel powerful, positive and like to do much better, by asking about those things they do not know in their circle of concerns.

They build a self improvement system to overcome failures and enhance their personal charisma.

However, there will always be some difficulties to raise kids. This article with the title, How to Raise Children could give you more insights about this topic.

If you found the page moved for any reason, as the web is evolving every minute and pages may drop, just close the window and get to this page to tell us about it, so we could remove the link.

Continue reading about one additional term to self improvement at Practice of Discipline.

Some parents have even gone to more than this using their personal experiences to achieve self improvement, and begun learning how to write for their kids, from their own kids' experiences or thoughts.

They have to address their kids' sense of intimate belonging by connecting it first to the family and second to positive groups in their societies, so they could create that personal happiness inside their families.

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