War Games Could Help You Solve Your Inner Conflicts!

Have you ever thought that WAR GAMES could help you solve some psychological problems?

Yes, you can, despite how strange this could be. Just imagine that and think how those kinds of games you play on your game computer could help you solve your inner conflicts.

Sometimes, things get hard from day to day causing stress and growing inner conflicts, especially if you were somewhat sentimental, calm person or a shy person.

I discovered a way to solve such kinds of problems by only characterizing all the things that cause my stress as enemies in some PC games I enjoy playing.

I shoot them while playing those kids games. Every time I win a war game, I found myself comfort and relaxing. So, after that I begin to think logically about these things, at the time that, I feel all my tensions have swept away, because I played those war games and fired the stress I felt before.

Try it and see how that works for you while you play games on your computer, XBOX or PlayStation. But, I advise you, you should never play games online. Be very careful, as that habit of playing online games could result on some Malware's attack to your machine.

Now continue the series of the "Invasion of the Cartoons 1" below the following image of the war games.

Best war games secrets, tactics and strategies
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War Games - Invasion of the Cartoons 1!

Episode Two

Well, episode two in the WAR GAMES, Adventure is difficult more than the first episode. It also includes five levels with a 10th level. I skipped that level. However, here are the five levels in Ton of Fun from the Invasion of the Cartoons 1, by Ian Summerfield, the developer of this kind of war games.

Level 1 - Bricks and Mortar:

In this level, the new enemy is Lois Griffin. You have a tough mission to defeat all the clones until you reach the masters of the game. Make them your last target.

When you finish with clones, you will meet Krew and the Evil Copies he made of Himself. The new enemy Lois Griffin is the second toughest of the normal guards. She may drop a Vulcan Fury. So, do not play sexy with her, boy.

Level 2 - Holding Area:

In this level of the WAR GAMES, the new enemy is Marcie. You are in the play area where they hold all the clones when they are finished. Hey, boy don't be smart here, especially when you end those in the cages.

Luckily, you will not find so many of them in the cages to deal with them. However, your rendezvous with Marcie on this level will be the toughest. She is just as hard to finish as Kenny is.

Level 3 - Laboratory / War Factory:

There are no new enemies in this level of the WAR GAMES. But, boy ... watch for your head, because it is like gold.

Don't play smart. Be toughest in front of the devil guards. Here is a dangerous area where the clones are animated, then armed and finally produced.

There is no Cortex Head here, but there are plenty of guards to make sure you don't venture to the fourth floor.

Level 4 - War Factory Elevator Area:

There are no new enemies in this level. You will be here on a good area stocked with health, ammo, and weapons. As for treasure, there is no that much, so you may not be concerned with that.

Level 5 - Krew's Babies:

In this level of the war games, the new enemies are Krew-Boss 2, and 2nd Neo Cortex Head of 6.

So, you have made it to this level of the war games, hero! Ha, take the lead to destroy the rest of the devil circle. Prepare well to confront Krew and his evil army.

You don't know of course Krew has developed a new type of cloner, that is being tested from the first time to prove the cruelty of the devil on you.

You don't need a 40 inches plasma screen to watch the game. In stead hit the devil on the head hero. He has made an army of clones that are exactly like him in every aspect.

His army of clones is much smarter than any other clones being developed. Krew however, unlike his army, is safely tucked away guarding the Gold key, where you intend to hit the head and take it.

The Strategy of the Boss Krew

Krew has two methods to attack. He launches in the first method a fireball that turns you into an undead zombie and in the second method; he drops a power up called: the Beaker thrower that if not used correctly, can cause you serious damage.

The best strategy to get through this level and defeat the circle of the devil consists of six steps.

  • First, turn around to the elevator; activate it to reveal a push wall and a few goodies.
  • Second, go after getting the Peacemaker outside and then run to the front silo to activate the push wall. A few of the clones will spot you, so it is time to run into the silo.
  • Third, collect the ammo and any health packs you may need and go outside to attack the clones that are aware of your presence.
  • Fourth, after defeating the clones pick up the beaker thrower, which will come with two free beakers and throw them at far away Krew clones.
  • Fifth, pick up the beakers the clones drop and continue circling the arena and defeating the Krew clones. If you need health, just go into one of the four silos for some.
  • Sixth, after defeating all the clones enter the center bomb shelter to face Krew and get the Gold key.

Level 10 - Entryway:

This level of the WAR GAMES is similar to DooM 2. If you haven't played it do a search on this page by that name to download and play it. However, this level here is Ian Summerfield's version of DooM 2.

AWWWAH, hero! Now you made it through the net of devil to conquer it. However, there is still some dangers on your way to complete the episodes. There are still four Neo Cortex Heads left to destroy so don't get cocky!

Meet you on Episode 3, SquidWard at the Kids Games here, where you must take down SquidWard and his evil army of clones.

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